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Prop Static 90-250# System 350 Electronic Proportional Plus Integral Pressure Control for PSI App's

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Manufacturer: Johnson Controls

Description: PropStatic#Ctrl 90-250#

Category: Electrical Controls

System 350TM P352PN Electronic Proportional Plus Integral

Pressure Controls for PSI Applications

The P352PN Series controls are electronic
proportional plus integral or proportional-only pressure
controls that generate a 0 to 10 VDC and a 0 to 20 mA
analog output signal based on sensed pressure.
Three models are available with setpoint ranges of
0-100 psi, 90-250 psi, and 240-600 psi.
The P352PN Series controls have a wide adjustable
throttling range (proportional band), as well as three
selectable integration constants.
The P352PN Series controls are housed in a NEMA 1
high-impact thermoplastic enclosure. The modular
design provides easy, plug-together connections for
quick installation and integration with specified power,
stage, and display modules.

Features and Benefits

❑ Modular Design Provides the flexibility to add a D352 Pressure
Display Module, S352 Stage Modules, and a
Y350R Power Module

❑ Plug-together Connectors
and 35 mm DIN Rail
Eliminates wiring between modules and
reduces installation costs

❑ Three Models Cover Wide
Setpoint Ranges: 0-100 psi,
90-250 psi, and 240-600 psi
Reduces inventory while providing control for
most positive-pressure refrigeration and
HVAC applications, in three overlapping
pressure ranges

❑ Adjustable Minimum Signal
Allows the user to adjust the minimum output
between 0 and 60% of the output signal range

❑ Wide Adjustable Throttling
Ranges: 5 to 50 psi and
10 to 100 psi
Enables user to match the range of pressure
control to specific application requirements

❑ Reverse or Direct Acting
Works in a variety of pressure applications

❑ Three Selectable
Integration Constants
Allows the user to adjust system recovery rate
to setpoint pressure at slow, medium, or fast
to meet application requirements


A P352PN Series pressure control may be set as a
proportional-only control or as a proportional plus
integral control, to generate two standard analog
output signals (0 to 10 VDC and 4 to 20 mA).
The P352PN controls can be used as stand-alone
devices or in conjunction with plug-together power,
stage, and display modules.

A typical System 350TM pressure control application
includes the following:

• P352PN Pressure Control

• Y350R Power Module (or 24 VAC transformer)

• S352AA-2 Stage Module

• D352AA-2 Digital Pressure Display Module

• P399 Pressure Transducer

Typical P352PN pressure control applications include:

• Condenser fan speed control

• Damper positioning

• Flow valve positioning

Operation Overview

IMPORTANT: The P352PN controls are intended to
control equipment under normal
operating conditions. Where failure or
malfunction of the P352PN control
could lead to an abnormal operating
condition that could cause personal
injury or damage to the equipment or
other property, other devices (limit or
safety controls) or systems (alarm or
supervisory systems) intended to warn
of, or protect against, failure or
malfunction of the P352PN control
must be incorporated into and
maintained as part of the control


The P352PN control operates on 24 VAC and provides
two analog output signals: 0 to 10 VDC and 0 to
20 mA. A 10-segment front panel LED bar graph
indicates percentage of output.

Adjustable features

• Setpoint

• Minimum output

• Throttling range (proportional band)

• Integration constant

• Reverse acting or direct acting mode of operation

Replaces Part Numbers: P352PN-3, CARP352PN-3

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