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11" Fan & Limit, Time Delay Switch Honeywell (Up to 6 wires)

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Honeywell, Carrier, Bryant, Day & Night, Luxaire, Payne, York 11" Fan and Limit Switch.


Replaces Fan & Limit Part Numbers:

SWT0618 SWT618 SWT00618 WG29X142 025-34152-000 02534152000 CNT1100 CNT01100 SWT0995 SWT00995 1149505 613837 1005595 L4064W1106 L4064T 1376 L4064T1376 L4064T 1905 L4064T1905 L4064T 1947 L4064T1947 L4064T 1970 L4064T1970 L4064T 2028 L4064T2028 L4064T 2044 L4064T2044 L4064T 2051 L4064T2051 L4064T 2069 L4064T2069 L4064W 1189 L4064W1189 HH12AT015 HH12AT015A HH12AT015 HH12AT013 DU1042 48DV680003 58EDB1810426 58EDB4370932 58EDB4370941 HH12AT013 48DV680003 CNT2533 CNT02533 15P3901 1D291 L4064W1106 025-26315-001 025-28709-008 025-29709-708 025-28709-710 025-28709-011 025-28709-012 025-28709-013 025-28709-708 025-28709-710 025-28709-711 025-28709-712 58EDB1810426 58EDB4370932 025-28709-008 02529709708 02528709710 02528709011 02528709012 02528709013 02528709708 02528709710 02528709711 02528709712 58EDB4370941 CARL4064W1106.

Honeywell Universal 6 wire Fan and Limit Controller
For control of high limit and fan motor in all types of forced air heating systems.
Three wiring terminal options available for easy installation: -push-in receptacles for stripped wire, -Female receptacles for 1/4 in.
male flag connectors, and - field add-on screw terminals. Controls adapt to many competitive mounting holes in replacement applications.
Available in a variety of fan and high limit setting ranges. L4064B,W models have manual fan switch that overrides fan control to keep fan running continuously. SUPER TRADELINE models include deluxe case with mounting adapters for easy installation and strain relief bushings to protect wiring from field abuse.

Honeywell Product Specifications:

Description Fan and Limit Control.
High Limit Temperature Range (F) 100 F to 250 F .
Element Insertion Length (in.) 11 1/2 in.
Fan-on Range (F) Upon call for heat.
Fan-off Range (F) 50 F to 200 F.
Approvals UL Component Recognized; CSA Certified.
High Limit Temperature Range (C) 38 C to 121 C.
Electrical Rating Fan (AFL) 7 A @ 240 Vac, 14 A @ 120 Vac.
Electrical Rating Limit (AFL) 4 A @ 240 Vac, 8 A @ 120 Vac.
Electrical Rating Limit (ALR) 24 A @ 240 Vac, 48 A @ 120 Vac.
Pilot Duty 0.25 A @ 0.25 to 12 Vdc, 2 A @ 24 Vac.
Application Bimetal heater switch turns fan on approximately 20 to 90 seconds after thermostat calls for heat at a cold start..
High limit stop factory-set at 200 F (93 C)..
Replaces L4064T, Y. Dimensions (in.) 4 5/16 in. high, 3 in. wide, 1 5/8 in. deep excluding element Dimensions (mm) 109 mm high, 76 mm wide, 41 mm deep excluding element..
Element Insertion Length (mm) 292 mm Mounting Rigid bracket, Surface mounted, Swivel Fan-on Range (C) Upon call for heat. Fan-off Range (C) 10 C to 96 C Tradeline Value Tradeline Maximum Ambient Temperature (C) Switch: 46 C; Sensing Element: 177 C Maximum Ambient Temperature (F) Switch: 115 F; Sensing Element: 350 F..

Carrier Fan and Limit Switch Is Used In 85 Heating Models:

390CAN036055ACBD 0018 390CAN048085ACBE 0018 390CAN048100ACBE 0018 390CAN048125ACBE 0018 390CAN060125ACBG 0018 391DAN048085ACBE 0021 391DAN048100ACBE 0021 391DAN060100ACBF 0021 391DAN060125ACBG 0021 392EAN042085ABBE 0023 392EAN042085ACBE 0023 392FAN042085ABBE 0023 085100110CA 0019 100100110CA 0019 100100110DA 0019 125100110BA 0019 125100110CA 0019 58HK085130JA 0021 58HK100130JA 0021 58HK100130LA 0021 58HK125130JA 0021 58HK125130LA 0021 58HM085100CA 0023 58HM085110CA 0023 58HM085130HA 0023 58HM200100JA 0023 58HM200100LA 0023 58HM250100MA 0023 58HM200109BA 0021 58HM200109CA 0021 58HM250109BA 0021 58HS085109CA 0018 58HS085119CA 0018 58HS100109CA 0018 58HS100119CA 0018 58HS125109CA 0018 58HS125109DA 0018 58HS125119CA 0018 58HS125119DA 0018 58HS150109BA 0018 58HS150109CA 0018 58HS150119BA 0018 58HS150119CA 0018 58HS085110JA 0021 58HS100110JA 0021 58HS125110JA 0021 58HS125110LA 0021 58HS150110JA 0021 58HS150110LA 0021 58HS200100JA 0021 58HS200100LA 0021 58HS250100MA 0021 58HS250100NA 0021 58HS335100PA 0021 58HS200109BA 0018 58HS200109CA 0018 58HS250109BA 0018 58HS250109CA 0018 58HS335109CA 0018 58HU055100CA 0014 58HU055110CA 0014 58HU085100CA 0014 58HU085110CA 0014 58HU100100CA 0014 58HU100110CA 0014 58HU125100BA 0014 58HU125100CA 0014 58HU125110BA 0014 58HU125110CA 0014 58HU055130GA 0019 58HU085130JA 0019 58HU100130JA 0019 58HU125130JA 0019 58HU125130LA 0019 388EAN048085ACBE 0021 388EAN048100ACBE 0021 388EAP048125ACBM 0021 388EAP048150ACBL 0021 388EAP048200AAAM 0021 388EAP060125ACBP 0021 388EAP060150ACBP 0021 388EAP060200AAAP 0021 388EAP072250AAAP 0021 388EAP090250AAAR 0021 388EAP120335AAAS

Used in Coleman York Furnace Models:


Used in Air Conditioning and Heating Brands: Airquest, Arcoair, Clare, Comfortmaker, Heil, Kenmore, Tempstar, Snyder General, Intercity Products, Whirlpool and many other brands.

867.761050 867.766030 867.766031 867.766032 867.767030 867.767031 867.767280 867.767281 NUGG100AH01 NUGG100DG01 NUGG100DH01 NUGG100DH02 NUGI080CH01 NUGI080KH01 NUGI080KH02 NUGI100AH01 NUGI100DH01 NUGI100DH02 NUGI100DH03

Used In Trane, American Standard Equipment Model Numbers:
TDCO8OB942A1 TDC080B942A1 BLU080E924B1 BLV080E924B1 BLU080F924B1 BLUO80F924B1 BLUO8OE924B1 BLU080E924B1

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