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Condenser Slinger Fan Blade Direct Factory Replacement Part (Amana)

Price: $67.44
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SKU: CFB2004651
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Condenser Slinger Fan Blade Direct Factory Replacement Part (Amana)

Replaces Condenser Fan Blades:


Used in Amana Air Conditioning Units:

10M12TA P1214702R P1230806R 10M52TA P1214708R 10M52TB P1230808R 12M12TA P1214704R P1230809R 12M22PA P1214705R 12M22PB P1214711R 12M22PC P1230811R 12M32PAEH P1214904R 12M32PBEH P1214912R P1230812R 12M32PCE P1230814R 12M52TA P1214709R P1214712R 12M52TB P1230813R 9M12TA P1214701R P1230801R 9M32PAEH P1214902R 9M32PBEH P1214910R P1230805R 9M32PCE P1230816R B12M22PA P1214710R B12M22PC P1214913R B12M32PAEH P1214907R P1214908R B12M32PCE P1214917R B9M32PAEH P1214905R P1214906R B9M32PCE P1214918R MC09A1TA1 P1230823R MC10A1TA2 P1230824R MC12A1TA2 P1230825R MC12A2PA2 P1230826R MC12A2PB2 P1230838R MC14A1TA2 P1230827R ME09A3PA235 P1230828R ME09A3PB235 P1230833R ME12A3PB235 P1230835R ME12APA235 P1230822R MH09A3PA235 P1230829R MH09A3PB235 P1230834R MH12A3PA235 P1230831R MH12A3PB235 P1230836R NC12A2PA2 P1214920R NE09A3PA235 P1214921R NE12A3PA235 P1214923R NH09A3PA235 P1214922R NH12A3PA235 P1214924R NTE07A25A3A P1232701R NTE07A25A3B P1232729R NTE07A25A4B P1232743R NTE07A35A3A P1232702R NTE07A35A3B P1232730R NTE07A35A4B P1232744R NTE07A35C3A P1232703R NTE07A35C3B P1232731R NTE07A35C4B P1232745R NTE09A25A3A P1232704R NTE09A25A3B P1232732R NTE09A25A4B P1232746R NTE09A35A3A P1232705R NTE09A35A3B P1232733R NTE09A35A4B P1232747R NTE09A35C3A P1232706R NTE09A35C3B P1232734R NTE09A35C4B P1232748R NTE12A25A3A P1232707R NTE12A25A3B P1232735R P1232761R NTE12A25A4B P1232749R NTE12A35A3A P1232708R NTE12A35A3B P1232736R NTE12A35A4A P1232722R NTE12A35A4B P1232750R NTE12A35C3A P1232709R NTE12A35C3B P1232737R P1232762R NTE12A35C4B P1232751R NTE12A50A3A P1232710R NTE12A50A3B P1232738R NTE12A50A4B P1232752R NTE15A25A3A P1232711R NTE15A25A3B P1232739R P1232757R P1232763R NTE15A25A4B P1232753R NTE15A35A3A P1232712R NTE15A35A3B P1232740R P1232758R NTE15A35A4B P1232754R NTE15A35C3A P1232713R NTE15A35C3B P1232741R P1232759R P1232764R NTE15A35C4B P1232755R NTE15A50A3A P1232714R NTE15A50A3B P1232742R P1232760R NTE15A50A4A P1232728R NTE15A50A4B P1232756R NTP07A25A3A P1232801R NTP07A25A3B P1232829R NTP07A25A4B P1232843R NTP07A35A3A P1232802R NTP07A35A3B P1232830R NTP07A35A4B P1232844R NTP07A35C3B P1232831R NTP07A35C4B P1232845R NTP09A25A3A P1232804R NTP09A25A3B P1232832R NTP09A25A4B P1232846R NTP09A35A3A P1232805R NTP09A35A3B P1232833R NTP09A35A4B P1232847R NTP09A35C3B P1232834R NTP09A35C4B P1232848R NTP09A50A3B P1232857R NTP12A25A3A P1232807R NTP12A25A3B P1232835R NTP12A25A4B P1232849R NTP12A35A3A P1232808R NTP12A35A3B