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45/5 Mfd 370 Volt Dual Round Run Capacitor.

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Compressor Dual Round Run Capacitor 45.0 / 5 MFD 370 Volt:


This Capacitor is Designed for continuous, heavy-duty applications such as Heating and Air Conditioning Compressors and Motors.

Replaces Capacitor Part Numbers:

D6789031 HC93CA046D Z97F5520 B9457-7200 B94577200 1094980 HC93CA046 HC93CL046 P291-4553RS HC98JA046 P291-4553R 97F9895BX 024-24779-700 P2914553RS 9TF9895 Z97F9861 63K8701 63K87 43-23204-41 43-25133-06 97F9895 97F9861 PRCD455 P291-4553R 97F9861 HC98CA046 12269 12174 CD45/5X370R CARG32098

Used in Armstrong Equipment Models:


Used in Goodman Janitrol Equipment Models:

CPE36-1AB CPE36-1A ASC130361A ASC130361A ASH130361A ASH130361A ASX140361 ASX140361AA ASX140361A ASX140361A ASX140421 ASX140421AA ASX140421A ASX140421A ASX140481 ASX140481AA ASX140481A ASX140481A ASX160481 ASX160481AA ASZ140361A ASZ140361A ASZ140421A ASZ140421A ASZ140481A ASZ140481A ASZ160481 ASZ160481AA CKL36-1 CKL36-1 CKL36-1D CKL36-1D CKL36-1F CKL36-1F CKLB36-1 CKLB36-1 CKLB36-1D CKLB36-1D CKLB36-1F CKLB36-1F CLJ42-1A CLJ42-1A CLJ48-1 CLJ48-1 CLQ36-1 CLQ36-1 CLQ36-1B CLQ36-1C CLQ36-1B CLQ36-1B CLQ36-1C CLQ36-1C CLT36-1A CLT36-1A CLT36-1B CLT36-1B CLT42-1 CLT42-1 CLT48-1 CLT48-1 CPKF24-2LB CPKF24-2LB CPLE36-1 CPLE36-1 CPLJ30-1A CPLJ30-1A CPLJ30-1B CPLJ30-1B CPLJ36-1A CPLJ36-1A CPLJ36-1B CPLJ36-1B CPLJ42-1 CPLJ42-1 CPLJ48-1 CPLJ48-1 CPLT30-1A CPLT30-1A CPLT30-1B CPLT30-1B CPLT36-1 CPLT36-1 CPLT36-1B CPLT36-1B CPRT30-1 CPRT30-1 CPRT36-1 CPRT36-1 CRT24-1PFT CRT24-1PFT CRT36-1 CRT36-1 CRT36-1A CRT36-1A GSC130361 GSC130361BA GSC140361A GSC140361A GSH140361A GSH140361A PC036-1A PC036-1A PCKJ036-1A PCKJ036-1A PCKJ036-1A* PCKJ036-1E PCKJ036-1E PCKJ036-1F PCKJ036-1F PGB036100-1B PGB036100-1B PGB042075-1A PGB042075-1A PGB042100-1A PGB042100-1A PGJ042075-1A PGJ042075-1A PGJ042100-1A PGJ042100-1A PH036-1D PH036-1D PHK036-1 PHK036-1 PHKJ030-1A PHKJ030-1A PHKJ030-1C PHKJ030-1C PHKJ030-1F PHKJ030-1F PHKJ036-1A PHKJ036-1A PHKJ036-1A* PHKJ036-1C PHKJ036-1C PHKJ036-1F PHKJ036-1F RSC30C2C P1247608C RSC36C2C P1247609C RSC60C2C P1247612C SSX140361A SSX140361A SSX140421A SSX140421A SSX140481A SSX140481A SSX160361 SSX160361AA SSX160481 SSX160481AA SSZ140361 SSZ140361AA SSZ140421 SSZ140421AA SSZ140481 SSZ140481AA SSZ140601 SSZ140601AA SSZ160361 SSZ160361AA SSZ160481 SSZ160481AA VCC42C2A P1246211C VCC48C2A P1246212C VHA36C2A P1246401C VHC30C2B P1247408C VHC30C2C P1247417C VHC42C2A P1247405C ARHF30U01C P9917924C ARHF30U01CC P9917927C ARHF30U01D P1101003C PCA36B0002A P1153603C PCA36B0003A P1153604C PCA36B0004A P1153605C PCB48B0002A P1152303C PGA30C0702F P1236310C PGA36B0452A P1154007C P1164607C PGA36B0453A P1154008C P1164608C PGA36B0702A P1154009C P1164609C PGA36B0703A P1154010C P1164610C PGA36B0704A P1164613C PGA36B0902A P1154011C P1164611C PGA36B0903A P1154012C P1164612C PGA36B0904A P1164614C PGB48B0902A P1152505C PGB48B1152A P1152507C PGB48B1352A P1152509C PHA48B0002A P1153903C PHA48B0002C P1175907C PHA60B0002A P1153905C PTC122B00HE P1250513R RCB30A2C P1205314C P1218603C RCB36A2B P1205304C P1218604C RCC36A2E P1218534C RCC36C2A P1247904C RCC36C2C P1247916C RCC42A2A P1172407C RCE36A2A P1200004C P1218703C P1218709C RCE36A2D P1218715C RCE36C2A P1248003C RCE36C2C P1248009C P1248015C P1248021C P1248028C RHA30A2A P1180203C RHD30A2A P1188003C RHE30A2A P1217403C P1219103C RHE30A2B P1232203C P1232210C RHE30A2D P1232217C RHE30C2A P1248203C RHE30C2C P1248212C P1248219C RHE30C2D P1248222C RHF24A2A P1239101C RHF24C2A P1248301C RHF24C2C P1248306C RHF36A2A P1239103C RHF36C2A P1248303C RHF36C2C P1248308C P1248313C RSC30C2A P1247602C RSC36C2A P1247603C RSD30A2A P1236802C RSD36A2A P1236803C RTC30C2A P1247802C RTC30C2C P1247808C RTC36C2A P1247803C RTC36C2C P1247809C SPCG360451A P1105907C P9999307C SPCG360701A P1105909C P9999309C SPCG360901A P1105911C P9999311C SPCO36001A P9999103C SPHO36001A P9999203C SRHF36U01A P1100804C SRHF36U01B P1163804C VCA30B2A P1221303C VCA30B2D P1221322C VCA30B2E P1221332C VCA36B2A P1221314C VCA36B2D P1221323C VCA36B2E P1221333C P1221340C VCA36C2A P1221352C VCB30A2A P1219203C VCB36A2A P1219204C XA12361B P1248904C XA14361A P1244803C XA14361B P1249003C XH12301A P1242803C XH12301B P1249203C XH14241A P1245401C XH14241B P1249401C XH14361A P1245403C XH14361B P1249403C XPG1030070A P1244002C XR12301A P1254202C XR12361A P1254203C CK30-1T, B9457-7200.

