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120 Volt Thermocouple Standing Pilot Gas Valve with 3/4 in. x 3/4 in. inlet\outlet, standard opening

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Honeywell VR4300 Thermocouple Gas Valve.

Continuous Pilot Dual Automatic Valve Combination Gas Control valve.
Combinationgasn control for use in 120 Vac, gas-fired, standing pilot appliances with capacities from 30 to 300 cfh.
Control imcludes safety shutoff, manual valve, two automatic operators, pressure regulator and pilot adjustment.
Compact size.
Provides two automatic valves.
Solenoid operated first automatic valve opens on thermostat call for heat, closes when call for heat ends.
Diaphragm-operated second automatic valve opens under control of regulator; closes if gas or power supply is interrupted.
Meets codes requiring dual safety shut-off.
Includes natural to LP gas conversion kit.
All adjustments, wiring connections and pilot outlet are accesible from top of control.
Adjustable servo regualtor effectively maintains almost constant gas output pressure under wide fluctuations in gas supply pressure.
Compatible with ECO connector.
LITE-RITE (OFF-PILOT-ON) lighting sequence.

Product Specifications

Type Single Stage
Ignition Type Standing Pilot
Type of Gas Natural
Inlet/Outlet Size (in.) 3/4 in. x 3/4 in.
Body Pattern Straight through with 3/4 in. (with flange) inlet x 3/4 in. outlet.
Opening Characteristics (standard, step) Standard.
Pressure Rating (psi) 1/2 psi
Pressure Rating (kPa) 3.5 kPa
Pressure Regulator Setting (psi) 3.5 in. wc
Pressure Regulator Setting (kPa) 0.87 kPa.
Pilot Gas Outlet Compression fitting for 1/4 in. OD tubing.
Pressure Tapping 1/8 in. NPT with plug.
Electrical Connections 1/4 in. male quick connects; 24 in. (610 mm) leadwire.
Electrical Ratings (Vac) 120 Vac.
Frequency (Hz) 60 Hz.
Anticipator Setting 0.13 A.
Temperature Ratings (F) 0 F to 175 F.
Temperature Ratings (C) -18 C to +79 C.
Mounting 0 to 90 degrees in any direction from the upright position of the gas control knob, including vertically.
Includes 393691 Natural to LP gas conversion kit.
Approvals, American Gas Association IAS AGA Design Certified: File No. L2025006; CGA Design Certified: File No. L2025006
Approvals, Canadian Standards Association AGA Design Certified: File No. L2025006; CGA Design Certified: File No. L2025006
Approvals, UL AGA Design Certified: File No. L2025006; CGA Design Certified: File No. L2025006.

Replaces Gas Valve Part Numbers:

G93AAB2 93D1204A1 1200AE120 G94LAD-2 G94LAD2 K47AB11 K47RB12 V400A1004 V400A1012 V400A1020 V400A1038 1200AER120 V400A1046 1200BER120 1200CE120 1200CER120 215-503 215503 215-506 215506 25C46A 25D46A 25G51 25G651A 25G62 25G63 V401B1001 3601A 3601A-305 3601A305 3601A-325 3601A325 3601A-329 3601A329 3601A-605 3601A605 3601A-635 3601A635 3601A-685 3601A685 3603A 3604A 3661A-625 3661A625 3661A-622 3661A622 3661A-686 3661A686 366A-629 366A629 B59C07 B59T12 B59T8 G91VAB-1 G91VAB1 G92CAB-3 G92CAB3 G92CAC-2 G92CAC2 G92GAC-2 G92GAC2 G91LAB-1 G91LAB1 G93AAB-2 G93AAB2 VR4300A4502 V5114A CARVR4300A4502 V4146A1008 V4146A10082

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