P1232836R NTP12A35A4B P1232850R NTP12A35C3B P1232837R NTP12A35C4B P1232851R NTP12A50A3A P1232810R NTP12A50A3B P1232838R NTP15A25A3A P1232811R NTP15A25A3B P1232839R P1232858R NTP15A25A4B P1232853R NTP15A35A3A P1232812R NTP15A35A3B P1232840R P1232859R NTP15A35A4B P1232854R NTP15A35C3B P1232841R P1232860R NTP15A35C4B P1232855R NTP15A50A3A P1232814R NTP15A50A3B P1232842R P1232861R NTP15A50A4B P1232856R P1202332R PTC125A30CA P1202333R PTC125A30CC P1225233R PTC093A25CC P1225234R PTC093A35CC P1225235R PTC123A00CC P1225236R PTC123A35CC P1225237R PTC123A50CC P1225241R PTC073A25CC P1225242R PTC073A35CC P1225243R PTC153A35CC P1225244R PTC153A00CC P1225245R PTC153A50CC P1225268R PTC153A25CC P1225276R PTC073A15CC P1225278R PTC093A00CC P1225279R PTC123A25CC P1225280R PTC153A00CC P1225281R PTC153A25CC P1225282R PTC153A35CC P1225283R PTC153A50CC PTC073A00AA P1202201R PTC073A00AB P1225133R PTC073A00AC P1233733R PTC073A00CC P1225277R PTC073A00GA P1214120R PTC073A00GB P1225408R PTC073A00GC P1225428R PTC073A00HA P1214119R PTC073A00HB P1225407R PTC073A00HC P1225427R PTC073A15AA P1202262R PTC073A15AB P1225134R PTC073A15AC P1233734R PTC073A25AA P1202202R PTC073A25AB P1225135R PTC073A25AC P1233735R PTC073A25CA P1202301R PTC073A25CB P1225209R PTC073A25CC P1225241R PTC073A35AA P1202203R PTC073A35AB P1225121R PTC073A35AC P1233721R PTC073A35CA P1202302R PTC073A35CB P1225210R PTC073A35CC P1225242R PTC074A00AA P1202216R PTC074A00AB P1225140R PTC074A00AC P1233740R PTC074A00CB P1225231R PTC074A00CC P1225263R PTC074A15AA P1202266R PTC074A15AB P1225141R PTC074A15AC P1233741R PTC074A25AA P1202217R PTC074A25AB P1225142R PTC074A25AC P1233742R PTC074A35AA P1202218R PTC074A35AB P1225125R PTC074A35AC P1233725R PTC074A35CA P1202326R PTC074A35CB P1225214R PTC074A35CC P1225246R PTC093A00AA P1202204R PTC093A00AB P1225101R PTC093A00AC P1233701R PTC093A00FB P1225402R PTC093A00FC P1225422R PTC093A00GB P1225403R PTC093A00GC P1225423R PTC093A00HA P1214101R PTC093A00HB P1225401R PTC093A00HC P1225421R PTC093A15AA P1202263R PTC093A15AB P1225102R PTC093A15AC P1233702R PTC093A25AA P1202205R P1202297R PTC093A25AB P1225103R PTC093A25AC P1233703R PTC093A25CA P1202303R PTC093A25CB P1225201R PTC093A25CC P1225233R PTC093A25MA P1202295R PTC093A35AA P1202206R P1202285R PTC093A35AB P1225104R PTC093A35AC P1233704R PTC093A35BA P1216302R PTC093A35BB P1225501R PTC093A35BC P1225514R PTC093A35CA P1202304R PTC093A35CB P1225202R PTC093A35CC P1225234R PTC093A35JA P1217802R PTC093A35JB P1225701R PTC093A35JC P1225709R PTC093A35MA P1202292R PTC093A50AA P1202207R PTC093A50AB P1225105R PTC093A50AC P1233705R PTC094A00AA P1202219R PTC094A00AB P1225143R PTC094A00AC P1233743R PTC094A00CB P1225232R PTC094A00CC P1225264R PTC094A00FB P1225413R PTC094A00FC P1225433R PTC094A00GB P1225414R PTC094A00GC P1225434R PTC094A00HA P1214104R PTC094A00HB