Used in ICP, Comfortmaker, Heil, Tempstar Models:

AG012G AG048GA AG048GB1 AG048GB2 AJ024GA1 APFM48K000A CA1030QKA2 CA1030VKA2 CA5042QKA1 CA5042VKA1 CA5512QKA1 CA5512VKA1 CA5548VKC1 CA5548VKD1 CA5548VKD2 CA5548VKDA CA9624VKB1 CA9624VKB2 CH5536QKA2 CH5536VKA2 CH5548VKC1 CH5548VKC2 CH5548VKD1 CH9524VKB1 CH9624VKA1 CH9624VKB1 CH9630VKA1 CH9630VKB1 FBY036GA1 FBY036GB1 FBY048GB1 FBY048GB2 H048AKA1 H048AKA2 HPFM48K000A HPFM48K000E HPS036A2A1 HPS036A2B1 HPS048A2B1 HPS048A2B2 PA5548AKA4 PA5548AKA5 PA9524AKA1 PA9524AKA2 PA9524AKA4 PAF048K000A PAPA48GA4 PAPA48GA5 PAPC24GA1 PAPC24GA2 PAPC24GA4 PARA36N1K1 PH5548AKA1 PH5548AKA2 PH5548AKA4 PH5548AKA5 PHF048K000A PHF048K000E PHRA36N1K1 PHRA36N1K2 PYHB36G1 PYPA48GA1 PYPA48GA2 PYPA48GA4 PYPA48GA5 YG024GA1 YJ048GA1 YJ048GA2 YJ048GB1 YL024GA1 YL024GB1 YL030GA1 YL030GB1 AG042G1 CA9630VKC1 AJ024G1 A236AKA1 A236AKA4 ACS236A2A1 ACS236G2A1 AH030G AH030G2 AH030G3 AH030GA1 AH030GB1 CA9030VKC1 CA9030VKC2 CA9630VKB1 CA9630VKB2 CA9630VKC1 CA9630VKB1 FBA236GA1 FBA236GGA1 NAC236AKA4 NAC236AKA5.

