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Time Delay Circuit Board Used in Equipment Brands (Lennox, Rheem, Ruud)

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Replaces the Older Style Circuit Board Time Delay Relay. Same wiring hookup:

Lennox 24 Volt Time Delay Circuit Board used on many Models:

New Upgraded Time Delay Replacement Control can be set to many on times, 3 wire hook up. Normally set time 5 minutes.

Adjustable time delay
Universal AC Voltage Operation.
Low Cost - Compact Size 2"x2"


InputControl Voltage: 18-240 VACFrequency: 50/60 HzPower Consumption: 3 watts max.OutputMaximum Rating: 1 ampMinimum Rating: 40mAIn-Rush: 10 ampsVoltage Drop: 2.5 V maximum @ 1.5 ampsLeakage Current: 5 ma max. @ 240 VAC Installation 1.Disconnect Power 2. Connect terminals in series with the device. 3. Reapply power and check operation. for complete diagrams, see installation guide: Timing Mode of OperationWhen power is applied to the input with the initiate switch open, the load will remain energized indefinitely. Timing begins upon closure of the initiate or pressure switch. After the delay is complete, the load is de-energized. When the initiate switch opens, before or after the delay, the control is reset.

Replaces Time Delay Part Numbers:

STD3 000-3 LB90676 LB-50709BB LB 596008 93G1201 LB-59600B 923072 LB-51378 47J27 47J3501 LB-50709BK 16H8001 14H5501 32F2101 37716 38685 P-8-10238 40G2001 40G2001PR LB-50709BK 47J3501 LB-61378A 57A7901 LB-61378A 57A7901 LB-61378A 57A7901 64A7401 65G1201 LB-50709BK 65K0501 77A2401 BM-3987 78F2101 87193 LB-50709BB LB-5070PBK 47J35 T90R5D12-24 47J27 GKS00C 47J2701 2X100P LB-50709BB LB-50709BK 16H80 47J3501 16H8001 CAR47J27.

Used in Lennox Equipment Models:

HS22-311U-1P HP25-651-3P HS18-311-7P HS20 411 2P HS23-651-1P HS19-311V-2P 12ACB48/4P HS26-060-2P H518-311-4P HS18-311-4P HS22-211U-ZP HS20-261-1P HS22-261U-2P HS27-042 HS22-411U-2P HS26-461-1P HP21-651-4P 21-411-5P HP-29-0241P HP29-0241P HP21-411-5P CHP16-311-1 CHP163111 HS18QC-211-2 HS18QC2112 HS18QC-261-1 HS18QC2611 HS18QC-261-2 HS18QC2612 HS18QC-311-1 HS18QC3111 HS18QC-311-2 HS18QC3112 HS18QC-411-1 HS18QC4111 HS18QC-411-2 HS18QC4112 HS20D-211-1 HS20D2111 HS20D-211-2 HS20D2112 HS20D-261-1 HS20D2611 HS20D-261-2 HS20D2612 HS20D-311-1 HS20D3111 HS20D-311-2 HS20D3112 HS20D-411-1 HS20D4111 HS20D-411-2 HS20D4112 CHP20-261-1 CHP2611 CHP20-311-1 CHP203111 CHP20-510-2 CHP205102 CHP20H-261-1 CHP20H2611 CHP20H-311-1 CHP20H3111 CHP20R-410-2 CHP20R4102 GCS20-510-75-1 GCS20510751 GCS20-650-120T-1 GCS20650120T1 GCS20-650-125-1 GCS206501251 GCS20-650-75-1 GCS20650751 GCS20-650-75T-1 GCS2065075T1 GCS20H-261-50-1 GCS20H261501 GCS20H-261-50-2 GCS20H261502 GCS20H-261-50-3 GCS20H261503 GCS20H-261-50T-2 GCS20H26150T2 GCS20H-261-50T-3 GCS20H26150T3 GCS20H-311-50-1 GCS20H311501 GCS20H-311-50-2 GCS20H311502 GCS20H-311-50-3 GCS20H311503 GCS20H-311-50T-2 GCS20H31150T2 GCS20H-311-50T-3 GCS20H31150T3 GCS20H-311-75-1 GCS20H311751 GCS20H-311-75-2 GCS20H311752 GCS20H-311-75-3 GCS20H311753 GCS20H-311-75T-2 GCS20H31175T2 GCS20H-311-75T-3 GCS20H31175T3 GCS20R-261-50-1 GCS20R261501 GCS20R-311-50-1 GCS20R311501 GCS20R-311-75-1 GCS20R311751 GCS20R-410-100-1 GCS20R4101001 GCS20R-410-100-2 GCS20R4101002 GCS20R-410-100-4 GCS20R4101004 GCS20R-410-50-1 GCS20R410501 GCS20R-410-50-2 GCS20R410502 GCS20R-410-50-4 GCS20R410504 GCS20R-410-75-1 GCS20R410751 GCS20R-410-75-2 GCS20R410752 GCS20R-410-75-4 GCS20R410754 GCS20R-410-90T-1 GCS20R41090T1 GCS20R-410-90T-2 GCS20R41090T2 GCS20R-410-90T-4 GCS20R41090T4 GCS20R-650-120T-1 GCS20R650120T1 GCS20R-650-125-1 GCS20R6501251 GCS20R-650-75-1 GCS20R650751 GCS20R-650-75T-1 GCS20R65075T1 GCS20RX-650-100-1 GCS20RX6501001 HP19-211-1 HP192111 HP19-211-3 HP192113 HP19-261-1 HP192611 HP19-261-3 HP192613 HP19-311-1 HP193111 HP19-311-3 HP193113 HP19-410-1 HP194101 HP19-410-2 HP194102 HP19-410-3 HP194103 HP19-410-4 HP194104 HP19-460-1 HP194601 HP19-460-3 HP194603 HP19-510-1 HP195101 HP19-510-2 HP195102 HP19-510-3 HP195103 HP19-650-1 HP196501 HP19-650-2 HP196502 HP20-211-1 HP202111 HP20-211-2 HP202112 HP20-261-1 HP202611 HP20-261-2 HP202612 HP20-311-1 HP203111 HP20-311-2 HP203112 HP20-411-1 HP204111 HP20-411-2 HP204112 HP20-461-1 HP204611 HP20-461-2 HP204612 HP22-211-1 HP222111 HP22-211-2 HP222112 HP22-221-3 HP222213 HP22-261-1 HP222611 HP22-261-2 HP222612 HP22-261-3 HP222613 HP22-311-1 HP223111 HP22-311-2 HP223112 HP22-311-3 HP223113 HP22-410-1 HP224101 HP22-410-2 HP224102 HP22-411-1 HP224111 HP22-411-2 HP224112 HP22-411-3 HP224113 HP22-460-1 HP224601 HP22-460-2 HP224602 HP22-461-1 HP224611 HP-22-461-2 HP224612 HP22-461-3 HP224613 HP22-511-1 HP225111 HP26-210-1 HP262101 HP26-210-2 HP262102 HP26-260-1 HP262601 HP26-260-2 HP262602 HP26-310-1 HP263101 HP26-310-2 HP263102 HP26-410-1 HP264101 HP26-410-2 HP264102 HP26-460-1 HP264601 HP26-460-2 HP264602 HP26-460-3 HP264603 HP26-460-4 HP264604 HS20-211-1 HS202111 HS20-211-2 HS202112 HS20-261-1 HS202611 HS20-261-2 HS202612 HS20-311-1 HS203111 HS20-311-2 HS203112 HS20-410-1 HS204101 