P1225412R PTC094A00HC P1225432R PTC094A15AA P1202267R PTC094A15AB P1225144R PTC094A15AC P1233744R PTC094A25AA P1202220R P1202298R PTC094A25AB P1225145R PTC094A25AC P1233745R PTC094A35AA P1202221R P1202286R PTC094A35AB P1225126R PTC094A35AC P1233726R PTC094A35BA P1216306R PTC094A35BB P1225506R PTC094A35BC P1225519R PTC094A35CA P1202310R PTC094A35CB P1225215R PTC094A35CC P1225247R PTC094A35JA P1217806R PTC094A35JB P1225705R PTC094A35JC P1225713R PTC094A50AA P1202222R PTC094A50AB P1225146R PTC094A50AC P1233746R PTC105A30AA P1202281R PTC123A00AA P1202208R PTC123A00AB P1225106R PTC123A00AC P1233706R PTC123A00CA P1202330R PTC123A00CB P1225203R PTC123A00CC P1225235R PTC123A00FB P1225405R PTC123A00FC P1225425R PTC123A00GB P1225406R PTC123A00GC P1225426R PTC123A00HA P1214102R PTC123A00HB P1225404R PTC123A00HC P1225424R PTC123A15AA P1202264R PTC123A15AB P1225107R PTC123A15AC P1233707R PTC123A25AA P1202209R P1202299R PTC123A25AB P1225108R PTC123A25AC P1233708R PTC123A25CB P1225271R PTC123A25MA P1202296R PTC123A35AA P1202210R P1223502R PTC123A35AB P1225109R PTC123A35AC P1233709R PTC123A35BA P1216303R PTC123A35BB P1225505R PTC123A35BC P1225518R PTC123A35CA P1202306R PTC123A35CB P1225204R PTC123A35CC P1225236R PTC123A35MA P1202293R PTC123A50AA P1202211R P1223504R PTC123A50AB P1225110R PTC123A50AC P1233710R PTC123A50BA P1216321R PTC123A50BB P1225502R PTC123A50BC P1225515R PTC123A50CA P1202331R PTC123A50CB P1225205R PTC123A50CC P1225237R PTC123A50JA P1217819R PTC123A50JB P1225702R PTC123A50JC P1225710R PTC124A00AA P1202223R PTC124A00AB P1225147R PTC124A00AC P1233747R PTC124A00CB P1225265R PTC124A00FB P1225416R PTC124A00FC P1225436R PTC124A00GB P1225417R PTC124A00GC P1225437R PTC124A00HA P1214105R PTC124A00HB P1225415R PTC124A00HC P1225435R PTC124A15AA P1202268R PTC124A15AB P1225148R PTC124A15AC P1233748R PTC124A25AA P1202224R P1223501R PTC124A25AB P1225149R PTC124A25AC P1233749R PTC124A35AA P1202225R P1223503R PTC124A35AB P1225127R PTC124A35AC P1233727R PTC124A35BC P1225533R PTC124A35CA P1202312R PTC124A35CB P1225216R PTC124A35CC P1225248R PTC124A50AA P1202226R P1223505R PTC124A50AB P1225150R PTC124A50AC P1233750R PTC125A30AA P1202282R PTC125A30CA P1202332R PTC125A30CC P1202333R PTC153A00AA P1202212R PTC153A00AB P1225136R PTC153A00AC P1233736R P1233787R PTC153A00AD P1242306R PTC153A00CB P1225212R PTC153A00CC P1225244R PTC153A00CD P1225288R PTC153A00FB P1225410R PTC153A00FC P1225430R P1225443R PTC153A00FD P1225450R PTC153A00GB P1225411R PTC153A00GC P1225431R P1225444R PTC153A00GD P1225451R PTC153A00HA P1214103R PTC153A00HB P1225409R PTC153A00HC P1225429R P1225442R PTC153A00HD P1225449R PTC153A00NC P1225441R P1225445R PTC153A00ND P1225452R PTC153A15AA P1202265R PTC153A15AB P1225137R PTC153A15AC P1233737R P1233788R PTC153A15AD P1242307R PTC153A25AA P1202213R P1223506R