Used in Rheem Air Conditioning Models:


Used in Coleman, Luxaire, York Equipment Models:

PAC036H1021A PACO36H1021A H1DB036S06B H1DB036S06A H1DB036A06B H1DB036A06A AC036X1021A D1NA036N05606C HZDAo36A06A DRSC0361BE DRCS0361BE H2DA036S06A HIDBQ36SQ68 H1DB036506 H1DB036A06A H1DB03606B H1DB036S06A H1DB036S06B H1DB036S06A H2RC036S06A H2RC048S06A EIF018506A 024-25895-000 97F9895BX 97F9861 024-25895-700

Used In Lennox Equipment Model Numbers:
10ACB36-11P 10ACB3611P

Volts: 370
Type: Dual
Design: Round
MFD Rating: 45/5
Max Can Height (in): 6.9
Non-PCB Dielectric Fluid.

Match up the MFD Rating and the Voltage Rating for the Proper Capacitor.

Installation of New Dual Run Capacitor:


2. Leave all wires connected to your old capacitor.
3. Remove one wire at a time from the old capacitor and Install it to the correct terminal on the new replacement capacitor its that easy.
4. On the Top of your Dual Run Capacitors there are three markings stamped into the metal next to each terminal wire port.
5. One terminal is marked with the word "HERM" Represents Hermetic which Represents the Compressor.
6. One Terminal is marked with the letter "C" which Represents the Common side of the capacitor.
7. The last Terminal "F" or the word "FAN" Represents the Condenser Fan Motor.

Used in Carrier Air Conditioning Models:

51FJA223310 38QR048C310 51FJA223320 51FJA223330 584ANW042080AAAF 38ED036300 38QR060C300 38ED036310 38QR060C310 584ANW042096AAAG 38YK042300 584ANW042100AAAG 38YK042300DL 559GNX030000ABAE 602BNX030000AA 602BNX036000AA 602BNX030000AB 602BNX036000AB PY2PNB030040AA PY2PNB030060AA 48HX030040310 48HX030060310 690ANX031000AAAA 690ANX036000AAAA 38QD036300 38QD036310 50SX030310 604BNX036000AA 589ANW030040ADAD 50JX030300 48XP036060300 50CP030300 48XP036090300 589ANW030060AEAD 580ANW042060AAAF 580ANW042080AAAF 580ANW042100AAAG 589ANW030080ADAD 48XPN030040300 580ANW042100GAAG 48XPN030060300 38EN042330 38TG025700 542GNX030000ABAE 38TG030300 583BNW030040AAAD 583BNW030040NAAD 38TG036300 583BNW030060AAAD 48NHT042300BE 542GNX042000ACAF 48NHT042300BF 542GNX042000ADAF 583BNW030060NAAD 583BNW036060AAAF 583BNW036060NAAF 542GNX048000ACAF 583BNW036090AAAF 38QH036300 38QH036300CD 38QH036300DL 583BNW036090NAAF 38QH036300SM 583ANW030040AA 583ANW030040NA 583ANW030060AA 583ANW030060AB 38QH042310 583ANW030060NA 38QH042310DL 50XZ036300 38ES030320DL 48JZ030040300 48JZ030060300 48JZ036060300 574BNW030040NA 574BNW030060NA 48JZ036090300 574BNW036060AA 583BNW030040AB 48JZN030060300 50GL030300 574BNW036090AA 48GP030040300 48JZN036060300 50QP030300 583BNW030040NB 48JZN036090300 583BNW030060AB 48GP030060300 583BNW030060NB 48GP036060300 50QQ030350 583BNW036060AB 50GL030310 583BNW036060NB 658ANW030040ABAD 48GP036090300 48NLT042300BE 51QAA218700 38QL136300 583BNW036090AB 658ANW030060ABAD 38XD136300 583BNW036090NB 50QQ042370 702ANX030000AA 48GPN030040300 51EH112300 557ANX030000ABAD 38HD030310 50QQ048360 48GPN030060300 557ANX030000JBAD 50EE030340 48GPN036060300 51QF218700 48GX030040300 51QF218710 51EHB112320 51EHC112330 51EHC112350 51EHC112360 48GPN036090300 51EHD112360 38QN036310 51EHE112360 38YG031300 48GX030060300 51QFA218700 48GX030060310 538BNX030000ACAA 538BNX030000CAAA 38YG036300 538BNX048000AAAA 48GP030040310 538BNX048000BAAA 538BNX060000AAAA 538BNX060000BAAA 38HD048C300 38HD060C300 48GP030060310 50JZ030300 654ANX030000ABAE 48GP036060310 50JZ036300 590ANX030000AAAA 590ANX036000AAAA 51FA323300 48NMT042300BE 51FA323310 702BNX030000AA 77CA042310 48GP036090310 38HDC030330 50JZ030310 48GXN030040300 50JS036300 PA2PNB030000AA PH1PNB036000AAAA 702BNX030000AB 51FAB323320 PH2PNB030000AA 50JZ036310 48SX030040330 48GXN030060300 601ANX036000AA 654BNX030000AAAE 48GPN030040310 51FAC323330 51FAC323340 51FAC323350 48SX030060340 77QA036300 51FAD323360 38EB018300 38EB018303 48GPN030060310 48SX030080330 38HDL048300 48GPN036060310 50GX030300 48GPN036090310 683BNW030040AA 51FEA223301 683BNW030060AA 683BNW030060NA 602ANX030000AA 683BNW036060AA 683BNW036060NA 683BNW036090AA 683BNW036090NA 38QR030C320 50NQ030311 584ANW042060AAAF 38QR048C300 51FJA2233100021 38QR048C3100033 51FJA2233200021 51FJA2233300021 584ANW042080AAAF0036 38ED0363000033 38QR060C3000033 38ED0363100033 38QR060C3100033 584ANW042096AAAG0036 38YK0423000026 584ANW042100AAAG0036 38YK042300DL0026 559GNX030000ABAE0041 602BNX030000AA0059 602BNX036000AA0059 602BNX030000AB0105 602BNX036000AB0105 PY2PNB030040AA0046 PY2PNB030060AA0046 48HX0300403100056 48HX0300603100056 690ANX031000AAAA0026 690ANX036000AAAA0026 38QD0363000028 38QD0363100028 