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15.0 MFD 370 Volt Round Run Capacitor.

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Compressor Single Round Run Capacitor


Capacitor heavy-duty applications such as Heating and Air Conditioning Motors for all Brands, Makes and Models.

15.0 MFD
370 Volt
Brand: Phillips, Mallory or Equivalent
Dual Design: Round
Non-PCB Dielectric Fluid.

Replaces Obsolete Run Capacitor Part Numbers:

D67118-9 D6859332 R160051 39232D024 34001D024 34001D24 Z23P3715M 39232D24 7W271 4036001 1200044 1094959 CPT0399 CPT00399 CPT0781 CPT00781 CPT0665 CPT00665 R68DE2 2007844 1670116 613531 1006176 4321298-43 432129843 P291-1503R 43-21298-43 432129843 P2911503R 43-25136-08 432513608 100193 87964 024-25900-000 02425900000 CAR4M315,CAR2MEC5. CARG31790

Used in Armstrong, Lennox Equipment Models:

SG12A60125L SH10A48 SH10A48F SH10A48T SH10A60 SH10A60F SH10A60T SG10A60100 SG10A60100F SG10A60100L SG10A60100LF SG10A60100T SG10A60125 SG10A60125F SG10A60125L SG10A60125LF SG10A60125T SG10A60150F SG10A60150LF SG10A60150T SG12A48100 SG12A48100L SG12A48125 SG12A48125L SG12A60100 SG12A60100L SG12A60125 RPH10B60DA-1 RPH10C48DB-2 RPH10C60DB-2 SA10A48 SA10A48F SA10A60 SA10A60F SA10A60T SG10A48100 SG10A48100F SG10A48100L SG10A48100LF SG10A48100T SG10A48125 SG10A48125F SG10A48125L SG10A48125LF SG10A48125T SG10A48150F SG10A48150LF SG10A48150T RPG12B48D125LA-2 RPG12B48D125LA-3 RPG12B60D100A-1 RPG12B60D100A-2 RPG12B60D100A-3 RPG12B60D100A-4 RPG12B60D100LA-1 RPG12B60D100LA-2 RPG12B60D100LA-3 RPG12B60D125A-1 RPG12B60D125A-2 RPG12B60D125A-3 RPG12B60D125A-4 RPG12B60D125LA-1 RPG12B60D125LA-2 RPG12B60D125LA-3 RPH10A48DA-1 RPH10A48DB-1 RPH10A60DA-1 RPH10A60DB-1 RPG10C60D150B-4 RPG10C60D150B-5 RPG10C60D150B-6 RPG10C60D150C-4 RPG10C60D150C-5 RPG10C60D150C-6 RPG10C60D150LB-4 RPG10C60D150LB-5 RPG10C60D150LB-6 RPG10C60D150LC-4 RPG10D60D100LB-6 RPG12A48D100A-1 RPG12A48D100A-3 RPG12A48D125A-1 RPG12A48D125A-3 RPG12B48D100A-1 RPG12B48D100A-2 