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New Upgraded Ignition Control Conversion Kit.(Armstrong, Lennox)

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Armstrong, Lennox Magic Pak Upgraded Ignition Control Conversion Kit.

Replaces Circuit Board Part Numbers:

43277-002 GCI2751K47 43277002 GCI-2 REV D 44997-002 44997-2 44997002 449972 44990-1 44990-001 44990001 449901 GCI-2A 78L2701 45662-1 7021-10126 44990-1 449901 46K68 81K76 78L2701 GCI-2A RA161-2 1097-83-402A GCI-1 GCI-2 LB-107357 68M28 1097-502 68M28 68M2801 52K1301 97L20 97L2001 46K68 46K6801 81K76 1097-402 81K7601 46994-001 HSC1 44-990-001 44990001 45-662-001 45662-001 CAR97L20 4490-002 46994-101 CAR45662001 CAR38071D220 CARRA1612 CAR46994101 CAR38071D220.

This New Upgraded Kit is used to replace either a GCI-1 or GCI-2 intergrated Blower Ignition Control.

Used in Armstrong, Lennox Equipment Models:

RPG12A24D075A-3 RPG12A30D050A-3 RPG12A30D075A-3 RPG12A36D050A-3 RPG12A36D075A-3 RPG12A36D100A-3 RPG12A42D075A-3 RPG12A42D100A-3 RPG12A48D100A-3 RPG12A48D125A-3 RPG12B24D050A-1 RPG12B24D075A-1 RPG12B48D100LA-1 RPG12B48D125A-1 RPG12B48D125LA-1 RPG12B60D100A-1 RPG12B60D100LA-1 RPG12B60D125A-1 RPG12B60D125LA-1 RPG12B30D050A-1 RPG12B30D075A-1 RPG12B36D050A-1 RPG12B36D075A-1 RPG12B36D100A-1 RPG12B42D075A-1 RPG12B42D100A-1 RPG12B48D100A-1 RPG12B48D100LA-1 RPG10C48D150C-4 RPG10C48D150D-4 RPG10C48D150LB-4 RPG10C48D150LC-4 RPG10C48D150LD-4 RPG10C60D150LC-4 RPG10C60D150LD-4 RPG10C72D100B-4 RPG10C72D100C-4 RPG10C72D100D-4 RPG10C72D100LB-4 RPG10C72D100LC-4 RPG10C72D100LD-4 RPG10C72D125B-4 RPG10C72D125C-4 RPG10C72D125D-4 RPG10C72D125LB-4 RPG10C72D125LC-4 RPG10C72D125LD-4 RPG10C72D150B-4 RPG10C72D150C-4 RPG10C72D150D-4 RPG10C72D150LB-4 RPG10C72D150LC-4 RPG10C72D150LD-4 RPG12A24D050A-3 RPG10C60D100B-4 RPG10C60D100C-4 RPG10C60D100D-4 RPG10C60D100LB-4 RPG10C60D100LC-4 RPG10C60D100LD-4 RPG10C60D125B-4 RPG10C60D125C-4 RPG10C60D125D-4 RPG10C60D125LB-4 RPG10C60D125LC-4 RPG10C60D125LD-4 RPG10C60D150B-4 RPG10C60D150C-4 RPG10C60D150D-4 RPG10C60D150LB-4 RPG10B60D150A-1 RPG10B60D150LA-1 RPG10C36D050B-4 RPG10C36D050LB-4 RPG10C36D075B-4 RPG10C36D075LB-4 RPG10C36D100B-4 RPG10C36D100LB-4 RPG10C48D100B-4 RPG10C48D100C-4 RPG10C48D100D-4 RPG10C48D100LB-4 RPG10C48D100LC-4 RPG10C48D100LD-4 RPG10C48D125B-4 RPG10C48D125C-4 RPG10C48D125D-4 RPG10C48D125LB-4 RPG10C48D125LC-4 RPG10C48D125LD-4 RPG10C48D150B-4 RPG10B30D075LA-1 RPG10B36D050A-1 RPG10B36D050LA-1 RPG10B36D075A-1 RPG10B36D075LA-1 RPG10B36D100A-1 RPG10B36D100LA-1 RPG10B42D075A-1 RPG10B42D075LA-1 RPG10B42D100A-1 RPG10B42D100LA-1 RPG10B48D100A-1 RPG10B48D100LA-1 RPG10B48D125A-1 RPG10B48D125LA-1 RPG10B48D150A-1 RPG10B48D150LA-1 RPG10B60D100A-1 RPG10B60D100LA-1 RPG10B60D125A-1 RPG10B60D125LA-1 RPG10A48D150LA-3 RPG10A48D150LB-3 RPG10A60D100A-3 RPG10A60D100B-3 RPG10A60D100LA-3 RPG10A60D100LB-3 