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115-175?F 1-1/4" Self Actuated Temperature Regulator (Robertshaw)

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•F 1-1/4" Self Actuated Temperature Regulator (Robertshaw)


1. Large two-ply, seamless bellows used for long life
and extra power.
2. Over-temperature protection is standard feature.
3. Chevron "Lifetime" stem packing made of
Teflon* or EPT Rubber U-Cup for water service.
4. Quick-detach valve stem construction permits easy
valve change.
5. Sturdy construction with cast iron frame.
6. High quality indicating thermometer on regulators
RT-1003-El and RT-1003-F1.
7. Variety of Sensing Bulb forms and materials
8. Valves in wide range of sizes, actions, styles,
materials, etc. for many services.
9. Capillary Selection.
10. Setpoint adjustment wheel.
*Registered tradename of Dupont Company.


Without need for external power, Robertshaw
Self-Actuated Temperature Regulators (SATR) offer final
control of the temperature of a liquid, an air space or flow,
or gas flow for domestic, equipment, process, space, etc. on
heating or cooling service.
The SATR sensing bulb is installed in the medium being
controlled while the SATR valve is located on the supply
line of the medium used as the heating (steam, hot water) or
cooling (water, ethylene glycol, brine) agent. The SATR
regulates the heating or cooling medium flow to maintain
the desired temperature at the sensing bulb location.
Robertshaw SATRs are usually cataloged to detail the
two-way direct acting (close on temperature rise) type
valves for heating service. Two-way reverse-acting (open on
temperature rise) and three-way valves are equally available
for cooling service.
The Robertshaw SATR series offers a selection of:
Throttling bands, Temperature Indication, Fail-safe to
prevent overheating, Manual Positioning in addition to
automatic control, Corrosive atmosphere resistant type,
Small overall size and instantaneous heat exchanger
Most cataloged Robertshaw SATR specifications are
starting points from which many alternates to cataloged
capillary, sensing bulb, separable well and valve may be

The RT-1003 Series

The RT-1003 series is a versatile design (the workhorse of
the line) suitable for most SATR applications. It has more
power and greater sensitivity than the RT-1001-Bl series but
less than the RT-1004-A1 series. It offers integral or remote
temperature indication whereas the other two series are
cataloged as non-indicating. Related designs are the RT-1009-
A1, B1, C1 for manual positioning in addition to automatic
control; and RT-1011-BI for corrosive atmosphere service.

Valve sizing is critical to control and life of regulator.
Use Robertshaw's "FLO-RULE" Valve Sizing Slide Rule
and valve Cv chart or contact our representative or factory.
The application requirement can frequently be satisfied by
one or two sizes smaller valve than the supply pipeline size.
Note 1 - IMPORTANT - If valve seat leakage can cause a
problem or a hazard, the following should be taken into
account. Maximum leakage of new valves: single-seated
Types A, CSS, WA & WCSS - 0.05% of full open valve
capacity; single-seated Type WD - 1% of full open valve
capacity; single-seated Types MA & MAS - 0.01% of full
open valve capacity; double-seated Type FA - 0.5% of full
open valve capacity. This leakage will usually increase
somewhat as the valve seats wear in service.
Note 2 - IMPORTANT - Damage to or failure of the
thermal element with loss of charge will ordinarily result in
the regulator going to the "cold" position. The valve stem
moves "up" (toward the bellows) - thus a "direct-acting"
valve will fully open, a "reverse-acting" valve will close,
and a 3-way valve will open the Normally Open port.

Product Specifications:

Temperature Range: 115-175
Valve Size, Inches: 1-1/4"
Valve Type, Direct Acting: Single Seated, Balanced, MA
End Connections: Screwed Brass Union
Valve Trim (Poppet & Seat) Material: S.S.
Valve Stem (Highly Finished) Material: S.S.
Stem Packing (Spring Loaded Chevrons): Teflon
Valve Body Material: Bronze
Body Rating, PSI: 250
Pressure Drop Limit, PSI: 250
Full Open Cv: 18.6
Capillary Length: 8 Feet

Replaces Self Actuated Temperature Regulator Part Numbers:

RT-1003-D1 1003-D1 E02C142 EO2C142 ORNOC4726524 CARRT1003D1E02C142

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