RPG12B48D100A-3 RPG12B48D100A-4 RPG12B48D100LA-1 RPG12B48D100LA-2 RPG10C48D150LD-6 RPG10C60D100B-4 RPG10C60D100B-5 RPG10C60D100B-6 RPG10C60D100C-4 RPG10C60D100C-5 RPG10C60D100C-6 RPG10C60D100LB-4 RPG10C60D100LB-5 RPG10C60D100LC-4 RPG10C60D125B-4 RPG10C60D125B-5 RPG10C60D125B-6 RPG10C60D125C-4 RPG10C60D125C-5 RPG10C60D125C-6 RPG10C60D125LB-4 RPG10C60D125LB-5 RPG10C60D125LB-6 RPG10C60D125LC-4 RPG10C48D125LB-4 RPG10C48D125LB-5 RPG10C48D125LB-6 RPG10C48D125LC-4 RPG10C48D125LC-5 RPG10C48D125LC-6 RPG10C48D125LD-5 RPG10C48D125LD-6 RPG10C48D150B-4 RPG10C48D150B-5 RPG10C48D150B-6 RPG10C48D150C-4 RPG10C48D150C-5 RPG10C48D150C-6 RPG10C48D150LB-4 RPG10C48D150LB-5 RPG10C48D150LB-6 RPG10C48D150LC-4 RPG10C48D150LC-5 RPG10C48D150LC-6 RPG10C48D150LD-5 RPG10B48D150LA-3 RPG10B60D100A-1 RPG10B60D100A-2 RPG10B60D100A-3 RPG10B60D100LA-1 RPG10B60D100LA-2 RPG10B60D100LA-3 RPG10B60D125A-1 RPG10B60D125A-2 RPG10B60D125A-3 RPG10B60D125LA-1 RPG10B60D125LA-2 RPG10B60D125LA-3 RPG10B60D150A-1 RPG10B60D150A-2 RPG10B60D150A-3 RPG10B60D150LA-1 RPG10B60D150LA-2 RPG10B60D150LA-3 RPG10C48D100B-4 RPG10C48D100B-5 RPG10A60D150B-3 RPG10A60D150LA-1 RPG10A60D150LA-3 RPG10A60D150LB-1 RPG10A60D150LB-3 RPG10B48D100A-1 RPG10B48D100A-2 RPG10B48D100A-3 RPG10B48D100LA-1 RPG10B48D100LA-2 RPG10B48D100LA-3 RPG10B48D125A-1 RPG10B48D125A-2 RPG10B48D125A-3 RPG10B48D125LA-1 RPG10B48D125LA-2 RPG10B48D125LA-3 RPG10B48D150A-1 RPG10B48D150A-2 RPG10B48D150A-3 RPG10B48D150LA-1 RPG10A48D150LB-1 RPG10A48D150LB-3 RPG10A60D100A-1 RPG10A60D100A-3 RPG10A60D100B-1 RPG10A60D100B-3 RPG10A60D100LA-1 RPG10A60D100LA-3 RPG10A60D100LB-1 RPG10A60D100LB-3 RPG10A60D125A-1 RPG10A60D125A-3 RPG10A60D125B-1 RPG10A60D125B-3 RPG10A60D125LA-1 RPG10A60D125LA-3 RPG10A60D125LB-1 RPG10A60D125LB-3 RPG10A60D150A-1 RPG10A60D150A-3 RPG10A60D150B-1 RPG10A48D100A-3 RPG10A48D100B-1 RPG10A48D100B-3 RPG10A48D100LA-1 RPG10A48D100LA-3 RPG10A48D100LB-1 RPG10A48D100LB-3 RPG10A48D125A-1 RPG10A48D125A-3 RPG10A48D125B-1 RPG10A48D125B-3 RPG10A48D125LA-1 