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1-1/2 Ton to 2 Ton Replacement Scroll Compressor 1-Phase (Universal Replacement)

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* How Does The Copland Scroll Compressor Work

Unlike reciprocating technology with many moving parts, the Copeland scroll compressor has one scroll or spiral orbiting in path defined by a matching fixed scroll. The fixed scroll is attached to the compressor body. The orbiting scroll is couple to the crankshaft in orbit rather then rotated. The orbiting motion creates a series of gas pockets traveling between the two scrolls. On the outer portion of the scroll the pocket draw in gas, then move it to center of the scroll where it
•s discharged. As the gas moves in the increasing smaller inner pocket, the temperature and pressure increase to the desired discharged pressure.

* Compressor Performance:

Evap (F)/Cond (F):45/130
RG (F) Liq (F)65/115
Capacity (Btu/hr):18100
Power (Watts): 1730
Current Amps:7.7
EER (Btu/Wh): 10.4
Mass Flow (Lbs/hr):264
Sound Power (Dba): 68.0
Vibration (mils (peak-peak):2.0

* Compressor Mechanical:

Number of Cylinders: 0
Bore Size (in): 0
Stroke (in):0
Overall Length:9.567"
Overall Width: 9.567
Overall Height: 14.33
Refrigerant: R-22
Suction Size (in):3/4
Discharge size (in):1/2
Initial Oil Charge (oz):38
Oil Recharge (oz): 34
CIR (in 3/Rev): 1.535
CFH (ft 3/hr): 186.5454

* Compressor Electrical Data:

Voltage: 208/230
Phase: 1
RLA: 9.3
LRA: 47.0
MCC Amps:
Max Operating Current:
UL File No:

Replaces Compressor Part Numbers:

ZR18K4PFV930 ZR18K4-PFV-930 ZR18K3-PFV-130 ZR18K4 ZR18K4PFV230 ZR18K3-PVF-130 ZR18K3-PVF ZR18K4-PFV-230 55-23139-03S 1051556 1Z887 1160983 1086580 1160983 ZR18K1-PFV ZR18K3-PFV 42J2901 49K3401 1172277 34328401 8000-129 1450-1539 55-21737-10 B9266-332 35136C4 P021-1829 1170740 1160983 55-23139-03 55-23140-03 49K3401 10107410 ZR18K4-PFV ZR18KC-PFV 42811-1 42J2901 49K3401 1172277 34328401 8000-129 B9266-332 35136C4 55-23155-02S 1450-1539 ZR18K3-PFV-230 ZR18K4-PFV-930 ZR18K1-PFV-230 18H7301 49K3401 55-21737-10 CAR552173710 ZR18K4-PFV-930 ZR18K3-PFV-930 CARZR19K3PFV CARZR22K4PFV.

Used in Goodman Janitrol Air Conditioning Models:CLQ24-1A, CLQ24-1..

Used in Rheem Ruud Air Conditioning Models:

RAFF-019JAQ RAFF-019JAZ RAJB-019JAZ RPMB-018JAZ RAFF-018JAZ RRGG-05E19JKR UAFF-018JAZ URGG-05E19JKR AS-05357-01 RPLA-0183A2 RPLA0183A2 UPLA-0183A2 UPLA0183A2 UPLA-018J RAFF-019JAQ RAFF-019JAZ RAJB-019JAZ RPMB-018JAZ AS-05460-01 AS-05922-01 AS-05966-01 AS-05980-01 AS-06202-01 RPLA-018J.

Used in Lennox Air Conditioning Models:

HS22-211U-ZP, HS22-211U-2P.

Used in Air Conditioning and Heating Brands: Airquest, Arcoair, Clare, Comfortmaker, Heil, Kenmore, Tempstar, Snyder General, Intercity Products, Whirlpool and many other brands.

Used in ICP Equipment Models:



Most compressors fail due to system malfunctions, which must be corrected to prevent repeat failures. After a compressor fails, field examination of the failed compressor often will reveal symptoms of system problems. Proper corrections will help eliminate future failures.


Two phases of a three-phase motor overheated or burned as a result of the contactor opening only one of its contacts.


(1) Replace contactors with properly sized contactors.
(2) Check for proper motor protection.


In a two contactor application, two phases of one half of a three phase motor overheated or burned as a result of one contactor opening only one contact.


(1) Replace contactors with properly sized contactors.


Half of all phases on a two contactor three phase motor are overheated or burned due to only one contactor opening.


(1) Replace contactors with properly sized contactors.
(2) Check for feed back circuit holding one contactor closed.


Only one phase of a three phase motor is overheated or burned as the result of opening one phase on the primary side a delta to wye transformer.


(1) Check primary side of a delta to wye main power transformer.


The start winding only of a single-phase motor is uniformly overheated or burned.


(1) Check for proper wiring of compressor.
(2) Check starting capacitor and/or starting relay.
(3) Correct compressor overloading.


A localized burn within a winding, between windings, or from windings to ground. If not the result of mechanical problems, check for spikes or surges of high current flow.


A break down of the insulation between terminals and compressor body generally the result of over torquing terminals.

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