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110F to 155F Temperature Self Actuated Temperature Regulator RT Series (Robertshaw)

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The RT self-actuated temperature regulators offer final control of the temperature of a liquid, air space or flow, or gas flow in heating or cooling applications

Replaces Many Obsolete Controls Made Per Order

Other features include:

Large two-ply, seamless Robertshaw
bellows used for long life and extra power
Over-temperature protection is a standard feature
• stem packing made of Teflon
Quick-detach valve stem construction
permits easy valve change
Sturdy construction with cast iron frame
High-quality indicating thermometer on regulators
Variety of sensing bulb forms and materials
Valves in a wide range of sizes, actions,styles, materials, etc.
Capillary selection of materials and lengths
Set point adjustment wheel

Self-Actuating Regulators

Replaces Control Part Numbers:RT-1009, RT-1009-A1, I-1009-A1, RT1009-A1, CARRT1009..

For Serial: E90D240

1. How do I select the right temperature regulator

2. How do I size my regulator valve

3. What happens when my Self-Actuated Temperature Regulator loses its chemical charge

4. Does Robertshaw offer a
•Fail Safe
• regulator

5. What kind of spare parts do I need for my Self-Actuated Temperature Regulator

6. What types of temperature regulators does Robertshaw offer

7. Troubleshooting Tips

1. How do I select the right temperature regulator

Robertshaw offers a variety of actuator sizes and options, along with a broad selection of valves: in numerous sizes with up to 6 in. ports; with direct-, reverse-, or three-way action; and available in brass, steel, and stainless steel. This wide variety of options allows you to select a regulator and valve that closely fit your application, and offer years of satisfactory service. To select the most appropriate regulator and valve to fit your needs, begin by answering the following questions, and then consulting the Control Valve Selection Guide or contacting your local sales representative:

a. What is the process
• (steam, water, other)
b. Is the application for "heating" or "cooling"

c. What temperature do I want to maintain

d. What is the maximum flow required

2. How do I size my regulator valve

Probably the most important part of selecting the proper regulator is sizing the valve. Undersized, the valve will not yield enough flow. Oversized, it will not give proper control. To select the correct valve size:
a. Find the Cv (the engineering sizing coefficient) of the valve. Using the information of pressure drop, flow, viscosity, specific gravity, etc., calculate the required Cv using a formula, sizing program, or the Robertshaw "Flo-Rule". (Cv=gpm of water at 1 psi pressure drop)
b. Choose the proper valve according to the product specifications, or reference the Control Valve Selection Guide.
c. A valve sizing "Rule-of-Thumb": For proper control, a valve should be one to two sizes smaller than the pipe to which it is being fitted.

3. What happens when my Self-Actuated Temperature Regulator loses its chemical charge

For standard temperature regulators (RT1001, RT1003, etc.), when the charge is lost in the thermal system the spring in the actuator will force the valve stem into the up position, fully opening a direct-acting (heating) valve or closing a reverse-acting (cooling) valve. For the RT1006B1 and RT1007A1 Series, however, the failure mode is the opposite.
4. Does Robertshaw offer a
•Fail Safe
• regulator
• Yes. In the event of a loss of charge, the RT1006B1 & RT1007A1 Series are designed to automatically move the actuator stem down, closing a direct acting (heating) valve or opening a reverse-acting (cooling) valve. Although not
•fail safe
•, the RT1009 and RT1010A Series offer a handcrank option to manually position the valve. In case of thermal system failure, the operator can manually position the valve to the
• mode. 5. What kind of spare parts do I need for my Self-Actuated Temperature Regulator
• Robertshaw sells field replacement assemblies for temperature regulators, as opposed to "spare parts". Generally, Robertshaw regulators lasts up to 30 years before needing replacement parts. When damage or failures does occur, however, we offer the following replacement options: a. Thermal Assembly: bulb, capillary, cup & bellows b. Complete upper works: includes thermal assembly, frame and spring c. Valve Assembly d. Valve Repair Kit 6. What types of temperature regulators does Robertshaw offer
• Robertshaw offers a selection of temperature regulator models based on four different technology options: vapor-pressure, solid-liquid filled, hot chamber and power pill actuated. Vapor-pressure models are the most widely used because of their expanded application limits. Some of the different temperature regulator models available are listed below:
a. Vapor-pressure: RT921 through RT1011 (heating, cooling, mixing/diverting)
b. Solid-Liquid Fill: 908-A (cooling water regulator)
c. Hot Chamber: RT-200 Series (steam heating)
d. Power Pill: I-1284/I-1285 (3-way)
7. Troubleshooting Tips
Robertshaw regulators are designed to operate within the temperature limits stated on the nameplate, and the valve is designed to close tightly against the line pressure specified/ordered. If the regulator has been operating satisfactorily for some time and trouble develops, the following information may be of assistance:

If no heat or inadequate heat is obtained even at the highest temperature setting, check to make sure that the hand valves in front of the regulating valve are open, and that steam of sufficient pressure is passing to the regulator valve. Blow, or otherwise clean, the line strainers. Clean all traps and see that they are in working order. If the return line to the trap is cool, the steam coils may be clogged.
In all cases, the packing nut should only be finger-tight, and the valve stem must be free to move up-and-down without excessive friction.
The usual cause for overheating is the accumulation of scale or other foreign matter on the valve seat(s). Such matter may hold the poppet off-seat, and may eventually cause the seat or poppet to become scored. Slightly scored seats or poppets may be re-ground, but if too badly damaged, a valve replacement or repair kit should be ordered.
Overheating may also be caused by failure of the thermostatic unit.


If a regulator is being used for cooling purposes (such as controlling circulation of water or brine) and sufficient cooling is not being obtained, check to make sure that proper circulation through the circuit is not hindered. All lines, strainers, hand valves and passages in heat exchanger should be open. If over-cooling is experienced, scale or other foreign matter may be preventing the poppet from seating, therefore causing excessive flow of the cooling medium.
In all cases, the packing nut should only be finger-tight, and the valve stem must be free to move up-and-down without excessive friction.
Regulators controlling the circulation of brine should be inspected for frost on the valve stem and for a possibly frozen stem in the packing gland.

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