PTC153A25AB P1225138R PTC153A25AC P1233738R P1233789R PTC153A25AD P1242308R PTC153A25CB P1225267R PTC153A25CC P1225268R PTC153A25CD P1225289R PTC153A35AA P1202214R P1223508R PTC153A35AB P1225122R PTC153A35AC P1233722R P1233790R PTC153A35AD P1242309R PTC153A35CA P1202307R PTC153A35CB P1225211R PTC153A35CC P1225243R PTC153A35CD P1225290R PTC153A50AA P1202215R P1223510R PTC153A50AB P1225139R PTC153A50AC P1233739R P1233791R PTC153A50AD P1242310R PTC153A50BA P1216323R PTC153A50CA P1202308R PTC153A50CB P1225213R PTC153A50CC P1225245R PTC153A50CD P1225291R PTC153A50MA P1202294R PTC154A00AA P1202227R PTC154A00AB P1225151R PTC154A00AC P1233751R PTC154A00AD P1242301R PTC154A00CA P1202329R PTC154A00CB P1225217R PTC154A00CC P1225249R PTC154A00CD P1225295R PTC154A00FB P1225419R PTC154A00FC P1225439R PTC154A00FD P1225447R PTC154A00GB P1225420R PTC154A00GC P1225440R PTC154A00GD P1225448R PTC154A00HA P1214106R PTC154A00HB P1225418R PTC154A00HC P1225438R PTC154A00HD P1225446R PTC154A15AA P1202269R PTC154A15AB P1225152R PTC154A15AC P1233752R PTC154A15AD P1242302R PTC154A25AA P1202228R P1223507R PTC154A25AB P1225153R PTC154A25AC P1233753R PTC154A25AD P1242303R PTC154A35AA P1202229R P1223509R PTC154A35AB P1225128R PTC154A35AC P1233728R PTC154A35AD P1242304R PTC154A35CA P1202313R PTC154A35CB P1225218R PTC154A35CC P1225250R PTC154A35CD P1225296R PTC154A50AA P1202230R P1223511R PTC154A50AB P1225154R PTC154A50AC P1233754R PTC154A50AD P1242305R PTH073A00AA P1202231R PTH073A00AB P1225155R PTH073A00AC P1233755R PTH073A15AB P1225156R PTH073A15AC P1233756R PTH073A15DB P1225305R PTH073A15DC P1225313R PTH073A25AA P1202232R PTH073A25AB P1225157R PTH073A25AC P1233757R PTH073A25BB P1225511R PTH073A25BC P1225524R PTH073A25CB P1225219R PTH073A25CC P1225251R PTH073A25DB P1225318R PTH073A25DC P1225321R PTH073A35AA P1202233R PTH073A35AB P1225123R PTH073A35AC P1233723R PTH073A35BB P1225512R PTH073A35BC P1225525R PTH073A35CB P1225220R PTH073A35CC P1225252R PTH074A00AA P1202246R PTH074A00AB P1225162R PTH074A00AC P1233762R PTH074A15AA P1202274R PTH074A15AB P1225163R PTH074A15AC P1233763R PTH074A25AA P1202247R PTH074A25AB P1225164R PTH074A25AC P1233764R PTH074A25BA P1216319R PTH074A25CB P1225223R PTH074A25CC P1225255R PTH074A35AA P1202248R PTH074A35AB P1225129R PTH074A35AC P1233729R PTH074A35CB P1225224R PTH074A35CC P1225256R PTH093A00AA P1202234R PTH093A00AB P1225111R PTH093A00AC P1233711R PTH093A15AA P1202271R PTH093A15AB P1225112R PTH093A15AC P1233712R PTH093A15DB P1225306R PTH093A15DC P1225314R PTH093A25AA P1202235R P1223512R PTH093A25AB P1225113R PTH093A25AC P1233713R PTH093A25CB P1225206R PTH093A25CC P1225238R PTH093A25DB P1225317R PTH093A25YC P1233781R PTH093A35AA P1202236R P1202287R PTH093A35AB P1225114R PTH093A35AC P1233714R PTH093A35BA P1216310R PTH093A35BB P1225503R PTH093A35BC P1225516R PTH093A35CB