RPG10A48D125LA-3 RPG10A48D125LB-1 RPG10A48D125LB-3 RPG10A48D150A-1 RPG10A48D150A-3 RPG10A48D150B-1 RPG10A48D150B-3 RPG10A48D150LA-1 RPG10A48D150LA-3 RMB20BA-1 RPC10A48DA-1 RPC10A48DA-3 RPC10A48DB-1 RPC10A48DB-3 RPC10A48DC-3 RPC10A48DD-3 RPC10A60DA-1 RPC10A60DA-3 RPC10A60DB-1 RPC10A60DB-3 RPC10A60DC-3 RPC10A60DD-3 RPC10B48DA-1 RPC10B60DA-1 RPC10C48DB-4 RPC10C48DC-4 RPC10C48DD-4 RPC10C60DB-4 RPC10C60DC-4 RPC10C60DD-4 PGE12B48D100A-3 PGE12B48D100LA-1 PGE12B48D100LA-2 PGE12B48D100LA-3 PGE12B48D125A-1 PGE12B48D125A-2 PGE12B48D125A-3 PGE12B48D125LA-1 PGE12B48D125LA-2 PGE12B48D125LA-3 PGE12B60D100A-1 PGE12B60D100A-2 PGE12B60D100A-3 PGE12B60D125LA-3 PHP10A48DA-1 PHP10A48DA-2 PHP10A48DB-1 PHP10A48DB-2 PHP10A48DC-1 PHP10A48DD-1 PHP10A60DA-1 PHP10A60DA-2 PHP10A60DB-1 PHP10A60DB-2 PHP10A60DC-1 PHP10A60DD-1 PHP10B48DA-1 PHP10B60DA-1 PHP10C48DB-3 PHP10C48DC-3 PHP10C48DD-3 PHP10C60DB-3 PHP10C60DC-3 PHP10C60DD-3 PGE12B60D100LA-1 PGE12B60D100LA-2 PGE12B60D100LA-3 PGE12B60D125A-1 PGE12B60D125A-2 PGE12B60D125A-3 PGE12B60D125LA-1 PGE12B60D125LA-2 PGE10C48D100LB-5 PGE10C48D100LC-5 PGE10C48D125B-4 PGE10C48D125B-5 PGE10C48D125C-5 PGE10C48D125LB-4 PGE10C48D125LB-5 PGE10C48D125LC-5 PGE10C48D150B-4 PGE10C48D150B-5 PGE10C48D150C-5 PGE10C48D150LB-4 PGE10C48D150LB-5 PGE10C48D150LC-5 PGE10C60D100B-4 PGE10C60D100B-5 PGE10C60D100BL-5 PGE10C60D100C-5 PGE10C60D100LB-4 PGE10C60D100LC-5 PGE10C60D125B-4 PGE10A60D125LB-2 PGE10A60D125LB-3 PGE10A60D125LC-3 PGE10A60D150A-1 PGE10A60D150A-2 PGE10A60D150A-3 PGE10A60D150B-1 PGE10A60D150B-2 PGE10A60D150B-3 PGE10A60D150LA-2 PGE10A60D150LA-3 PGE10A60D150LB-2 PGE10A60D150LB-3 PGE10A60D150LC-3 PGE10B48D100A-1 PGE10B48D100A-2 PGE10B48D100LA-1 PGE10B48D100LA-2 PGE10B48D125A-1 PGE10B48D125A-2 PGE10B48D125LA-1 PGE10A48D150LB-3 PGE10A48D150LC-3 PGE10A60D100A-1 PGE10A60D100A-2 PGE10A60D100A-3 PGE10A60D100B-1 PGE10A60D100B-2 PGE10A60D100B-3 PGE10A60D100LA-2 PGE10A60D100LA-3 PGE10A60D100LB-2 PGE10A60D100LB-3 PGE10A60D100LC-3 PGE10A60D125A-1 