HS20-410-2 HS204102 HS20-411-1 HS204111 HS20-411-2 HS204112 HS20-460-1 HS204601 HS20-460-2 HS204602 HS20-461-1 HS204611 HS20-461-2 HS204612 HS22-211-1 HS222111 HS22-221-2 HS222112 HS22-221-3 HS222213 HS22-221-1 HS222211 HS22-221-2 HS222212 HS22-221-3 HS222213 HS22-261-1 HS222611 HS22-261-2 HSS222612 HS22-261-3 HS222613 HS22-311-1 HS223111 HS22-311-2 HS223112 HS22-410-1 HS224101 HS22-410-2 HS224102 HS22-410-3 HS224103 HS22-411-1 HS224111 HS22-411-3 HS224113 HS22-460-1 HS224601 HS22-460-2 HS224602 HS22-460-3 HS224603 HS22-461-1 HS224611 HS22-461-2 HS22412 HS22-461-3 HS224613 HS22-461-1 HS224611 HS22-461-2 HS224612 HS22-461-3 HS224613 HS22-511-1 HS225111 HS22-651-1 HS226511 HS26-211-1 HS262111 HS26-261-1 HS262611 HS26-311-1 HS263111 HS26-410-1 HS264101 HS26-460-1 HS264601 CHP20-510-1 CHP205101 CHP20R-410-1 CHP20R4101 CHP20R-510-1 CHP20R5101 CHP20R-510-2 CHP20R5102 CHP20RV-410-1 CHP20RV4101 CHP20RV-510-1 CHP20RV5101 CHP20V-410-1 CHP20V4101 CHP20V-510-1 CHP20V5101 GCS20-261-50-1 GCS20261501 GCS20-311-50-1 GCS20311501 GCS20-311-75-1 GCS20311751 GCS20R-510-120T-1 GCS20R510120T1 GCS20R-510-125-1 GCS20R5101251 GCS20R-510-75-1 GCS20R510751 GCS20R-510-75T-1 GCS20R51075T1 GCS20R-510-75V-1 GCS20R51075V1 GCS20RX-510-100-1 GCS20RX5101001 10AC60-1 10AC601 10HP12-1 10HP121 10HP12-3 10HP123 10HP18-1 10HP181 10HP18-3 10HP183 10HP24-1 10HP241 10HP24-3 10HP243 10HP30-1 10HP301 10HP30-2 10HP302 10HP30-3 10HP303 10HP36-1 10HP361 10HP36-3 10HP363 10HP36-4 10HP364 10HP42-1 10HP421 10HP48-1 10HP481 10HP60-1 10HP601 CHA15-261-1 CHA152611 CHA15-261-2 CHA152612 CHA15-261-3 CHA152613 CHA15-310-1 CHA153101 CHA15-310-3 CHA153103 CHP15-261-1 CHP152611 CHP15-261-2 CHP152612 CHP15-261-3 CHP152613 CHP15-261-5 CHP152615 CHP15-310-1 CHP153101 CHP15-310-3 CHP153103 CHP15-310-5 CHP153105 CHP20R-460-1 CHP20R4601 CHP20V-460-1 CHP20V4601 GCS20-510-120T-2 GCS20510120T2 GCS20-510-125-2 GCS205101252 GCS20-510-75-2 GCS20510752 GCS20-510-75T-2 GCS2051075T2 GCS20-650-120T-2 GCS20650120T2 GCS20-650-125-2 GCS206501252 GCS20-650-75-2 GCS20650752 GCS20-650-75T-2 GCS2065075T2 GCS20R-410-100-3 GCS20R4101003 GCS20R-410-50-3 GCS20R410503 GCS20R-410-75-3 GCS20R410753 GCS20R-410-90T-3 GCS20R41090T3 GCS20R-650-120T-2 GCS20R650120T2 GCS20R-650-125-2 GCS20R6501252 GCS20R-650-75-2 GCS20R650752 GCS20R-650-75T-2 GCS20R65075T2 GCS20RX-650-100-2 GCS20RX6501002 GCS20X-510-100-2 GCS20X5101002 GCS20X-650-100-2 GCS20X6501002 HP23-141-1 HP231411 HP23-141-2 HP231412 HP23-211-1 HP232111 HP23-211-2 HP232112 HP23-261-1 HP232611 HP23-261-2 HP232612 HP23-311-1 HP233111 HP23-311-2 HP233112 HP23-311-3 HP233113 HP23-410-1 HP234101 HP23-410-2 HP234102 HP23-410-3 HP234103 HP23-460-1 HP234601 HP23-460-2 HP234602 HP23-510-1 HP235101 HP23-510-2 HP235102 HP23-650-1 HP236501 HP23-650-2 HP236502 HS16-211-4 HS162114 HS16-211-7 HS162117 HS16-211-8 HS162118 HS16-261-4 HS162614 HS16-311-4 HS163114 HS16-311-7 HS163117 HS16-410-4 HS164104 HS16-410-7 HS164107 HS16-460-4 HS164604 HS16-460-7 HS164607 HS16-510-4 HS165104 HS16-510-5 HS165105 HS16-510-6 HS165106 HS16-510-7 HS165107 HS16-510-8 HS165108 HS16-650-4 HS166504 HS16-650-5 HS166505 HS16-650-7 HS166507 HS16-650-8 HS166508 HS17-1853-1 HS1718531 HS17-1853-2 HS1718532 HS17-2753-1 HS1727531 HS17-2753-2 HS1727532 HS18-141-3 HS181413 HS18-141-6 HS181416 