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STOP Condensation Leakage With A Low Voltage Overflow Shut-Off Safety Switch

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STOP Condensation Leakage With A Low Voltage Overflow Shut-Off Safety Switch

The Safe-T-Switch
• Model SS3 detects rising water in A/C condensate drain pans and interrupts the thermostat circuit to shut off the unit before overflows and flooding occur. The Model SS3 is designed to install in auxiliary (safety) drain pans. The included stainless steel clip snaps easily in place on most pan rims and holds firmly. Compact footprint fits well in tight spaces. Approved for use as a substitute for auxilliary condensate drains in jurisdictions where the International Mechanical Code applies.

• Model SS3 incorporates sealed, waterproof reed/magnet float switch technology for long term, reliable performance with no exposed electrical contacts to corrode, short out or fall off. Included sealed and pre-wired 6-Foot, 18-guage lead cables require one electrical connection during installation.

SPECIFICATIONS: 24 Volts A/C, 1.25 Amp GP Switching Current (Tested to UL 508 and Listed by UL
• at 6000 Cycles - Inductive Load). Reed Component Device is Separately UL
• Recognized at 2.5 Amps Max. Carry Current.

DIMENSIONS: Length (Overall - from bottom of stem to top of threads): 1-25/32-inch; Length (from top of pan rim to bottom of stem): 1-9/16-inch; Float Diameter: 1-inch; Float Height: 5/8-inch; Width (from verticle leg of pan clip to outside of float): 1-9/16-inch; Float Travel Distance (Max - distance required to close switch is slightly less): 1/4-inch.

Package Includes Pre-wired 6-Foot, 18 Gauge Lead Wires, Stainless Steel Clip/Brackett, Retaining Nut and 1/4-inch Hex Self Drilling Sheet Metal Screw.




WARNING Electric shock hazard – Disconnect power supply before installing Safe-T-Switch

to avoid electrical shock and/or equipment damage. Do not use on circuits exceeding 24 volts

to avoid damage to switch and shock or fire hazard.

CAUTION: May cause unit to cycle on and off rapidly as water level in pan approaches the shut-off

point prior to switch cycling totally off. Drain must be serviced if this occurs.

CAUTION: In any installation where property damage and/or personal injury might result from an

inoperative switch due to power outages, a backup system and/or alarm should be installed.


1. Disconnect power to unit at main panel.

2. Clip switch bracket onto side of pan at low end and press

firmly into place ensuring switch wires are positioned

up. Ensure float moves freely.

3. Secure bracket into side of pan using self-tapping sheet

metal screw through upper hole in bracket.

4. Ensure float switch assembly is firmly secured to

bracket. Ensure top of float is below rim of pan. Switch

will trip when water level reaches a point even with top

of float (when float is in down position). Sensitivity may

be adjusted by threading switch assembly downward out

of bracket if necessary.

5. Wire switch as instructed under Wiring, below.

6. Test switch by lifting float with unit on. Unit should stop running if switch is correctly wired.

7. Test switch sensitivity: Fill pan and confirm that switch stops unit before pan overflows.

8. Place warning sticker on air handler or condenser unit.


1. WARNING: Disconnect power to unit at main

panel prior to performing electrical work.

2. If not present, it is recommended that an inline fuse

and a delay to protect 24-volt circuit be installed.

3. Locate 24-volt thermostat cable entering air

handler unit. Disconnect or cut red wire and

connect to switch lead using wire nut. Connect

other switch lead to air handler terminal.

Incorporating switch in red circuit shuts entire unit,

fan continues to run if incorporated in yellow

circuit (inhibits mold during long absences).

4. Test switch by lifting float while unit is on. If wired

correctly, unit will stop when float is lifted.

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