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1 H.P. 265 Volts 1-Phase 15,500 BTUH Refrigerant R-22 (Tecumseh Rotary)

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• Designed for R22, air conditioning applications

• Replaces rotary compressors commonly found in window air conditioners

• Run capacitor required but not supplied

• Mount is triangular on listed centers

• Sweat connection

• Capacity rated: 45
•F evaporator; 130
•F condensing

Horsepower: 1

Voltage: 265/1/60
Rated Load Amps: 5.4
Oil: Alkylbenzene
Mount (In.): 6
Height (In.): 15
Connection Suction (In.): 5/8
Connection Discharge (In.): 5/16
Connection Type: Sweat
Refrigerant: R22
Capacity (BTUH): 15,500
Engineered Items: Yes
Oil_short: AB
Run Capacitor (Microfarad x Voltage): 25x440
Sort: 8
Specials: No
Torque: Normal: suitable for capillary tube and other self equalizing systems
Vendor: Tecumseh Products Company

Replaces Compressor Part Numbers:

P034-1691 P0341691 P033-1692 P0331692 P031-1594 P0311594 RK222JB-009 RK222JB009 RK222JB-022 RK222JB022 2K21S3R276A ACH2126U ACH2153U D6926117 73320701 2K22S3R276A D6926112 7002513 ECN160111A 61043402 7090170 1091574 RK2220JB RK222JB RK224JB CARB82294 CAR6Z380 RKA5515EXV RK5515E CARRKA5515EXV

Used in Air Conditioning Models:

NTE15A25A4B P1232753R NTE15A35A4B P1232754R NTE15A35C4B P1232755R NTE15A50A4A P1232728R NTE15A50A4B P1232756R NTP15A25A4B P1232853R NTP15A35A4B P1232854R NTP15A35C4B P1232855R NTP15A50A4B P1232856R PTC125A30AA P1202282R PTC153A00CD P1225288R PTC153A00FD P1225450R PTC153A00GD P1225451R PTC153A00HD P1225449R PTC153A00ND P1225452R PTC153A15AD P1242307R PTC153A25AD P1242308R PTC153A25CD P1225289R PTC153A35AD P1242309R PTC153A35CC P1225282R PTC153A35CD P1225290R PTC153A50AD P1242310R PTC153A50CD P1225291R PTC154A00AA P1202227R PTC154A00AB P1225151R PTC154A00AC P1223751R PTC154A00AD P1242301R PTC154A00CB P1225217R PTC154A00CC P1225249R PTC154A00CD P1225295R PTC154A00FB P1225419R PTC154A00FC P1225439R PTC154A00FD P1225447R PTC154A00GB P1225420R PTC154A00GC P1225440R PTC154A00GD P1225448R PTC154A00HA P1214106R PTC154A00HB P1225418R PTC154A00HC P1225438R PTC154A00HD P1225446R PTC154A15AA P1202269R PTC154A15AB P1225152R PTC154A15AC P1233752R PTC154A15AD P1242302R PTC154A25AA P1202228R PTC154A25AA P1223507R PTC154A25AB P1225153R PTC154A25AC P1233753R PTC154A25AD P1242303R PTC154A35AA P1202229R P1223509R PTC154A35AB P1225128R PTC154A35AC P1233728R PTC154A35AD P1242304R PTC154A35CB P1225218R PTC154A35CC P1225250R PTC154A35CD P1225296R PTC154A50AA P1202230R P1223511R PTC154A50AB P1225154R PTC154A50AC P1233754R PTC154A50AD P1242305R PTH125A30AA P1202284R PTH153A25CC P1225270R PTH154A00AA P1202258R PTH154A00AB P1225173R PTH154A00AC P1233773R PTH154A00AD P1242316R PTH154A15AB P1225174R PTH154A15AC P1233774R PTH154A15AD P1242317R PTH154A25AA P1202261R PTH154A25AB P1223521R P1225175R PTH154A25AC P1233775R PTH154A25AD P1242318R PTH154A25CB P1225230R PTH154A25CC P1225262R PTH154A25CD P1225298R PTH154A35AA P1202259R PTH154A35AA P1223523R PTH154A35AB P1225132R PTH154A35AC P1233732R PTH154A35AD P1242319R PTH154A35CB P1225227R PTH154A35CC P1225259R PTH154A35CD P1225297R PTH154A50AA P1202260R PTH154A50AB P1223525R P1225176R PTH154A50AC P1233776R PTH154A50AD P1242320R 52EEA214401CP 52EEA214401EC 52EEA311703CP 52EEA311703EC 52EEA314401CP 52EEA314401EC 52EEA411703CP 52EEA411703EC 52EQA214401CP 52EQA214401EC 52EQA311703CP 52EQA311703EC 52EQA314401CP 52EQA314401EC 52EQA411703CP 52EQA411703EC 52EQA514401CP 52EQA514401EC 52SCA011703AA 52SCA011703CP 52SCA014401AA 52SCA014401CP 52SEA214401AA 52SEA214401CP 52SEA214401EM 52SEA214401RC 52SEA214401RP 52SEA311703AA 52SEA311703CP 52SEA314401AA 52SEA314401CP 52SEA314401EM 52SEA314401RC 52SEA314401RP 52SEA411703AA 52SEA411703CP 52SEA514401AA 52SEA514401CP 52SEA514401EM 52SEA514401RC 52SEA514401RP 52SQA214401AA 52SQA214401CP 52SQA214401EM 52SQA214401RC 52SQA214401RP 52SQA311703AA 52SQA311703CP 52SQA314401AA 52SQA314401CP 52SQA314401EM 52SQA314401RC 52SQA314401RP 52SQA411703AA 52SQA411703CP 52SQA411703EM 52SQA514401AA 52SQA514401CP 52SQA514401EM 52SQA514401RC 52SQA514401RP SEA15R00STA SEA15R20STA SEA15R30STA SEA15R40STA SHA15R20STA SHA15R30STA SHA15R40STA TEA15R00STA TEA15R00STC TEA15R25DCC TEA15R25RTC TEA15R25SPC 867.840210 867.840211 867.840220 867.840221 867.840230 867.840231 867.840500 867.840501 867.840510 867.840511 867.840520 867.840521 867.840600 867.840601 867.840761 867.840781 867.840921 867.840940 867.840941 867.841081 867.841101 867.841340 867.841761 867.841781 867.841921 867.841940 867.841941 867.842081 867.842101 867.842761 867.842781 867.842921 867.842940 867.842941 867.843081 867.843101 867840210 867840211 867840220 867840221 867840230 867840231 867840500 867840501 867840510 867840511 867840520 867840521 867840600 867840601 867840761 867840781 867840921 867840940 867840941 867841081 867841101 867841340 867841761 867841781 867841921 867841940 867841941 867842081 867842101 867842761 867842781 867842921 867842940 867842941 867843081 867843101

I called trying to find out what happened to the rest of my order and was surprised to hear a warm and kind voice willing to do whatever it takes to find answers and follow through with her promise. Amanda is an asset worth holding on to and a credit to your company. She was very professional, helpful and courteous while assisting me with my order. I would most definitely assign her an A+ in customer service."
Donald "Brad" Thomas

I would like to thank you for your hard work in getting us our part in a timely fashion. You were very helpful and you understood the severity of the situation and did a wonderful job in getting the part to us. Thanks again and please share this with your boss! You were outstanding!"
Todd Mills

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Amanda I want to thank you, the blower fan work perfectly. Thank you so very much."
Bill K Roberts
Amanda, Thank you very much again, I have been looking for this part for about two weeks and getting very frustrated in the process of the search, you were very helpful!!"
Ken Holm
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