50SX0303100033 604BNX036000AA0099 589ANW030040ADAD0026 50JX0303000059 48XP0360603000092 50CP0303000036 48XP0360903000092 589ANW030060AEAD0026 580ANW042060AAAF0036 580ANW042080AAAF0036 580ANW042100AAAG0036 589ANW030080ADAD0026 48XPN0300403000092 580ANW042100GAAG0036 48XPN0300603000092 38EN0423300025 38TG0257000023 542GNX030000ABAE0056 38TG0303000023 583BNW030040AAAD0055 583BNW030040NAAD0055 38TG0363000023 583BNW030060AAAD0055 48NHT042300BE0036 542GNX042000ACAF0056 48NHT042300BF0036 542GNX042000ADAF0056 583BNW030060NAAD0055 583BNW036060AAAF0055 583BNW036060NAAF0055 542GNX048000ACAF0056 583BNW036090AAAF0055 38QH0363000031 38QH036300CD0031 38QH036300DL0031 583BNW036090NAAF0055 38QH036300SM0031 583ANW030040AA0055 583ANW030040NA0055 583ANW030060AA0055 583ANW030060AB0055 38QH0423100031 583ANW030060NA0055 38QH042310DL0031 50XZ0363000099 38ES030320DL0025 48JZ0300403000109 48JZ0300603000109 48JZ0360603000109 574BNW030040NA0092 574BNW030060NA0092 48JZ0360903000109 574BNW036060AA0092 583BNW030040AB0103 48JZN0300603000109 50GL0303000055 574BNW036090AA0092 48GP0300403000055 48JZN0360603000109 50QP0303000037 583BNW030040NB0103 48JZN0360903000109 583BNW030060AB0103 48GP0300603000055 583BNW030060NB0103 48GP0360603000055 50QQ0303500031 583BNW036060AB0103 50GL0303100099 583BNW036060NB0103 658ANW030040ABAD0056 48GP0360903000055 48NLT042300BE0036 51QAA2187000022 38QL1363000028 583BNW036090AB0103 658ANW030060ABAD0056 38XD1363000032 583BNW036090NB0103 50QQ0423700031 702ANX030000AA0055 48GPN0300403000055 51EH1123000049 557ANX030000ABAD0033 38HD0303100028 50QQ0483600031 48GPN0300603000055 557ANX030000JBAD0033 50EE0303400027 48GPN0360603000055 51QF2187000017 48GX0300403000055 51QF2187100017 51EHB1123200049 51EHC1123300049 51EHC1123500049 51EHC1123600049 48GPN0360903000055 51EHD1123600049 38QN0363100030 51EHE1123600049 38YG0313000025 48GX0300603000055 51QFA2187000017 48GX0300603100055 538BNX030000ACAA0033 538BNX030000CAAA0033 38YG0363000025 538BNX048000AAAA0033 48GP0300403100103 538BNX048000BAAA0033 538BNX060000AAAA0033 538BNX060000BAAA0033 38HD048C3000031 38HD060C3000031 48GP0300603100103 50JZ0303000059 654ANX030000ABAE0032 48GP0360603100103 50JZ0363000059 590ANX030000AAAA0022 590ANX036000AAAA0022 51FA3233000056 48NMT042300BE0036 51FA3233100056 702BNX030000AA0055 77CA0423100020 48GP0360903100103 38HDC0303300031 50JZ0303100105 48GXN0300403000055 50JS0363000059 PA2PNB030000AA0055 PH1PNB036000AAAA0059 702BNX030000AB0099 51FAB3233200056 PH2PNB030000AA0059 50JZ0363100105 48SX0300403300026 48GXN0300603000055 601ANX036000AA0059 654BNX030000AAAE0067 48GPN0300403100103 51FAC3233300056 51FAC3233400056 51FAC3233500056 48SX0300603400026 77QA0363000020 51FAD3233600056 38EB0183000024 38EB0183030024 48GPN0300603100103 48SX0300803300026 38HDL0483000031A 48GPN0360603100103 50GX0303000055 48GPN0360903100103 683BNW030040AA0109 51FEA2233010064 683BNW030060AA0109 683BNW030060NA0109 602ANX030000AA0059 683BNW036060AA0109 683BNW036060NA0109 683BNW036090AA0109 683BNW036090NA0109 38QR030C3200033 50NQ0303110032 584ANW042060AAAF0036 38QR048C3000033 533ANX030000AAAA 0028 533ANX030000ABAA 0028 38HDL030300 0031 A 38TKW030310 0026 38TKW030320 0026 552ANX036000ACAA 0028 674BNW030060NA 0092 