RPG10A60D125A-3 RPG10A60D125B-3 RPG10A60D125LA-3 RPG10A60D125LB-3 RPG10A60D150A-3 RPG10A60D150B-3 RPG10A60D150LA-3 RPG10A60D150LB-3 RPG10B24D050A-1 RPG10B24D050LA-1 RPG10B24D075A-1 RPG10B24D075LA-1 RPG10B30D050A-1 RPG10B30D050LA-1 RPG10B30D075A-1 RPG10A36D075B-3 RPG10A36D075LA-3 RPG10A36D075LB-3 RPG10A36D100A-3 RPG10A36D100B-3 RPG10A36D100LA-3 RPG10A36D100LB-3 RPG10A42D075A-3 RPG10A42D075LA-3 RPG10A42D100A-3 RPG10A42D100LA-3 RPG10A48D100A-3 RPG10A48D100B-3 RPG10A48D100LA-3 RPG10A48D100LB-3 RPG10A48D125A-3 RPG10A48D125B-3 RPG10A48D125LA-3 RPG10A48D125LB-3 RPG10A48D150A-3 RPG10A48D150B-3 PGE12B48D100A-1 PGE12B48D100LA-1 PGE12B48D125A-1 PGE12B48D125LA-1 PGE12B60D100A-1 PGE12B60D100LA-1 PGE12B60D125A-1 PGE12B60D125LA-1 RPG10A24D050A-3 RPG10A24D050LA-3 RPG10A24D075A-3 RPG10A24D075LA-3 RPG10A30D050A-3 RPG10A30D050LA-3 RPG10A30D075A-3 RPG10A30D075LA-3 RPG10A36D050A-3 RPG10A36D050B-3 RPG10A36D050LA-3 RPG10A36D050LB-3 RPG10A36D075A-3 PGE12A48D100LA-3 PGE12A48D125A-3 PGE12A48D125LA-3 PGE12B24D050A-1 PGE12B24D050LA-1 PGE12B24D075A-1 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PGE10B30D050A-1 PGE10B30D050LA-1 PGE10B30D075A-1 PGE10B30D075LA-1 PGE10B36D050A-1 PGE10B36D050LA-1 PGE10B36D075A-1 PGE10B36D075LA-1 PGE10B36D100A-1 PGE10B36D100LA-1 PGE10B42D075A-1 PGE10B42D075LA-1 PGE10B48D150A-1 PGE10B48D150LA-1 PGE10B60D100A-1 PGE10B60D100LA-1 PGE10B60D125A-1 PGE10B60D125LA-1 PGE10B60D150A-1 PGE10B60D150LA-1 PGE10C36D050B-4 PGE10C36D050LB-4 PGE10C36D075B-4 PGE10C36D075LB-4 PGE10C36D100B-4 PGE10C36D100LB-4 PGE10C48D100B-4 PGE10C48D100LB-4 PGE10C48D125B-4 PGE10C48D125LB-4 PGE10C48D150B-4 PGE10C48D150LB-4 PGE10C60D100B-4 PGE10B42D100A-1 PGE10B42D100LA-1 PGE10B48D100A-1 PGE10B48D100LA-1 PGE10B48D125A-1 PGE10B48D125LA-1 PGE10B24D050LA-1 PGE10B24D075A-1 PGE10B24D075LA-1 PGE10B30D050A-1 PGE10B30D050LA-1 PGE10B30D075A-1 PGE10B30D075LA-1 PGE10B36D050A-1 PGE10B36D050LA-1 PGE10B36D075A-1 PGE10B36D075LA-1 PGE10B36D100A-1 PGE10B36D100LA-1 PGE10B42D075A-1 PGE10B42D075LA-1 PGE10B42D100A-1 PGE10B42D100LA-1 PGE10B48D100A-1 PGE10B48D100LA-1 PGE10B48D125A-1 PGE10B48D125LA-1 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PGE10A36D100LA-3 PGE12B36D075A-1A PGE10A48D125B-1 PGE12B36D075A-1 PGE10A60D125A-4A PGE10B48D125A-2A PGE10B48D125A2A GCS29-036-100-3T GCS290361003T GCS29-036-100-2PA GCS290361002PA PGE10A48D100A PGE10A48D100A-3 RPG10B60D150A-2A RPG10B48D100A-8A RPG10B48D100A8A RPG10B48D100A-3A RPG10B48D100A3A PGE10A36D100A-1 PGE10A30d075A-3A PGE10A48D100LA-3A PGE10B30D050LA-2A GCS29-036-75-PA PGE10A24D075A-1A PGE12A36P075-1PA PGE10 PGE12 GCS26 GCS29 GHC-C014-0045 MSC-PA30-0030 PGE10A48D150A-1A GCS29-030-95-1PA GCS29X-036-75-2PA GCS29X-048-100-2PA GCS26 GCS29 PGE10-1 PGE10-2 PGE12-1 10GCS036X-75-1PA 10GCS 12GCS GCS26 GCS29 PGE10A PGE12A PGE12-2 26HWC123A-2B PGE10A36D100A-4A GCI-1 GCI-2 1097-83-402A.

