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1 Ton 208/230 Volts 1-Phase High Efficiency Rotary Air Conditioning Compressor (Rotary Compressor)

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Rotary A/C Compressor, Voltage @ 60 hz 208/230 Volts, BTUH 11350, Nominal Power 1 HP, Running Current @ BTUH 4.6 Amperes, ( Optional Run Capacitor Part Number:CAP30370), Base Mounting Triangle 6 Inches, Line Connection Discharge Inside Diameter 5/16 Inches, Line Connection Suction Inside Diameter 1/2 Inches, Functional Length 8 Inches, Height 12 9/16 Inches, Width 4 21/32 Inches, R22.


Base Mounting Triangle:6
Height (Inches):12 9/16
Length (Inches):8
Line Connection Discharge Inside Diameter (Inches):5/16
Line Connection Suction Inside Diameter (Inches):1/2
Run Amps @ BtuH:4.6
Width (Inches):4 21/32
Nominal HP:1
Run Capacitor Not Included Part Number: CAP30370..
Replaces Compressor Part Numbers:

D6985807 D6985807H RK5512E C112A001ASI ACH2122U 2P17S3R236A CARACH2122U CAR6D644..

Used in Amana Air Conditioning Equipment

12,000 BTU 12,000 BTU 12C3A P6968413R P6968419R P6968420R 12C3B P1118107R P1118108R 12C3EV P1118111R P1118112R P1118122R 12C3EW P1177810R P1177811R 12C3T P1118104R 12C3V P1118122R P1118123R 12C3W P1177815R P1177816R 9,000 BTU 9,000 BTU B12C3EV P1152006R P1152007R B12C3EW P1177906R P1177907R B12C3V P1152003R B12C3W P1177904R P1177905R NTE12A25A3A P1232707R NTE12A25A3B P1232735R P1232761R NTE12A35A3A P1232708R NTE12A35A3B P1232736R NTE12A35C3A P1232709R NTE12A35C3B P1232737R P1232762R NTE12A50A3A P1232710R NTE12A50A3B P1232738R NTP12A25A3A P1232807R NTP12A25A3B P1232835R NTP12A35A3A P1232808R NTP12A35A3B P1232836R NTP12A35C3B P1232837R NTP12A50A3A P1232810R NTP12A50A3B P1232838R P1225234R PTC093A35CC P1225235R PTC123A00CC P1225236R PTC123A35CC P1225282R PTC153A35CC P1250802R PTH123B35DE P1250804R PTH123B35DJ P1252401R PTH123B35BE P1252403R PTH123B35BJ P1254601R PTH123B35JE P1254602R PTH123B35JJ P1254603R PTH123B50JJ P1255903R PTH123B50JK PTC09300J P1169104R PTC09325J P1169105R PTC09335J P1169106R P1169107R PTC09335JC P1169201R PTC09335JR P1169301R P1169315R PTC09350J P1169108R PTC09350JR P1169316R PTC09425J P1169117R PTC09430J P1169154R PTC09435J P1169118R PTC09435JC P1169215R PTC12300J P1169109R PTC12300JT P1169437R PTC12325J P1169110R PTC12325JF P1169421R PTC12335J P1169111R P1169112R PTC12335JC P1169202R PTC12335JR P1169302R PTC12350J P1169113R PTC12350JC P1169212R PTC12350JR P1169328R PTC123A00AA P1202208R PTC123A00AB P1225106R PTC123A00AC P1233706R PTC123A00CB P1225203R PTC123A00CC P1225235R PTC123A00FB P1225405R PTC123A00FC P1225425R PTC123A00GB P1225406R PTC123A00GC P1225426R PTC123A00HA P1214102R PTC123A00HB P1225404R PTC123A00HC P1225424R PTC123A15AA P1202264R PTC123A15AB P1225107R PTC123A15AC P1233707R PTC123A25AA P1202209R P1202299R PTC123A25AB P1225108R PTC123A25AC P1233708R PTC123A25CB P1225271R PTC123A25MA P1202296R PTC123A35AA P1202210R P1223502R PTC123A35AB P1225109R PTC123A35AC P1233709R PTC123A35BA P1216303R PTC123A35BB P1225505R PTC123A35BC P1225518R PTC123A35CB P1225204R PTC123A35CC P1225236R PTC123A35MA P1202293R PTC123A50AA P1202211R P1223504R PTC123A50AB P1225110R PTC123A50AC P1233710R PTC123A50BA P1216321R PTC123A50BB P1225502R PTC123A50BC P1225515R PTC123A50CB P1225205R PTC123A50CC P1225237R PTC123A50JA P1217819R PTC123A50JB P1225702R PTC123A50JC P1225710R PTC123B00AE P1248825R PTC123B00AG P1255347R PTC123B00AJ P1259914R PTC123B00AK P1255389R PTC123B00GE P1250502R PTC123B00GJ P1250519R PTC123B00HE P1250507R PTC123B00HJ P1250524R PTC123B00PE P1250516R PTC123B00PJ P1250527R PTC123B25AE P1248842R PTC123B25AG P1255319R PTC123B25AJ P1259920R PTC123B25AK P1255375R PTC123B25CE P1250208R PTC123B25CJ P1250252R PTC123B25CK P1255652R PTC123B35AE P1248803R PTC123B35AG