38TKW036310 0026 38TKW036320 0026 552ANX036000AAAA 0028 38CK036310 0018 552ANX030000ACAA 0028 590ASX025000JAAA 0022 38CK036340 0018 552ANX030000AAAA 0028 38YCN030330 0022 25HPA442A0030010 0035 38HDF036300 0038 24ABR330A0031010 0022 38HDL024310 0031 A 25HPA536A0030010 0040 24ABR330G0031010 0022 38CKN036320 0018 38TRA030330 0033 PA10JA030000ABAA 0019 38TRA030320 0033 38CK030320 0018 AA1CJX030000ABAA 0018 25HPA542A0030010 0040 PA10JA03600GACAA 0019 38HDR036300 0038 PA10JA03600MACAA 0019 263ANA030000BBAA 0036 38YCN030340 0022 674BNW036060AA 0092 263ANA036000BBAA 0036 PA10JA036000ACAA 0019 PA10JA036000AGAA 0019 674BNW030040AA 0092 263ANA042000BBAA 0036 674BNW030060AA 0092 24ABA436A0030010 0023 38SYG030300 0029 AB1CJX030000AAAA 0018 AA1BJX030000ABAA 0018 539GNX030000AAAA 0025 38CKQ030310 0018 AA1CJX036000ACAA 0018 561GJX036000AFAA 0018 561GJX036000AGAA 0018 AA1AJX030000ABAA 0018 38CKQ036320 0018 213ANA042000BAAA 0025 38TSA030300 0028 38TSA030320 0028 38TSA030330 0028 597CNX030000AGAA 0033 597CNX030000AFAA 0033 561GJX036000AEAA 0018 50SD030300 0095 24ABA442A0030010 0023 652AJX030000ACAA 0032 652AJX030000ABAA 0032 710AJX036000ABAA 0018 661BJX036000ACAA 0023 PH10JA036000ACAA 0019 38YCN036340 0022 702ANX030000AB 0055 AA1BJX036000ABAA 0018 213RNA030000BAAA 0024 A 38CKB030310 0018 264ANA036000BBAA 0036 24ACA442A0030010 0026 AC1CNX030000ABAA 0018 PH10JA036000ABAA 0021 661SJX036000ABAA 0023 661SJX036000AAAA 0023 113ANA042000BAAA 0020 113ANA048000BAAA 0020 264ANA042000BBAA 0036 38TUA024700 0028 213RNG030000BAAA 0024 A 661BJX030000AEAA 0023 38TUA030310 0028 661BJX030000ADAA 0023 38CKG036340 0018 38TUA030320 0028 38YCG036320 0023 48SD030060300 0095 48SD030040300 0095 661BJX030000ACAA 0023 597CNX030000ACAA 0033 PA12NA03000GAAAA 0018 38YCC036320 0023 PA12NA03000GABAA 0018 38BRB030310 0017 PA12NA03000GACAA 0018 38CKG036350 0018 PA12NA030000AAAA 0018 24APA336A0030010 0034 PA12NA030000ABAA 0018 PA12NA030000ACAA 0018 24APA342A0030010 0034 265ANA036000BBAA 0037 38CKG036360 0018 38YCG036340 0023 265ANA042000BBAA 0037 538BNR036000BAAA 0044 38TM036300 0026 552ANX036000AEAA 0028 PA1ZNA030000AAAA 0043 552ANX036000ADAA 0028 552ANX030000AFAA 0028 38ESA030300 0025 552ANX030000AEAA 0028 552ANX030000ADAA 0028 38YZA030310 0032 38ESG030300 0025 38TUA024740 0025 38YZA030320 0032 561NJX036000ACAA 0018 38TUA024750 0025 48XPN036090300 0092 574BNW036090NA 0092 561CJX036000AGAA 0018 48XPN036060300 0092 561NJX030000ABAA 0018 38YZA030300 0032 PH3PNA030000AA 0098 561CJX036000AFAA 0018 661NJX036000AEAA 0022 48XP030060300 0092 38QRF035300 0043 38BRC030320 0017 574BNW036060NA 0092 561CJX036000AEAA 0018 38CMB030300 0018 38ETG030300 0025 561CJX036000ACAA 0018 561MJX036000AEAA 0019 24ABA336A0030010 0021 48XP030040300 0092 561CJX03600MAFAA 0018 38QRF036300 0043 561MJX036000ABAA 0019 24ABA342A0030010 0021 24ABA348A0030010 0021 38CKM030310 0019 38CKM030320 0019 223RNA030000BAAA 0027 38QRR036300 0044 561MJX030000ACAA 0019 594DNX030000AFAA 0028 38CKM036310 0019 38EYA030300 0031 594DNX030000AEAA 0028 583BNW036090NC 0103 661NJX030000AEAA 0022 38EYA030310 0031 561CJX030000ABAA 0018 PH10JA03600GAEAA 0032 561MJX030000ABAA 0019 38CKC030310 0018 674BNW036090NA 0092 25HBA442A0030010 0028 38CMC030300 0018 