P1225207R PTH093A35CC P1225239R PTH093A35DA P1202602R PTH093A35DB P1225301R PTH093A35DC P1225309R PTH093A35JA P1217810R PTH093A35JB P1225703R PTH093A35JC P1225711R PTH093A35KA P1216502R PTH093A35KB P1225601R PTH093A35KC P1225604R PTH093A35LA P1218002R PTH093A35LB P1225801R PTH093A35LC P1225804R PTH093A35MA P1202289R PTH093A50AA P1202237R PTH093A50AB P1225115R PTH093A50AC P1233715R PTH094A00AA P1202250R PTH094A00AB P1225165R PTH094A00AC P1233765R PTH094A15AB P1225166R PTH094A15AC P1233766R PTH094A25AA P1202251R P1223513R PTH094A25AB P1225167R PTH094A25AC P1233767R PTH094A25BA P1216320R PTH094A35AA P1202252R P1202288R PTH094A35AB P1225130R PTH094A35AC P1233730R PTH094A35BA P1216314R PTH094A35BB P1225507R PTH094A35BC P1225520R PTH094A35CB P1225225R PTH094A35CC P1225257R PTH094A35DA P1202606R PTH094A35DB P1225304R PTH094A35DC P1225312R PTH094A35JA P1217814R PTH094A35JB P1225708R PTH094A35JC P1225716R PTH094A35KA P1216506R PTH094A35KB P1225603R PTH094A35KC P1225606R PTH094A35LB P1225803R PTH094A35LC P1225806R PTH094A50AA P1202253R PTH094A50AB P1225168R PTH094A50AC P1233768R PTH105A30AA P1202283R PTH105A30AC P1233778R PTH123A00AA P1202238R PTH123A00AB P1225116R PTH123A00AC P1233716R PTH123A15AA P1202272R PTH123A15AB P1225117R PTH123A15AC P1233717R PTH123A15DB P1225307R PTH123A15DC P1225315R PTH123A25AA P1202239R P1223514R PTH123A25AB P1225118R PTH123A25AC P1233718R PTH123A25CB P1225229R PTH123A25CC P1225261R PTH123A25DC P1225316R PTH123A35AA P1202240R P1223516R PTH123A35AB P1225119R PTH123A35AC P1233719R PTH123A35BB P1225508R PTH123A35BC P1225521R PTH123A35CB P1225208R PTH123A35DA P1202603R PTH123A35DB P1225302R PTH123A35DC P1225310R PTH123A35JA P1217811R PTH123A35JB P1225706R PTH123A35JC P1225714R PTH123A35MA P1202290R PTH123A50AA P1202241R P1223518R PTH123A50AB P1225120R PTH123A50AC P1233720R PTH123A50BA P1216322R PTH123A50BB P1225504R PTH123A50BC P1225517R PTH123A50CC P1225287R PTH123A50DA P1202610R PTH123A50DB P1225303R PTH123A50DC P1225311R PTH123A50JA P1217820R PTH123A50JB P1225704R PTH123A50JC P1225712R PTH123A50KA P1216510R PTH123A50KB P1225602R PTH123A50KC P1225605R PTH123A50LA P1218010R PTH123A50LB P1225802R PTH123A50LC P1225805R PTH123A50MA P1223549R PTH124A00AA P1202254R PTH124A00AB P1225169R PTH124A00AC P1233769R PTH124A15AB P1225170R PTH124A15AC P1233770R PTH124A25AA P1202255R P1223515R PTH124A25AB P1225171R PTH124A25AC P1233771R PTH124A25CB P1225228R PTH124A25CC P1225260R PTH124A35AA P1202256R P1223517R PTH124A35AB P1225131R PTH124A35AC P1233731R PTH124A35BB P1225510R PTH124A35BC P1225523R PTH124A35CB P1225226R PTH124A35CC P1225258R PTH124A50AA P1202257R P1223519R PTH124A50AB P1225172R PTH124A50AC P1233772R PTH125A30AA P1202284R PTH125A30AC P1233780R PTH153A00AA P1202242R PTH153A00AB P1225158R PTH153A00AC P1233758R P1233782R P1233792R PTH153A00AD