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Customer Testimonials

We would like to proudly share some of the comments & testimonials sent to us by our satisfied customers!

"Amanda, Thank you SO MUCH for the fast shipment of Casco Silent-Flex II that I just received. It's perfect, and the factory-installed collars are male & female as standard and as requested. I can't wait to start installing this in my new voice-over studio ventilation system. A high-quality product at great prices, along with super customer service! I'll be sure to tell my colleagues about your online store! "
AmericanHVAC Customer - Robert Sheldon
"Too often, companies and individuals don't get credit for doing things right. I stumbled across American HVAC Parts on the internet and found exactly what I needed and had been looking for. The prices were reasonable and I received a courtesy call the day after placing my order to let me know that shipping would be delayed by a couple of days until an out of stock item was received. I received my shipment on time and exactly as ordered. Thank you American HVAC Parts for being so great! "
AmericanHVAC Customer - Kirsten Ward
"Amanda did a great job taking my order today. Friendly, curteous and helpful. She displayed confidence and knowledge in her actions. I consider her to be a professional."
AmericanHVAC Customer - Barry Moats
"Hi Loraine: Just a quick note thanking you for your help. I recieved my control board today, installed it, and I am back to running normal. Can't thank you enough for your help. Terrific customer service! Merry Christmas!"
AmericanHVAC Customer - Kevin Staniszewski
"I called trying to find out what happened to the rest of my order and was surprised to hear a warm and kind voice willing to do whatever it takes to find answers and follow through with her promise. Amanda is an asset worth holding on to and a credit to your company. She was very professional, helpful and courteous while assisting me with my order. I would most definitely assign her an A+ in customer service."
AmericanHVAC Customer - Donald "Brad" Thomas
"I would like to thank you for the service I received while dealing with Amanda in your parts department. She helped me find what we both thought was the complete wiring harness for my heater. She had it delivered next day, only to realize that the item purchased was half of what I needed. She worked diligently with the technicians at Carrier and ran into numerous brick walls while reviewing pictures of the old wiring harness, drawings of what they thought I needed, and chasing numerous part numbers they were asking for to identify my needs. I talked with Amanda at least 10 times over the past few weeks and we traded many e-mails while searching for the right parts. At no time did I receive anything less than her consistent professionalism. I received the final part and installed it with no problems. Again, Thank you for the service I received from Amanda and AmericanHVAC." Customer - Gary Watson
"Hi Amanda -- Thank you very much again, I have been looking for this part for about two weeks and getting very frustrated in the process of the search, you were very pleasant and helpful!!" Customer - Ken Holm
"Amanda, I did get your vm. That's great to hear it is all ready to go. Great customer service! Many thanks. I'll look for it late next week. Have a great weekend..." Customer - Ken Gehlhaus
"I would like to thank you for your hard work in getting us our part in a timely fashion. You were very helpful and you understood the severity of the situation and did a wonderful job in getting the part to us. Thanks again and please share this with your boss! You were outstanding!" Customer - Todd Mills
"Amanda: Thanks for the excellent service and follow-up on my order. I received the capacitor the very nex day and have installed the parts and now my 2nd A/C unit is pumping out cold air again, really needed siunce the tempurature has been ranging in the 98-100 degree all month and we have not hit the hot weather yet here in Texas. I agree with the other customer comments about you and your company. Great service and great web site easy to use and your customer follow-up and help is excellent." Customer - Ken Gatewood
"Just wanted to say Amanda is awesome and pleasant to deal with. Too often we all complain about trivial stuff. There are times we need to acknowledge those who do their job well. This is one of those times. Thanks for your efficiency and pleasant nature, Amanda. You rock!" Customer - Chuck Bisbee
"Amanda I want to thank you, the blower fan work perfectly. thank you so very much" Customer - Bill K Roberts
"I just wanted to send you my appreciation and much thanks for helping me find the right motor for my central air system. My father is loosing his battle with stage IV colon cancer and with the tempuratures reaching the 100s last week it was pretty unbearable for him. To make matters worse a local contractor installed a lower HP motor which did not adequately cool the house down; it only cooled down half of the house. With the help from you and your crew I recieved the correct motor and installed in today and boy what a difference a correct motor makes. Now the house stays very comfortable for my dad so he does not suffer from the heat.

Once again, thanks for your speedy reply in my search for a motor." Customer - Mike
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