38CMC030310 0018 674BNW036090AA 0092 661NJX030000ADAA 0022 38TXA030300 0028 38CKM036340 0019 38TXA030320 0028 38YCN030320 0022 583BNW036060NC 0103 PH10JA03600GAHAA 0032 38CMC036320 0018 38TXA030330 0028 674BNW036060NA 0092 661NJX030000ACAA 0022 38CK030310 0018 38CKN030310 0018 24ACA336A0030010 0027 123ANA036000BAAA 0023 B 224ANA030000BAAA 0027 24ACA342A0030010 0027 24ACA436A0030010 0026 563GNX030000AAAA 0025 556ANX030000ACAA 0028 538QNF035000BAAA 0043 538QNF036000BAAA 0043 PY3PNA030040AA 0095 PY3PNA030060AA 0095 123ANA042000BAAA 0023 B 710AJX030000ABAA 0018 556ANX030000AAAA 0028 50GL030320 0099 224ANA042000BAAA 0027 38CKB036320 0018 24ACR330A0030010 0025 PH10JA036000AHAA 0032 113RNA030000BBAA 0019 A 25HBR330A0030010 0024 113RNG030000BBAA 0019 A 637GJX030000AAAA 0029 113ANA036000BAAA 0020 PH10JA03600GAFAA 0032 550ANX030000AFAA 0028 25HBR330G0030010 0024 594DNX030000ABAA 0028 550ANX030000ADAA 0028 550ANX030000AEAA 0028 38CKC036350 0018 PH10JA03600GAJAA 0032 38CKC036360 0018 PH10JA036000AEAA 0032 PH10JA036000AFAA 0032 123RNA030000BAAA 0025 38YCS036300 0023 38YCS036310 0023 223ANA042000BAAA 0047 A 38EYG030300 0030 556ANX030000AFAA 0028 214ANA030000BAAA 0028 214ANA036000BAAA 0028 214ANA042000BAAA 0028 48GX030040310 0055 223ANA030000BAAA 0047 A 48SDN030060300 0095 556ANX030000AEAA 0028 48SDN030040300 0095 25HBA330A003001A 0025 574ANW030060AA 0095 556ANX030000ADAA 0028 25HBA330A0030010 0025 25HBA336A003001A 0025 25HBA336A0030010 0025 163ANA036000BBAA 0034 574ANW030040NA 0095 163ANA042000BBAA 0034 38TZA030300 0028 38TZA030320 0028 38TZA030330 0028 25HBA342A0030010 0025 38TZA036300 0028 550ANX030000ACAA 0028 38EYX024700 0022 38TZA036320 0028 550ANX030000AAAA 0028 661GJX036000AEAA 0023 25HBA430A003001A 0028 124ANA036000BAAA 0028 124ANA042000BAAA 0028 38EZA030300 0028 38EZA030500 0028 25HBA430A0030010 0028 38EZA036300 0028 661GJX036000ACAA 0023 38EZA036500 0028 571AJX036000ABAA 0017 25HBA436A003001A 0028 38BRG030300 0025 25HBA436A0030010 0028 50XP030300 0092 38EZA030310 0028 25HBA442A003001A 0028 38EZA036310 0028 25HBA342A003001A 0025 633AJX030000ABAA 0031 810AJX036000ACAA 0021 633AJX030000AAAA 0031 810AJX036000ABAA 0021 81WTZ118361H 0013 25HCA330A0030010 0027 38BRW030300 0017 563CNX030000ABAA 0017 563CNX030000ACAA 0017 38EZG030300 0028 38YCW036330 0023 38YCW036350 0023 38EZG036300 0028 38EZG036310 0028 48GP036090320 0103 25HCA342A0030010 0027 81WTZ218361H 0013 537GNX030000AAAA 0025 25HCA430A0030010 0028 81GMC124301GE 0029 81GMB124301GE 0029 81GMB121301GE 0029 604BNX030000AB 0099 81GMA124301GE 0029 25HCA442A0030010 0028 704BNX036000AB 0092 704ANX030000AA 0095 25HCR330A0030010 0025 38TKB030320 0026 704BNX030000AB 0092 704BNX030000AA 0092 38TKB030330 0026 604ANX030000AA 0098 38TKB036310 0026 38TKB030310 0026 48GPN030060320 0103 73YHA323301D 0032 562CJX036000ACAA 0018 38CM030300 0018 661CJX036000AEAA 0023 661CJX036000ACAA 0023 533GNX036000ABAA 0028 583BNW036090AC 0103 593CJX036000AAAA 0023 561AJX030000ADAA 0018 533GNX030000AAAA 0028 533GNX036000AAAA 0028 583BNW036060AC 0103 48XZN036090300 0092 38HDC030330LA 0031 562CJX030000ABAA 0018 583BNW030060NC 0103 583ANW030060NB 0055 562CJX030000AAAA 0018 583ANW030040NB 0055 583ANW030040AB 0055 38BRC030310 0017 