Armstrong Circuit Board Upgraded Conversion Kit Replaces all Circuit Boards used on these Furnace Models:PGE and RPG Series Models.

This Kit Contains the nessary parts to replace the Heatcraft GCI-1 (P/N 41521-001) and (GCI-2 (P/N 43277-001) gas ignition control systems originally furnished on the gas heating/electric cooling package units. Read the Installation Instructions carefully and familiarize yourself with the package components.


(1)Ignition Control Board Part Number:CAR45662-001, (1) Adapter Plate Part Number:CAR44925-001, (1) 9 Pin x 6 Pin Adaptor Harness (Used when converting GCI-2) Part Number:44935-001, 5 Pin Thermostat Harness (Used when converting either GCI-1 or GCI-1), (1) Flame Sensor Wire 24" Long Part Number:W1242M2828A, (1) Spark Electrode (3-Rod) (Used when converting (GC1-1) Part Numbers:CAR42446-001, (1) Ignition Cable (High Voltage Supression) Part Number:CAR41520-004, (6) Screws #8 x .50 Part Number:09049A009, (4) Screws 6-32 x .75" Part Number:CAR09030A011.

This New Ignition Kit Contains the Following Parts:

1- Intergrated Blower Ignition Control Board.
1- Sheet Metal Adapter Plate.
1- Adapter Harness (used when Replacing GCI-1 units).
1- Adapter Harness (used when Replacing GCI-2 units).
1- Thermostat Wiring Harness ( 5 pin connector.
1- White 42" Long Flame Sensor Wire.
1- Spark Electrode ( Used when Replacing GCI-1 Units.
1- Ignition Cable ( High Voltage Supression Cable).
6- # 8 X 1/2" Screws.
4- # 6-32 x 34" Screws.


Label all wires prior to disconnecting them for service. Wiring errors can cause improper and dangerous operation.

I called trying to find out what happened to the rest of my order and was surprised to hear a warm and kind voice willing to do whatever it takes to find answers and follow through with her promise. Amanda is an asset worth holding on to and a credit to your company. She was very professional, helpful and courteous while assisting me with my order. I would most definitely assign her an A+ in customer service."
Donald "Brad" Thomas

I would like to thank you for your hard work in getting us our part in a timely fashion. You were very helpful and you understood the severity of the situation and did a wonderful job in getting the part to us. Thanks again and please share this with your boss! You were outstanding!"
Todd Mills

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Amanda I want to thank you, the blower fan work perfectly. Thank you so very much."
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Amanda, Thank you very much again, I have been looking for this part for about two weeks and getting very frustrated in the process of the search, you were very helpful!!"
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