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10-1/2 Ton 124,650 BTUH 460 Volt 3-Phase Air Conditioning ROTOLOCK Compressor (American Standard, Ma

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10-1/2 Ton 124,650 BTUH 460 Volt 3-Phase Air Conditioning ROTOLOCK Compressor (American Standard, Maneurop, Trane)



Replaces many Trane, American Standard OEM compressors.
Designed with large internal open area to reduce liquid hammering.
Entirely suction cooled, no external cooling required.
Built for long lasting, transient tolerant performance.
Tripod mount on 1, 2 cylinder models. 9.7" square mount 4
cylinder MTZ100 and larger. Rotolock connections; sweat spuds
provided. Run capacitor required for single phase models, not provided.

• Charged with mineral oil

• Capacity rated R22, +45

Product Specifications
Horsepower: 10 1/2
Voltage: 460/3/60
Rated Load Amps: 19.3
Oil: Mineral
Mount (In.): 9.7 x 9.7
Height (In.): 19.7
Shipping Weight (Lbs.): 150
Connection Suction (In.): 1 3/4RL-1 1/8
Connection Discharge (In.): 1 1/4RL-3/4
Connection Type: Rotolock connections; sweat spuds provided.
Refrigerant: R22
Capacity (BTUH): 124,650
Engineered Items: Yes
LTL Only: Yes
Oil_short: MIN

Replaces Compressor Part Numbers:

MT125HU4D COM-2184 COM2184 COMO2184 COM02184 COM-2585 COM2585 COMO2585 COM02585 COM-3456 COM3456 COMO3456 COM03456 COM-2860 COM2860 COMO2860 COM02860 COM-3457 COM3457 COMO3457 COM03457 COM-1686 COM1686 COMO1686 COM01686 CT125LU4 CT125NU4 CMT125-4L1 CMT1254L1 WW77X507 WW77X335 WW77X303 WW77X349 WW77X272 WW77X136 WW77X167 WW77X186 WW77X106 WW77X51 WW77X57 CARMT125HU4

Used in Air Conditioning Equipment Models:

BTA100C700K0 BTA120C400K0 BTA120C40PK0 BTA200C700K0 BTA240C400K0 BTA240C40PK0 BTC200A700F0 BTC240A400F0 BTC240J400A3 BWA100C700K0 BWA120C400K0 BWA120C40PK0 BWA200C700K0 BWC120C400F0 BWC120CD00F0 BWC120F400F0 BWC120FD00F0 BWC200A700F0 BWC240A400F0 BWC240J414A3 BGTA100C7F BGTA120C4E BGTA120C4F BGTA120C7E BGTA200C7F BGTA240C4E BGTA240C4F BGTA240C7E BGWA100C7E BGWA100C7E1 BGWA100C7F BGWA120C4D BGWA120C4D1 BGWA120C4D2 BGWA120C4E BGWA120C4E1 BGWA120C4F BGWA200C7E BGWA200C7E1 BGWA200C7F BGWA240C4D BGWA240C4D1 BGWA240C4D2 BGWA240C4E BGWA240C4E1 BGWA240C4F BGWC120A4C BGWC120A4C06 BTC240A400A0 BTC240A400B0 BTC240A400B1 BWC100C600A0 BWC100C600A1 BWC100C600A2 BWC100C600A3 BWC100C700B0 BWC120C400A0 BWC120C400A1 BWC120C400A2 BWC120C400A3 BWC120C400B0 BWC120C406R0 BWC120C406R1 BWC120C406R2 BWC120C406R3 BWC120CD00B0 BWC120D400A0 BWC120D400A1 BWC120D400A2 BWC120D400A3 BWC120D400B0 BWC120D406R0 BWC120D406R1 BWC120D406R2 BWC120D406R3 BWC120DD00B0 BWC120F400A0 BWC120FC00A0 BWC120FD00A0 BWC200A700B0 BWC240A400A0 BWC240A400B0 BWC240A400B1 BGTA120C4B BGTA120C7B BGTA120C7C BGTA240C4B BGTA240C4C BGTA240C7B BGTA240C7C BGTC120A4A BGTC120A4A06 BGTC120A4B BGTC120A4B06 BGTC120A4C BGTC120A4C06 BGTC120A7A BGTC120A7B BGTC120A7C BGWA120C4B BGWA120C4B0A BGWA120C4C BGWA240C4B BGWA240C4B0A BGWA240C4C BGWA240C7B BGWC120A4A BGWC120A4B BGWC120A4B06 BGWC120A7A BGWC120A7B BGYC120A4A BGYC120A4A24 BGYC120A4A30 BGYC120A4B24 BGYC120A4B2X BGYC120A4B30 BGYC120A4B3X TA120C4A TA120C4B TA120C4B0A TA120C4C0A TA120C4D0A TA120C7A TA120C7B TA120C7C TA120C7D TA240C4A TA240C4A01 TA240C4B TA240C4C TA240C4D TA240C7A TA240C7B TA240C7C TA240C7D WA120C4A

* Installation

When installing your new compressor, you may need additional copper fittings and tubing in some older model compressors when retro-fitting to new upgraded compressor models.

* Compressor Performance:

BtuH Ratings are based 0n 45 F evaporating temperature 130 F, condensing temperature, 65 F return gas temperature and 95 F, liquid temperature.

Replaces Compressor Part Numbers: CAR


Most compressors fail due to system malfunctions, which must be corrected to prevent repeat failures. After a compressor fails, field examination of the failed compressor often will reveal symptoms of system problems. Proper corrections will help eliminate future failures.


Two phases of a three-phase motor overheated or burned as a result of the contactor opening only one of its contacts.


(1) Replace contactors with properly sized contactors.
(2) Check for proper motor protection.


In a two contactor application, two phases of one half of a three phase motor overheated or burned as a result of one contactor opening only one contact.


(1) Replace contactors with properly sized contactors.


Half of all phases on a two contactor three phase motor are overheated or burned due to only one contactor opening.


(1) Replace contactors with properly sized contactors.
(2) Check for feed back circuit holding one contactor closed.


Only one phase of a three phase motor is overheated or burned as the result of opening one phase on the primary side a delta to wye transformer.


(1) Check primary side of a delta to wye main power transformer.


The start winding only of a single-phase motor is uniformly overheated or burned.


(1) Check for proper wiring of compressor.
(2) Check starting capacitor and/or starting relay.
(3) Correct compressor overloading.


A localized burn within a winding, between windings, or from windings to ground. If not the result of mechanical problems, check for spikes or surges of high current flow.


A break down of the insulation between terminals and compressor body generally the result of over torque terminals.


I called trying to find out what happened to the rest of my order and was surprised to hear a warm and kind voice willing to do whatever it takes to find answers and follow through with her promise. Amanda is an asset worth holding on to and a credit to your company. She was very professional, helpful and courteous while assisting me with my order. I would most definitely assign her an A+ in customer service."
Donald "Brad" Thomas

I would like to thank you for your hard work in getting us our part in a timely fashion. You were very helpful and you understood the severity of the situation and did a wonderful job in getting the part to us. Thanks again and please share this with your boss! You were outstanding!"
Todd Mills

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