48XZN030060300 0092 583BNW030060AC 0103 583BNW030040NC 0103 583BNW030040AC 0103 73YCA124301P 0032 51QFG318350 0017 561AJX036000AEAA 0018 561AJX036000ABAA 0018 561AJX030000ACAA 0018 561AJX030000ABAA 0018 81GMA121301GE 0029 571AJX030000ABAA 0017 538ANR036000BAAA 0038 51GYB324301 0029 574ANW030040AA 0095 51GMA124311B 0017 562AJX030000AAAA 0018 574ANW030060NA 0095 51GMA124301B 0017 533ANX036000ABAA 0028 533ANX036000ACAA 0028 51GYB324311 0029 51GMA121321B 0017 51GMA228311B 0017 51GMA228301B 0017 533ANX036000AAAA 0028 538BNX048000ACAA 0033 538BNX048000ABAA 0033 561CJX03600MAGAA 0018 50ZP030300 0043 50XZ036310 0099 50XZ030300 0099 50XZ030310 0099 564ANX030000AAAD 0043 50XP036310 0092 50XP030310 0092 AA1AJX036000ABAA 0018 PA10JA036000ABAA 0019 48XZN036060300 0092 48XZ036090300 0092 48XZ036060300 0092 48XZ030060300 0092 48XZ030040300 0092 538ENF036000BAAA 0038 PH10JA036000AJAA 0032 50SZ030300 0098 25HPA330A0030010 0034 25HPA342A0030010 0034 25HPA336A0030010 0034 25HPA436A0030010 0035 HA1BJX036000ABAA 0021 HA1BJX036000ACAA 0021 51GMA121301B 0017 51GMA121311B 0017 38YCA030320 0023 38YCA030330 0023 38YCA030340 0023 38YCA036320 0023 38EZA036320 0028 38CKC036M350 0018 38CKC036M360 0018 38YCC036340 0023 633GJX030000AAAA 0030 712ANX030000ABAA 0018 50JZ036320 0105 50JZ030320 0105 574BNW030060AA 0092 574BNW030040AA 0092 50GX030310 0055 48GPN036090320 0103 48GXN030040310 0055 48GXN030060310 0055 PA13NR03000GAAAA 0020 PA13NR03000GACAA 0020 PA13NR030000AAAA 0020 PA13NR030000ACAA 0020 PA3PNA030000AA 0095 661WJX036000AEAA 0023 661WJX036000ACAA 0023 73YCF327301D 0032 73YHB324301D 0032 73YCA227301P 0032 73YCF327321D 0032 73YCA124301D 0032 593CJX030000AAAA 0023 213ANA030000BAAA 0025 213ANA036000BAAA 0025 48CE030040300 0092 48CE030060300 0092 48CE036060300 0092 48CE036090300 0092 48GP030040320 0103 48GP030060320 0103 48GP036060320 0103 48GPN030040320 0103 48GPN036060320 0103 114ANA036000BAAA 0023 114ANA042000BAAA 0023 604BNX036000AB 0099 604BNX030000AA 0099 764ANX030000AAAD 0043 PH10JA036E PH10JA036-E PH10JA03600AEAA

Used in Rheem Ruud Air Conditioning Models:


I called trying to find out what happened to the rest of my order and was surprised to hear a warm and kind voice willing to do whatever it takes to find answers and follow through with her promise. Amanda is an asset worth holding on to and a credit to your company. She was very professional, helpful and courteous while assisting me with my order. I would most definitely assign her an A+ in customer service."
Donald "Brad" Thomas

I would like to thank you for your hard work in getting us our part in a timely fashion. You were very helpful and you understood the severity of the situation and did a wonderful job in getting the part to us. Thanks again and please share this with your boss! You were outstanding!"
Todd Mills

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Amanda I want to thank you, the blower fan work perfectly. Thank you so very much."
Bill K Roberts
Amanda, Thank you very much again, I have been looking for this part for about two weeks and getting very frustrated in the process of the search, you were very helpful!!"
Ken Holm
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