HS18-141-7 HS181417 HS18-211-10 HS18-21110 HS18-211-3 HS182113 HS18-211-6 HS182116 HS18-211-8 HS182118 HS18-211-9 HS182119 HS18-260-1 HS182601 HS18-260-3 HS182603 HS18-260-4 HS182604 HS18-260-6 HS182606 HS18-260-7 HS182607 HS18-260-8 HS182608 HS18-260-9 HS182609 HS18-311-3 HS183113 HS18-311-4 HS183114 HS18-311-6 HS183116 HS18-311-7 HS183117 HS18-410-2 HS184102 HS18-410-3 HS184103 HS18-410-4 HS184104 HS18-410-5 HS184105 HS18-410-6 HS184106 HS18-410-7 HS184107 HS18-410-8 HS184108 HS18-413-2 HS184132 HS18-460-3 HS184603 HS18-460-4 HS184604 HS18-460-7 HS184607 HS18-650-1 HS186501 HS18-650-2 HS186502 HS18-650-4 HS186504 HS18-650-5 HS186505 HS18-650-8 HS186508 HS19-310-1 HS193101 HS19-310-2 HS193102 HS19-310-3 HS193103 HS19-310-4 HS193104 HS19-310-5 HS193105 HS19-410-1 HS194101 HS19-410-2 HS194102 HS19-410-3 HS194103 HS19-410-4 HS194104 HS19-460-1 HS194601 HS19-460-3 HS194603 HS19-460-4 HS194604 HS19-510-1 HS195101 HS19-510-2 HS195102 HS19-510-3 HS195103 HS19-510-4 HS195104 HS19-510-5 HS195105 HS19-650-1 HS196501 HS19-650-2 HS196502 HS23-141-3 HS231413 HS23-211-1 HS232111 HS23-211-3 HS232113 HS23-261-1 HS232611 HS23-261-3 HS232613 HS23-311-1 HS233111 HS23-311-2 HS233112 HS23-311-3 HS233113 HS23-311-4 HS233114 HS23-410-1 HS234101 HS23-410-3 HS234103 HS23-410-4 HS234104 HS23-460-1 HS234601 HS23-460-2 HS234602 HS23-460-4 HS234604 HS23-510-1 HS235101 HS23-650-1 HS236501 HS23-650-3 HS236503 HS23-650-4 HS236504 CHP20-650-1 CHP206501 CHP20R-650-1 CHP20R6501 CHP20RV-650-1 CHP20RV6501 CHP20V-650-1 CHP20V6501 GCS20R-460-125-1 GCS20R4601251 GCS20R-460-125-2 GCS20R4601252 GCS20R-460-125V-1 GCS20R460125V1 GCS20R-460-75-1 GCS20R460751 GCS20R-460-75-2 GCS20R460752 GCS20R-460-75T-1 GCS20R46075T1 GCS20R-460-75T-2 GCS20R46075T2 GCS20R-460-75V-1 GCS20R46075V1 GCS20R-510-120T-2 GCS20R510120T2 GCS20R-510-125-2 GCS20R5101252 GCS20R-510-75-2 GCS20R510752 GCS20R-510-75T-2 GCS20R51075T2 GCS20RX-460-100-1 GCS20RX4601001 GCS20RX-460-100-2 GCS20RX4601002 GCS20RX-460-100V-1 GCS20RX460100V1 GCS20RX-510-100-2 GCS20RX5101002 HP8-460-1 HP84601 HP8-460-2 HP84602 HP8-510-1 HP85101 HP8-510-2 HP85102 HP8-510-5 HP85105 HP8-650-1 HP86501 HP8-650-2 HP86502

I called trying to find out what happened to the rest of my order and was surprised to hear a warm and kind voice willing to do whatever it takes to find answers and follow through with her promise. Amanda is an asset worth holding on to and a credit to your company. She was very professional, helpful and courteous while assisting me with my order. I would most definitely assign her an A+ in customer service."
Donald "Brad" Thomas

I would like to thank you for your hard work in getting us our part in a timely fashion. You were very helpful and you understood the severity of the situation and did a wonderful job in getting the part to us. Thanks again and please share this with your boss! You were outstanding!"
Todd Mills

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Amanda I want to thank you, the blower fan work perfectly. Thank you so very much."
Bill K Roberts
Amanda, Thank you very much again, I have been looking for this part for about two weeks and getting very frustrated in the process of the search, you were very helpful!!"
Ken Holm
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