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3 H.P. 230 Volts 1-Phase Air Conditioning Compressor R-22 Rfrigerant (Universal Replacement Compress

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Tecumseh Air Conditioning Compressor:

Horsepower: 3
Voltage: 208-230/1/60
Rated Load Amps: 17.2
Oil: Alkylbenzene
Mount (In.): 7.5 x 7.5
Height (In.): 15 11/16
Shipping Weight (Lbs.): 88
Connection Suction (In.): 7/8
Connection Discharge (In.): 1/2
Connection Type: Sweat
Refrigerant: R22
Capacity (BTUH): 38,400
Engineered Items: Yes
LTL Only: Yes
Oil_short: AB

Replaces Compressor Part Numbers:

AVB5538EXN AV136ET-041-A4C AV136ET041A4C P031-3824 P0313824 GB15UF002 GB15UF003 AV133ET-003 55-20892-20 552089220 55-20892-65 55-22972-10 55-20892-66 8000-5582 55-20892-65S 55-21471-07 55-20738-04 8000-468 8000-582 55-20892-65P 55-20892-20 55-20892-04 55-21471-06 CVR36 AH301FT-077 CRJI-0300 PFV CRJI-0300-PFV CRJ1-0300-PFV AH5540E BM701005 AVA5538EXN H24A343ABCA CARB92735 AVA5538EXN AV5538E AV133ET-030-J7 CARAVA5538EXN

Used in Lennox Air Conditioning Models:

HS8-411-9FFA HS84119FFA 14K49 HP19-461-3P 36G59 CAR14K49.

Used in Rheem Ruud Air Conditioning Models:

UACC-036JAS RACC-036JAS UACC036JAS RACC036JAS AS-03579-01 AS-03582-01 AS-03140-01 AS-03189-01

Used In Carrier, BDP Equipment Model Numbers:

564ANXO42000AAAF 564ANX042000AAAF 764ANX042000AAAF 0015 562AJX042000AAAA 0008 562CJX042000ABAA 0008 A 561AJX042000ABAA 0008 50ZP042300 0015 PA1ZNA042000AAAA 0015 AA1AJX042000ABAA 0008 B 710AJX042000ABAA 0008 564ANX042000AAAF 0015 38CK042310 0008 AA1BJX042000ABAA 0008 38CM042300 0008 38CMB042310 0008 A 38CMC042310 0008 A AB1CJX042000ABAA 0008 A 38CMC0423109 0008 A

Below are some common questions about our compressors.
If you have a question that is not addressed below, please send us an e-mail attention *parts departmaent*.
What oil is used in an R-12 compressor manufactured today
• Synthetic alkylate. What is synthetic alkylate oil
• Synthetic alkylate is another name for alkylbenzene, which is used in many of our hermetic compressors. Is 3GS mineral oil compatible with "white oil" and alkylbenzene oil
• Yes. They have different properties, but are chemically compatible. How long may I leave a compressor charged with POE oil open to the atmosphere
• No more than 15 minutes maximum. Can blends be charged as vapor
• No. Blends must be charged in liquid phase. Can R-410A be used in a compressor designed for R-22
• No. Tecumseh is currently developing a line of R-410A compressors. What is the highest acceptable motor winding temperature for your hermetic motors
• 265 degrees Fahrenheit, measured by the resistance method, is the highest acceptable temperature for our hermetic motors. At what speed do your hermetic compressors run
• Our 60 Hz. compressors run at a nominal 3450 rpms at rated voltage, and our 50 Hz. compressors run at 2,875 rpms. Can I use a "one size fits all" type of start relay on all of your hermetic air conditioning compressors
• No. Tecumseh Engineering department has selected specific relays for each compressor to meet there starting specifications. I don't have the correct voltage rating on a run capacitor, as specified in your literature; can I use a different voltage rating
• Yes. The voltage rating of all capacitors must be the same as, or greater than, the specified voltage. If I am replacing a failed compressor with a like new compressor can I use the electrical components from the old compressor on the new compressor
• You should use only new electrical components (e.g. relay, start capacitor, run capacitor) designed for use with the new compressor. Is it safe to use leak detection dyes in air conditioning and refrigeration systems
• Tecumseh Products Company does not endorse the use of any substance in the system except the oil and refrigerant designed for use in the specific compressor. Do your capacitors contain PCB oil
• Since January 1979, capacitors provided by Tecumseh have contained non-PCB oils. Do your compressors contain PCB's
• No. Do you have a mathematical equation and coefficients for your compressors' performance data
• Yes. We publish compressor performance information to our OEM's in the ARI Standard 540 format. In air conditioning applications, how does horsepower compare to Bth/hr.
• At air conditioning rating conditions one horsepower equals 12,000 Btu/hr. Can I use my own grommets on your compressors
• Yes, if they pass your system shipping/transportation and sound/vibration tests. What is "D21"
• Discharge temperature measured with an insulated T/C two inches from the compressor tube to line joint. Why can't I move the electrical warning label or bar code labels
• Readers or scanners in production are fixed and changing would have to be agreed upon by all customers. Safety reasons govern changing electrical label.


I called trying to find out what happened to the rest of my order and was surprised to hear a warm and kind voice willing to do whatever it takes to find answers and follow through with her promise. Amanda is an asset worth holding on to and a credit to your company. She was very professional, helpful and courteous while assisting me with my order. I would most definitely assign her an A+ in customer service."
Donald "Brad" Thomas

I would like to thank you for your hard work in getting us our part in a timely fashion. You were very helpful and you understood the severity of the situation and did a wonderful job in getting the part to us. Thanks again and please share this with your boss! You were outstanding!"
Todd Mills

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