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Furnace Control Circuit Board. (6 Pin Molex Plug) (Armstrong, Honeywell, Lennox)

Price: $188.77
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SKU: CIB9120C2028
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New Upgraded Armstrong, Honeywell Circuit Board (6 Pin Plug)

Armstrong Forced Air Furnace Blower Controller:

Fixed or field-adjustable heat fan on delay; field adjustable heat fan off delay.
Used in Armstrong Lennox Furnace Models:

EG6G100DC12-4 EG6G100DC124 EG8G125DC20-1 EG8G125DC20-2 GUJ150D20-2 GUJ150D20-3 GUJ150D20L-1 GUJ150D20L-2 GUJ150D20L-3 GUK050D10-1 GUK050D10-2 GUK050D10-3 GUK050D12-1 GUK050D12-2 GUK050D12-3 GUK075D10-1 GUK075D10-2 GUK075D10-3 GUK100D14-2 GUK100D14-3 GUK100D20-1 GUK100D20-2 GUK100D20-3 GUK125D20-1 GUK125D20-2 GUK125D20-3 GUK075D14-1 GUK075D14-2 GUK075D14-3 GUK075D20-1 GUK075D20-2 GUK075D20-3 GUK100D14-1 GUJ075D10L-3 GUJ075D14-1 GUJ075D14-2 GUJ075D14-3 GUJ075D14L-1 GUJ075D14L-2 GUJ075D14L-3 GUJ100D12-1 GUJ100D12-2 GUJ100D12-3 GUJ100D12L-1 GUJ100D12L-2 GUJ100D12L-3 GUJ100D14-1 GUJ100D12-2A GUJ100D12-2B GUJ100D20-3 GUJ100D20L-1 GUJ100D20L-2 GUJ100D20L-3 GUJ100ND20-3 GUJ100ND20L-3 GUJ125D14-1 GUJ125D14-2 GUJ125D14-3 GUJ125D14L-1 GUJ125D14L-2 GUJ125D14L-3 GUJ125D20-1 GUJ125D20-2 GUJ125D20-3 GUJ125D20L-1 GUJ125D20L-2 GUJ125D20L-3 GUJ125ND20-3 GUJ125ND20L-3 GUJ150D20-1 GUJ100D14-2 GUJ100D14-3 GUJ100D14L-1 GUJ100D14L-2 GUJ100D14L-3 GUJ100D20-1 GUJ100D20-2 GUH80B125D20-1 GUH80B125D20L-1 GUH80B150D20-1 GUH80B150D20L-1 GUJ050D10-1 GUJ050D10-2 GUJ050D10-3 GUJ050D10L-1 GUJ050D10L-2 GUJ050D10L-3 GUJ075D09-1 GUJ075D09-2 GUJ075D09-3 GUJ075D09L-1 GUJ075D09L-2 GUJ075D09L-3 GUJ075D10-1 GUJ075D10-2 GUJ075D10-3 GUJ075D10L-1 GUJ075D10L-2 GU93A070D10-3 GU93A070D14-1 GU93A070D14-2 GU93A070D14-3 GU93A090D14-1 GU93A090D14-2 GU93A090D14-3 GU93A090D20-1 GU93A090D20-2 GU93A090D20-3 GU93A115D20-1 GU93A115D20-2 GU93A115D20-3 GUH80B050D12-1 GUH80B050D12L-1 GUH80B075D14-1 GUH80B075D14L-1 GUH80B100D14-1 GUH80B100D14L-1 GUH80B100D20-1 GUH80B100D20L-1 GHJ100D20-4 GHJ100D20L-1 GHJ100D20L-2 GHJ100D20L-3 GHJ100D20L-4 GHJ125D20-1 GHJ125D20-2 GHJ125D20-3 GHJ125D20-4 GHJ125D20L-1 GHJ125D20L-2 GHJ125D20L-3 GHJ125D20L-4 GU93A045D10-1 GU93A045D10-2 GU93A045D10-3 GU93A045D12-1 GU93A045D12-2 GU93A045D12-3 GU93A070D10-1 GU93A070D10-2 GHJ075D16-4 GHJ075D16L-1 GHJ075D16L-2 GHJ075D16L-3 GHJ075D16L-4 GHJ075ND16-1 GHJ075ND16-3 GHJ075ND16-4 GHJ075ND16L-1 GHJ075ND16L-3 GHJ100D14-1 GHJ100D14-2 GHJ100D14-3 GHJ100D14-4 GHJ100D14L-1 GHJ100D14L-2 GHJ100D14L-3 GHJ100D14L-4 GHJ100D20-1 GHJ100D20-2 GHJ100D20-3 GHJ050D14L-4 GHJ050ND12-3 GHJ075D09-1 GHJ075D09-2 GHJ075D09-3 GHJ075D09-4 GHJ075D09L-1 GHJ075D09L-2 GHJ075D09L-3 GHJ075D09L-4 GHJ075D14-1 GHJ075D14-2 GHJ075D14-3 GHJ075D14-4 GHJ075D14L-1 GHJ075D14L-2 GHJ075D14L-3 GHJ075D14L-4 GHJ075D16-1 GHJ075D16-2 GHJ075D16-3 GCK125D20-3 GH90A050D12-1 GH90A075D14-1 GH90A100D14-1 GH90A100D20-1 GH90A125D20-1 GHJ050D10-1 