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2 Stage Gas Valve, 24 Volt Coil, 1/2" inlet 1/2" outlet.(White Rodgers) *UPGRADED MODEL

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New Upgraded Gas Valve Some Furnace Brands may have wire Harness will need to cut off and put push on clips on the wires


This valve is shipped with a dust cap installed in the regulator vent connection.


1. Remove dust cap.
2. Install fitting and turn clockwise until finger tight.
3. Use a wrench to tighten an additional 1⁄4 turn.


Refer to and follow the appliance manufacturer's wiring diagram. Refer to fig. 4 for terminal identification.
All wiring should be installed in accordance with local and national electrical codes and ordinances.
Always check that the electrical power supply used agrees with the voltage and frequency shown on the gas control.


This gas valve incorporates a pressure regulator capable of adjustment for both natural gas and propane gas.
When converting, it is necessary to approximate the low and high fire outlet pressure settings for the new gas prior to reestablishing the gas supply and electrical power to the appliance.
1. Turn off all electrical power to the system at main fuse or circuit breaker.
2. Locate and remove the slotted head high fire cover screw on the side of the gas valve. The location is marked
• .
3. Turn the 3⁄32
• socket set screw located behind the high fire cover screw clockwise two (2) full turns to approximate the high fire outlet pressure setting.
4. Locate and remove the slotted head low fire cover screw on the top of the gas valve. The location is marked
• .
5. Turn the 3⁄32
• socket set screw located behind the low fire cover screw clockwise one (1) full turn to approximate the low fire outlet pressure setting.
6. Apply L.P. conversion labels (92-0979 kit, enclosed) to gas valve. Place the
• dot label on top of the valve, in place of the
• label. Place the warning label on the exposed side of the gas valve.
7. Turn on the gas supply to the appliance.
This completes conversion of the gas valve for use with L.P. gas.
Return to
•Pressure Regulator Adjustment
• section and perform final regulator adjustment before placing unit into service.

White Rodgers, Bryant, Carrier, Payne Trane 2 Stage OEM Gas Valve:


Amps High:0.4.
Amps Low:0.3.
BtuH Capacity:210,000.
Coil Volts:24V.
60 Hz.
Gas Type:Natural Gas.
Inlet/Outlet (Inches):1/2" x 1/2".
Capacity AGA Standard Gas:140,000.
Inlet Pressure Tap:Yes.
Opening:1.6" W.C.
Side Taps:No .
Two Stage Snap Open:Yes
Pilot fitting 1/8" NPT Threaded Vent
LP Conversion Kit. H S I/DSI.
System Usage:HSI, or DSI.

Replaces Gas Valve Part Numbers:

36H64-463 CAR36H64-463 VAL06376 VAL6376 36E54201 36E96-22 VAL03625 VAL3625 36E96-221 CAR36E96221 36F52-204 36E55-203 36E54-214 36E52-209 36E54-200 36E54-203 EF33CW195 EF33CW196 EF33CW198 025-35316-000 C340772P01 EF33CW196A 36E54-201 36E54-208 CAR1RC53 36E54-200 36E96225 36E96-225 EF33CW185A EF33CW185 VAL4420 VAL6376 36E96-237 VAL04564 VAL4564 36E54-214 36E96-211 CAR36E54214 CAR36E55203 CAREF33CW198.

Used in Winchest Hamilton Furnace Models:

Used in Coleman York Furnace Models:

Used in American Standard Trane Equipment Models:

TUD100R948H4 TUD100R9V5J1 TUD060R936A1 TUD060R936A2 TUD060R936A3 TUDO60R936A1 TUDO60R936A2 TUDO60R936A3 TUD080R948H3 TDD040R924D0 TDD040R924E0 TDD040R924F0 TDD040R924F1 TDD040R924F3 TDD060R936D0 TDD060R936E0 TDD060R936F0 TDD060R936F1 TDD060R936F2 TDD060R936F3 TDD060R9V3C5 TDD060R9V3C6 TDD060R9V3D0 TDD060R9V3E0 TDD060R9V3F0 TDD060R9V3F1 TDD060R9V3F2 TDD060R9V3F3 TDD080R936D0 TDD080R936E0 TDD080R936F0 TDD080R936F1 TDD080R936F2 TDD080R936F3 TDD080R9V3C6 TDD080R9V3D0 TDD080R9V3E0 TDD080R9V3F0 TDD080R9V3F1 TDD080R9V3F2 TDD080R9V3F3 TDD100R945D0 TDD100R945E0 TDD100R945F0 TUD100R960A1 TDD100R945F1 TDD100R945F2 TDD100R945F3 TDD100R948D0 TDD100R948E0 TDD100R948F0 TDD100R948F1 TDD100R948F2 TDD100R948F3 TDD100R960C5 TDD100R960D0 TDD100R960E0 TDD100R960F0 TDD100R960F1 TDD100R960F2 TDD100R960F3 TUD100R948J1 TDD100R9V5C6 TDD100R9V5D0 TDD100R9V5E0 TDD100R9V5F0 TDD100R9V5F1 TDD100R9V5F2 TDD100R9V5F3 TDD120R960C5 TDD120R960D0 TDD120R960E0 TDD120R960F0 TDD120R960F1 TDD120R960F2 TDD120R960F3 TDD120R9V5C6 TDD120R9V5D0 TDD120R9V5E0 TDD120R9V5F0 TDD120R9V5F1 TDD120R9V5F2 TDD120R9V5F3 TDD140R960C5 TDD140R960D0 TDD140R960E0 TDD140R960F0 TDD140R960F1 TDD140R960F2 TDD140R960F3 TDX060R936V0 TDX060R936V1 TDX060R936V2 TDX060R936W0 TDX060R936W1 TDX080R942V0 TDX080R942V1 TDX080R942V2 TDX080R942W0 TDX080R942W1 TDX100R948V0 TDX100R948V1 TDX100R948V2 TDX100R948V2 TDX100R948W0 TDX100R948W1 TDX120R960V0 TDX120R960V1 TDX120R960V2 TDX120R960W0 TDX120R960W1 TDY060R9V3V1 TDY060RV3V2 TDY060R9V3V3 TDY060R9V3W0 TDY060R9V3W1 TDY080R9V3V1 TDY080R9V3V2 TDY080R9V3V3 TDY080R9V3W0 TDY080R9V3W1 TDY100R9V4V1 TDY100R9V4V2 TDY100R9V4V3 TDY100R9V4W0 TDY100R9V4W1 TDY100R9V4W2 TDY120R9V5V1 TDY120R9V5V2 TDY120R9V5V3 TDY120R9V5W0 TDY120R9V5W1 TUD040R924J1 TUD040R924J1 TUD040R924K0 TUD040R924K1 TUD040R924K2 TUD040R924K4 TUD060R936J0 TUD060R936J1 TUD060R936K0 TUD060R936K1 TUD060R936K2 TUD060R936K3 TUD060R936K4 TUD060R9V3H5 TUD060R9V3H6 TUD060R9V3J0 TUD060R9V3J1 TUD060R9V3K0 TUD060R9V3K1 TUD060R9V3K2 TUD060R9V3K3 TUD080R936J0 TUD080R936J1 TUD080R936K0 TUD080R936K1 TUD080R936K2 TUD080R936K4 TUD080R948J0 TUD080R948J1 TUD080R948K0 TUD080R948K2 TUD080R948K4 TUD080R9V3H6 TUD080R9V3J0 TUD080R9V3J1 TUD080R9V3K0 TUD080R9V3K1 TUD080R9V3K2 TUD080R9V3K3 TUD080R9V4K2 TUD080R9V4K3 TUD100R936J0 TUD100R936J1 TUD100R936K0 TUD100R936K1 TUD100R936K2 TUD100R936K4 TUD100R948J0 TUD100R948J1 TUD100R948K0 TUD100R948K1 TUD100R948K2 TUD100R948K4 TUD100R960H5 TUD100R960J0 TUD100R960J0 TUD100R960J1 TUD100R960K0 TUD100R960K1 TUD100R960K2 TUD100R960K4 TUD100R961H5 TUD100R961J0 TUD100R961J1 TUD100R961K0 TUD100R961K1 TUD100R961K2 TUD100R961K4 TUD100R9V3K2 TUD100R9V3K3 TUD100R9V5H6 TUD100R9V5J0 TUD100R9V5K0 TUD100R9V5K1 TUD100RV5K2 TUD100R9V5K3 TUD120R945H5 TUD120R954H5 TUD120R954J0 TUD120R954J1 TUD120R954K0 TUD120R954K1 TUD120R954K4 TUD120R960H5 TUD120R960J0 TUD120R960J1 TUD120R960K0 TUD120R960K1 TUD120R960K2 TUD120R960K4 TUD120R9V5H6 TUD120R9V5J0 TUD120R9V5J1 TUD120R9V5K0 TUD120R9V5K1 TUD120R9V5K2 TUD120R9V5K3 TUD140R960K4 TUD140R960H5 TUD140R960J0 TUD140R960J1 TUD140R960K0 TUD140R960K1 TUD140R960K2 TUD140R9V5J0 TUD140R9V5J1 TUD140R9V5K0 TUD140R9V5K1 TUD140R9V5K2 TUD140R9V5K3 TUX060R936V0 TUX060R936V1 TUX060R936V2 TUX060R936W0 TUX060R936W1 TUX080R942V0 TUX080R942V1 TUX080R942V2 TUX080R942W0 TUX080R942W1 TUX100R948V0 TUX100R948V1 TUX100R948V2 TUX100R948W0 TUX100R948W1 TUX120R850V0 TUX120R960V1 TUX120R960V2 TUX120R960W0 TUX120R960W1 TUY060R9V3V1 TUY060R9V3V2 TUY060R9V3V3 TUY060R9V3W0 TUY060R9V3W1 TUY080R9V3V1 TUY080R9V3V2 TUY080R9V3V3 TUY080R9V3W0 TUY080R9V3W1 TUY100R9V4V1 TUY100R9V4V2 TUY100R9V4V3 TUY100R9V4W0 TUY100R9V4W1 TUY100R9V4W2 TUY100R9V4W2 TUY120R9V5V1 TUY120R9V5V2 TUY120R9V5V3 TUY120R9V5W0 TUY120R9V5W1 TDD080R936B0 TUY100R9V4V .

Used in BDP, Bryant, Carrier Furnace Models:

58SUA06010108 58SUA06010112 58SUA08010114 58SUA08010116 58SUA10010112 58SUA10010116 58SUA12010120 330AAV060135A

I called trying to find out what happened to the rest of my order and was surprised to hear a warm and kind voice willing to do whatever it takes to find answers and follow through with her promise. Amanda is an asset worth holding on to and a credit to your company. She was very professional, helpful and courteous while assisting me with my order. I would most definitely assign her an A+ in customer service."
Donald "Brad" Thomas

I would like to thank you for your hard work in getting us our part in a timely fashion. You were very helpful and you understood the severity of the situation and did a wonderful job in getting the part to us. Thanks again and please share this with your boss! You were outstanding!"
Todd Mills

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Amanda I want to thank you, the blower fan work perfectly. Thank you so very much."
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