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3 Ton 208/230 Volt Phase-1Millennium Scroll Compressor (Carlyle)

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3 Ton Millennium Scroll Compressor (208/230 Volts 1-Phase)(Carlyle)

Capacity (Btu/hr)

•. 34,100
EER (Btu/W-hr)

• 11.1
Power (W)..


•. 3080
Current (A)


• 14.7


Condensing Temp. (Deg. F)


•.. 130
Evaporating Temp. (Deg. F) . .

•.. 45
Return Gas Temp. (Deg. F)

• 95
Liquid Temp. (Deg. F)


•. 115
Ambient Temp. (Deg. F)

•. 95


Operating Voltage Range


•.. 198-253
Locked Rotor Amps


•.. 95.0
Maximum Continuous Current


•. 26.0
Rated Load Amps


•... 16.7


Motor Protector Type


•. Internal
Run Capacitor Type

•.. 35/440

Oil Type


•. Zerol 150T
w/ 3% SYN-O-AD
Initial Charge (oz.) .


•. 36
Re-Charge (oz.)



• 34
Superior Energy Efficiency

Each Millennium Scroll Compressor features a computer-designed, high-efficiency motor.

Also designed using sophisticated computerized techniques, the scroll mechanism itself ensures energy efficiency in several ways. The orbiting and fixed scrolls fit together almost perfectly, preventing gas leakage. Also, since the scroll requires no mechanical valves, it eliminates the valve losses associated with reciprocating-type compressors. By compressing several pockets of gas simultaneously, and by optimizing pressure ratios, the scroll members provide a smooth, continuous compression cycle ideal for conserving energy.

The Millennium Scroll's efficiency is enhanced by its low-side design and directed suction, which minimize suction gas superheating. Also, since suction and discharge locations are separate, internal heat transfer is significantly reduced.

The net result is a scroll compressor that's significantly more efficient than any reciprocating compressor. So, your products need less coil surface, allowing you maximum flexibility to down-size. You also reduce your manufacturing costs without sacrificing performance.

Quiet Operation

Some of the features that make the Millennium Scroll so efficient also make it extremely quiet: the absence of suction and discharge valves, the smooth compression process, the optimized scroll contours. Two additional features allow our scroll to operate at exceptionally low sound levels:

• a unique top shell, engineered using modal analysis to minimize sound transmission

• a patented check valve, which eliminates reverse-rotation noise at shutdown
You won't need to add shields or other sound-baffling devices to achieve the quiet levels your customers require. Product Specifications:
Type: Scroll Refrigerant: R-22 Frequency: 60 Volts: 208/230 Phase: 1 Application: AC/HP RLA: 16.7 LRA: 95 Suction Tube ID: 3/4 Discharge Tube ID: 1/2 Shell HT: 16.2 Crankcase Htr: Without Oil Recharge: 34 oz Mounting: CAC0017E BTUHs: 34,100

Replaces Part Numbers:


PLEASE NOTE: All PSC Motors are design to be used with an external capacitor. The Capacitor operates in the Motor Circuit continuously. It is commonly referred to as a run capacitor. The Run Capacitor is designed to keep a constant and even flow of power going to the Motor. The Run Capacitor is sold separately. * Order New Run Capacitor Part Number: CAP35440

Used In Equipment Model Numbers:
561GJX036000AAAA 561MJX036000ACAA 561NJX036000AAAA 50SX036300 48SX036060300 48SX036060310 48SX036060320 48SX036060330 562AJX036000ABAA 48SX036080300 562CJX036000AAAA 48SX036080310 48SX036080320 561AJX036000ACAA 561AJX036000ADAA 48SX036100300 48SX036100310 48SX036100320 48SX036100330 38CKQ036300 38BR036310 48SX036120300 48SX036120310 561CJX036000AAAA 710AJX036000ACAA 589ANW036060AAAF 589ANW036060ABAF 589ANW036060ACAF 589ANW036060ADAF 589ANW036080AAAF 589ANW036080ABAF 589ANW036080ACAF 557ANX036000AAAF 589ANW036100AAAF 589ANW036100ABAF 557ANX036000JAAF 589ANW036100ADAF 589ANW036120AAAF 711AJX036000ABAA 589ANW036120ACAF 712ANX036000ABAA 594DNX036000AAAA 597CNX036000ACAA 561MJX036000ADAA 38TRA036320 38CK036320 38CK036330 38BRW036300 38CMC036300 AA1BJX036000ACAA AA1CJX036000AAAA 563ANX036000ABAA AC1BNX036000ABAA AC1CNX036000AAAA 589ANW036100ACAF 589ANW036120ABAF 38CKC036300 38TUA036300 38CKM036320 38CKM036330 38CM036310 38CMB036300 38CKB036300 38CKG036300 48SX036120320 38BRC036300 563CNX036000AAAA AB1BJX036000ABAA AB1CJX036000AAAA 38BRB036300 38CKN036300

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