P1242311R PTH153A15AA P1202273R PTH153A15AB P1225159R PTH153A15AC P1233759R P1233783R P1233793R PTH153A15AD P1242312R PTH153A25AA P1202243R P1223520R PTH153A25AB P1225160R PTH153A25AC P1233760R P1233784R P1233794R PTH153A25AC# P1233760R PTH153A25AD P1242313R PTH153A25CB P1225269R PTH153A25CC P1225270R P1225273R PTH153A25CD P1225292R PTH153A35AA P1202244R P1223522R PTH153A35AB P1225124R PTH153A35AC P1233724R P1233785R P1233795R PTH153A35AD P1242314R PTH153A35BB P1225513R PTH153A35BC P1225526R P1225530R PTH153A35BD P1225531R PTH153A35CB P1225221R PTH153A35CC P1225253R P1225274R P1225285R PTH153A35CD P1225293R PTH153A35DD P1245701R PTH153A35MA P1202291R PTH153A50AA P1202245R P1223524R PTH153A50AB P1225161R PTH153A50AC P1233761R P1233786R P1233796R PTH153A50AC# P1233761R PTH153A50AD P1242315R PTH153A50BB P1225509R PTH153A50BC P1225522R P1225718R PTH153A50BD P1225532R PTH153A50CB P1225222R PTH153A50CC P1225254R P1225275R P1225286R PTH153A50CD P1225294R PTH153A50DB P1225319R PTH153A50JA P1217821R PTH153A50JB P1225707R PTH153A50JC P1225529R P1225715R PTH153A50JD P1225719R PTH153A50MA P1223559R PTH154A00AA P1202258R PTH154A00AB P1225173R PTH154A00AC P1233773R PTH154A00AD P1242316R PTH154A15AB P1225174R PTH154A15AC P1233774R PTH154A15AD P1242317R PTH154A25AA P1202261R P1223521R PTH154A25AB P1225175R PTH154A25AC P1233775R PTH154A25AD P1242318R PTH154A25CB P1225230R PTH154A25CC P1225262R PTH154A25CD P1225298R PTH154A35AA P1202259R P1223523R PTH154A35AB P1225132R PTH154A35AC P1233732R PTH154A35AD P1242319R PTH154A35CB P1225227R PTH154A35CC P1225259R PTH154A35CD P1225297R PTH154A50AA P1202260R P1223525R PTH154A50AB P1225176R PTH154A50AC P1233776R PTH154A50AD P1242320R PTC09335G

I called trying to find out what happened to the rest of my order and was surprised to hear a warm and kind voice willing to do whatever it takes to find answers and follow through with her promise. Amanda is an asset worth holding on to and a credit to your company. She was very professional, helpful and courteous while assisting me with my order. I would most definitely assign her an A+ in customer service."
Donald "Brad" Thomas

I would like to thank you for your hard work in getting us our part in a timely fashion. You were very helpful and you understood the severity of the situation and did a wonderful job in getting the part to us. Thanks again and please share this with your boss! You were outstanding!"
Todd Mills

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Amanda I want to thank you, the blower fan work perfectly. Thank you so very much."
Bill K Roberts
Amanda, Thank you very much again, I have been looking for this part for about two weeks and getting very frustrated in the process of the search, you were very helpful!!"
Ken Holm
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