PGE10A60D125A-2 PGE10A60D125A-3 PGE10A60D125B-1 PGE10A60D125B-2 PGE10A60D125B-3 PGE10A60D125LA-2 PGE10A60D125LA-3 PGE10A48D100LC-3 PGE10A48D125A-1 PGE10A48D125A-2 PGE10A48D125A-3 PGE10A48D125B-1 PGE10A48D125B-2 PGE10A48D125B-3 PGE10A48D125LA-2 PGE10A48D125LA-3 PGE10A48D125LB-2 PGE10A48D125LB-3 PGE10A48D125LC-3 PGE10A48D150A-1 PGE10A48D150A-2 PGE10A48D150A-3 PGE10A48D150B-1 PGE10A48D150B-2 PGE10A48D150B-3 PGE10A48D150LA-2 PGE10A48D150LA-3 PGE10A48D150LB-2 PCE10A60DD-3 PCE10B48DA-1 PCE10B60DA-1 PCE10C48DB-4 PCE10C48DC-4 PCE10C48DD-4 PCE10C48DM-3 PCE10C60DB-4 PCE10C60DC-4 PCE10C60DD-4 PCE10C60DM-3 PGE10A48D100A-1 PGE10A48D100A-2 PGE10A48D100A-3 PGE10A48D100B-1 PGE10A48D100B-2 PGE10A48D100B-3 PGE10A48D100LA-2 PGE10A48D100LA-3 PGE10A48D100LB-2 PGE10A48D100LB-3 100GRTC361A-2 100GRTC361B-2 100GRTC421A-2 100GRTC421B-2 10CHA048-3P 10CHA060-3p 10CHP048-3P 10CHP060-3P 10GCS048-100-3P 10GCS048-125-3P 10GCS048-150-3P 10GCS048X-100-3P 10GCS048X-125-3P 150GRTC601D-2 PCE10A48DA-1 PCE10A48DA-2 PCE10A48DA-3 PCE10A48DB-1 PCE10A48DB-2 PCE10A48DB-3 PCE10A48DC-1 PCE10A48DC-3 PCE10A48DD-1 PCE10A48DD-3 PCE10A60DA-1 PCE10A60DA-2 PCE10A60DA-3 PCE10A60DB-1 PCE10A60DB-2 PCE10A60DB-3 PCE10A60DC-1 PCE10A60DC-3 PCE10A60DD-1 10GCS048X-150-3P 10GCS060-100-3P 10GCS060-125-3P 10GCS060-150-3P 10GCS060X-100-3P 10GCS060X-125-3P 10GCS060X-150-3P 10CHP060-3PA 10CHP060-3P PGE10C60D125B-5 PGE10C60D125C-5 PGE10C60D125LB-4 PGE10C60D125LB-5 PGE10C60D125LC-5 PGE10C60D150B-4 PGE10C60D150B-5 PGE10C60D150C-5 PGE10C60D150LB-4 PGE10C60D150LB-5 PGE10C60D150LC-5 PGE12A48D100A-1 PGE12A48D100A-3 PGE12A48D100LA-1 PGE12A48D100LA-3 PGE12A48D125A-1 PGE12A48D125A-3 PGE12A48D125LA-1 PGE12A48D125LA-3 PGE12B48D100A-1 PGE12B48D100A-2 125GRTC361A-2 125GRTC361B-2 125GRTC421A-2 125GRTC421B-2 125GRTC481A-2 125GRTC481B-2 125GRTC481C-2 125GRTC481D-2 125GRTC601A-2 125GRTC601B-2 125GRTC601C-2 125GRTC601D-2 12CHP048-3P 150GRTC481A-2 150GRTC481B-2 150GRTC481C-2 150GRTC481D-2 150GRTC601A-2 150GRTC601B-2 150GRTC601C-2