P1255303R PTC123B35AJ P1259903R PTC123B35AK P1255367R PTC123B35CE P1250242R PTC123B35CG PTC123B35CJ P1250268R PTC123B35CK P1255667R PTC123B50AE P1248843R PTC123B50AG P1255334R PTC123B50AJ P1259921R PTC123B50AK P1255382R PTC123B50CE P1250209R PTC123B50CJ P1250253R PTC123B50CK P1255653R PTC12425JC P1169207R PTC12430J P1169153R PTC12435J P1169119R PTC12435JR P1169311R PTC125B30AG P1255358R PTH09300J P1169124R PTH09325J P1169125R PTH09325JR P1169308R PTH09335J P1169126R PTH09335JD P1169402R PTH09335JR P1169305R PTH09335JT P1169414R PTH09350J P1169128R PTH09425J P1169148R PTH09435J P1169137R PTH12300J P1169129R PTH12325J P1169130R PTH12335J P1169131R P1169132R PTH12335JC P1169204R PTH12335JDF P1169403R PTH12335JF P1169404R PTH12335JFP P1169405R PTH12335JR P1169306R PTH12335JT P1169415R PTH12350J P1169133R PTH12350JC P1169211R PTH123A00AA P1202238R PTH123A00AB P1225116R PTH123A00AC P1233716R PTH123A15AA P1202272R PTH123A15AB P1225117R PTH123A15AC P1233717R PTH123A15DB P1225307R PTH123A15DC P1225315R PTH123A25AA P1202239R P1223514R PTH123A25AB P1225118R PTH123A25AC P1233718R PTH123A25CB P1225229R PTH123A25CC P1225261R PTH123A25DC P1225316R PTH123A35AA P1202240R P1223516R PTH123A35AB P1225119R PTH123A35AC P1233719R PTH123A35BB P1225508R PTH123A35BC P1225521R PTH123A35CB P1225208R PTH123A35DA P1202603R PTH123A35DB P1225302R PTH123A35DC P1225310R PTH123A35JA P1217811R PTH123A35JB P1225706R PTH123A35JC P1225714R PTH123A35MA P1202290R PTH123A50AA P1202241R P1223518R PTH123A50AB P1225120R PTH123A50AC P1233720R PTH123A50BA P1216322R PTH123A50BB P1225504R PTH123A50BC P1225517R PTH123A50CC P1225287R PTH123A50DA P1202610R PTH123A50DB P1225303R PTH123A50DC P1225311R PTH123A50JA P1217820R PTH123A50JB P1225704R PTH123A50JC P1225712R PTH123A50KA P1216510R PTH123A50KB P1225602R PTH123A50KC P1225605R PTH123A50LA P1218010R PTH123A50LB P1225802R PTH123A50LC P1225805R PTH123A50MA P1223549R PTH123B25AE P1248844R PTH123B25AG P1255327R PTH123B25AJ P1259922R PTH123B25AK P1255379R PTH123B25CE P1250228R PTH123B25CJ P1250261R PTH123B25CK P1255661R PTH123B35AE P1248809R PTH123B35AG P1255309R PTH123B35AJ P1259906R PTH123B35AK P1255370R PTH123B35BE P1252401R PTH123B35BG P1255801R PTH123B35BK P1255809R PTH123B35CE P1250229R PTH123B35CJ P1250262R PTH123B35CK P1255662R PTH123B35DE P1250802R PTH123B35DJ P1250804R PTH123B35JE P1254601R PTH123B35JG P1255901R PTH123B35JJ P1254602R PTH123B35JK P1255902R PTH123B50AE P1248845R PTH123B50AG P1255340R PTH123B50AJ P1259923R PTH123B50AK P1255385R PTH123B50CE P1250230R PTH123B50CJ P1250263R PTH123B50CK P1255663R PTH12425J P1169138R PTH12435J P1169139R PTH12435JR P1169314R PTH153A25CB P1225269R

I called trying to find out what happened to the rest of my order and was surprised to hear a warm and kind voice willing to do whatever it takes to find answers and follow through with her promise. Amanda is an asset worth holding on to and a credit to your company. She was very professional, helpful and courteous while assisting me with my order. I would most definitely assign her an A+ in customer service."
Donald "Brad" Thomas

I would like to thank you for your hard work in getting us our part in a timely fashion. You were very helpful and you understood the severity of the situation and did a wonderful job in getting the part to us. Thanks again and please share this with your boss! You were outstanding!"
Todd Mills

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Amanda I want to thank you, the blower fan work perfectly. Thank you so very much."
Bill K Roberts
Amanda, Thank you very much again, I have been looking for this part for about two weeks and getting very frustrated in the process of the search, you were very helpful!!"
Ken Holm
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