Used in American Standard Trane Equipment Models:


Used in Coleman Consolidated, York Equipment Models:

MBA120NH5R D4CG060N10306A GM9S120D20UP11G GM95120D20UP11G GM9S120D20UP11H GM95120D20UP11H PGE10B48D125LA-2 PGE10B48D150A-1 PGE10B48D150A-2 PGE10B48D150LA-1 PGE10B48D150LA-2 PGE10B60D100A-1 PGE10B60D100A-2 PGE10B60D100LA-1 PGE10B60D100LA-2 PGE10B60D125A-1 PGE10B60D125A-2 PGE10B60D125LA-1 PGE10B60D125LA-2 PGE10B60D150A-1 PGE10B60D150A-2 PGE10B60D150LA-1 PGE10B60D150LA-2 PGE10C48D100B-4 PGE10C48D100B-5 PGE10C48D100C-5 PGE10C48D100LB-4 D1NA024N03606 A D1NA024N03606A D1NA024N03606A

Used in Intercity Products, Heil, Comfortmaker Models:

BM2216GSP14 BM2216G SP14 DGHA125A020C DGHA125A022 DGHA140A020C DGHA140A024 DGHD125A020BIN DGHE100A020BIM DGHH100A016IN DGHH125A018IN DGHH125A020IN DGHI125A020IN OLC100A016 OLC125A020 OLC150A020 OLD100A016 OLD125A022 OLD150A020 OUD125A020 FXL47175ER2 GU150AG7CR HUGA150BK01 HUGB150BK01 HUGB175BK01 HUGC150CK01 HUGC175CK01 HUGD175CK01 NAHA003BK NDGC175BK01 NDGC175CK01 NDGF175AK01 NHGA120BK01 NHGA120LK01 NHGA120LK02 NHGA120LK03 NHGA120MK01 NHGA120MK02 NHGA140BK01 NHGA150AK01 NHGA150CK01 NHGA150CK02 NHGA150MK01 NHGA150MK02 NHGB120AK01 NHGB140BK01 NHGB150AK01 NHGB150CK90 NHGB160BK01 NHGC120AK01 NHGC120LK01 NHGC120LK02 NHGC120LK03 NHGC150BK01 NHGC150BK02 NHGC150CK01 NHGD120CK01 NHGD140AK01 NHGD150CK01 NHGD160AK01 NHLD150CK01 NLGB175LK01 NLGB175LK02 NLGB175LK03 NLGD175BK01 NOEU105BH01 NUGA125AK01 NUGA125AK02 NUGB150EK01 NUGB150EK02 NUGB150EK03 NUGB150EK04 NUGB175LK01 NUGB175LK02 NUGB175LK03 NUGB175LK04 NUGC125AK02 NUGC150EK02 NUGD175LK01 NUGD175LK02 NUGF125AK01 NUGF130AK01 NUGK105AH01 NUGK105AH02 NUGK105CH02 NULD175CK01 NULD175LK01 NULK105AH01 NULK105AH02 NULK125AH01 NUOD105BHA1 NUOD105FH01 NUOD105FH02 NUOD112DH01 NUOD112EH01 OUN105B16A1 WUGC150CK01 WUGC175CK01 WUGD150CK01 WUGD175CK01 HUGB130BF01

Used in Carrier Air Conditioning Models:

517ENS060000ACPG 0025 517ENS060010ACBG 0025 517ENS060010ADAG 0025 517ENS060012ADCG 0025 517ENS060015ADCG 0025 517ENS060015ADDG 0025 517ENS060020ADCG 0025 517ENS060020ADDG 0025 517ENS060075ACAG 0025 517ENS062000ACPG 0025 517ENS063000ABPG 0025 517EPS060010ADAG 0025 517EPS060015ADAG 0025 517EPS060018ADAG 0025 517EPS060025ADAG 0025 517GNS060000ACPG 0025 517GNS060010ACAG 0025 517GNS060010ACBG 0025 517GNS060012ACCG 0025 517GNS060015ACCG 0025 517GNS060015ACDG 0025 517GNS060020ACDG 0025 517GNS060075ACAG 0025 517GNS062000ACPG 0025 517GNS063000ABPG 0025 517GPS060010ACAG 0025 517GPS060015ACAG 0025 517GPS060018ACAG 0025 517GPS060025ACAG 0025 517GPS060030ACAG 0025 40HD036301 0032 40HD048301 0032 40QBS060320 0025 40QBS060320AH 0025 40QBS060320AJ 0025 40QBS060320BG 0025 40QBS060320BJ 0025 40QBS060320BL 0025 40QBS060320CF 0025 40QBS060320CG 0025 40QBS060330AL 0025 40QBS060520AM 0025 40QBS060520AN 0025 40QBS060520CG 0025 40QBS060520CJ 0025 40QBS060520CK 0025 40QBS062320 0025 40QBS063310 0025 40QHS060310 0025 40QHS060320 0025 40QHS060320AH 0025 40QHS060320AJ 0025 40QHS060320BG 0025 40QHS060320BJ 0025 40QHS060320BL 0025 40QHS060320CF 0025 40QHS060320CG 0025 40QHS060520AM 0025 40QHS060520AN 0025 40QHS060520CG 0025 40QHS060520CJ 0025 40QHS060520CK 0025 40QHS062320 0025 40QHS063310

Used in Rheem, Ruud Weatherking Equipment Models:


I called trying to find out what happened to the rest of my order and was surprised to hear a warm and kind voice willing to do whatever it takes to find answers and follow through with her promise. Amanda is an asset worth holding on to and a credit to your company. She was very professional, helpful and courteous while assisting me with my order. I would most definitely assign her an A+ in customer service."
Donald "Brad" Thomas

I would like to thank you for your hard work in getting us our part in a timely fashion. You were very helpful and you understood the severity of the situation and did a wonderful job in getting the part to us. Thanks again and please share this with your boss! You were outstanding!"
Todd Mills

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Amanda I want to thank you, the blower fan work perfectly. Thank you so very much."
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