GHJ050D10-2 GHJ050D10-3 GHJ050D10-4 GHJ050D10L-1 GHJ050D10L-2 GHJ050D10L-3 GHJ050D10L-4 GHJ050D14-1 GHJ050D14-2 GHJ050D14-3 GHJ050D14-4 GHJ050D14L-1 GHJ050D14L-2 GHJ050D14L-3 GCJ150D20L-3 GCK050D10-1 GCK050D10-2 GCK050D10-3 GCK050D12-1 GCK050D12-2 GCK050D12-3 GCK075D14-1 GCK075D14-2 GCK075D14-3 GCK075D20-1 GCK075D20-2 GCK075D20-3 GCK100D14-1 GCK100D14-2 GCK100D14-3 GCK100D20-1 GCK100D20-2 GCK100D20-3 GCK125D20-1 GCK125D20-2 GCJ100D20-3 GCJ100D20-4 GCJ100D20L-1 GCJ100D20L-2 GCJ100D20L-3 GCJ125D16-2 GCJ125D16-3 GCJ125D16-4 GCJ125D20-1 GCJ125D20-2 GCJ125D20-3 GCJ125D20-4 GCJ125D20L-1 GCJ125D20L-2 GCJ125D20L-3 GCJ150D20-1 GCJ150D20-2 GCJ150D20-3 GCJ150D20-4 GCJ150D20L-1 GCJ150D20L-2 GCJ075D14-3 GCJ075D14-4 GCJ075D14L-1 GCJ075D14L-2 GCJ075D14L-3 GCJ100D12-1 GCJ100D12-2 GCJ100D12-3 GCJ100D12-4 GCJ100D12L-1 GCJ100D12L-2 GCJ100D12L-3 GCJ100D14-1 GCJ100D14-2 GCJ100D14-3 GCJ100D14-4 GCJ100D14L-1 GCJ100D14L-2 GCJ100D14L-3 GCJ100D20-1 GCJ100D20-2 GCH80B150D20L-1 GCJ050D10-1 GCJ050D10-2 GCJ050D10-4 GCJ050D10L-2 GCJ050D10L-3 GCJ050D14-1 GCJ050D14-2 GCJ050D14-3 GCJ050D14-4 GCJ050D14L-2 GCJ050D14L-3 GCJ075D10-1 GCJ075D10-2 GCJ075D10-3 GCJ075D10-4 GCJ075D10L-1 GCJ075D10L-2 GCJ075D10L-3 GCJ075D14-1 GCJ075D14-2 EG8G125DC20-1 EG8G150DC20-1 EG8G50DC14-1 EG8G50DC14-2 EG8G50DC8-1 EG8G50DC8-2 EG8G75DC10-1 EG8G75DC12-1 EG8G75DC12-2 EG8G75DC16-1 GCH80B050D12-1 GCH80B050D12L-1 GCH80B075D14-1 GCH80B075D14L-1 GCH80B100D14-1 GCH80B100D14L-1 GCH80B100D20-1 GCH80B100D20L-1 GCH80B125D20-1 GCH80B125D20L-1 GCH80B150D20-1 GCJ100D12-1A GCJ100D12-2A GCJ100D12-1 EG6H100DC20-1 EG6H40DC14-1 EG6H40DC8-1 EG6H60DC14-1 EG6H60DC8-1 EG6H80DC14-1 EG6H80DC20-1 EG7G100DC14-1 EG7G100DC16-1 EG7G125DC20-1 EG7G150DC20-1 EG7G50DC8-1 EG7G75DC10-1 EG8G100DC14-1 EG8G100DC14-2 EG8G100DC16-1 EG8G100DC20-1 EG8G125DC14-1 EG8G125DC14-2 GUJ150D20-2A GUJ150D20-2B GHJ125D20-3A GHJ100D20-2C GHJ100D202C EG7G125DC18-1 GUJ125D20-2B GCJ150D20-1A GCJ150D20 GHJ100D20-2B EG6G75DC10-4A EG6G100DC124 EG6G100DC12-4 EG6G100DC12-4A SX80 Series GUJ075D10-3A GUK075B10-3A GCJ050D104A GUK075N12C1 GUK075014-3A GHJ100D14L-3 GUJ050D10-3A GUJ100D12-2B Ultra SX 80 GUJ125D14-3A GUJ075D10-1A GUJ075D10-2A GUJ075D10-2A GUJ075D10-2B GUJ075D10-2C GHJ050D10-3A GHJ0505D10-2 B GUJ100D20-3A GUK075D14-3A GUJ100D14-3A GUJ100D12-3A GUJ100D12-2B .

Replaces Circuit Board Part Numbers:

ZT9120A2004 ST9120C 2028 ST9120A1006 ST9120A 1006 ST9120A1006 ST9120A 2004 ST9120A2004 1138-100 3849B1 SCC-1 40403-1 38493B001 FCC-1A 4040 3001 9733 40403-003 ST9120A-2004 40403001 70K98 40403001 40403-01 40403-001 CARST9120C2028 CAR40403001 CARST9120A2004 ST9120C2028 ST912A2004A CARST9120A2004. .

Product Specifications:

Application A single circuit board providing combustion air blower control. Two speed circulating air blower control, limit circuit inputs, thermostat wiring terminations, and a central appliance wiring point for warm air heating appliances. Electrical Ratings 18 to 30 Vac.
Frequency 60 Hz.
Heat Fan On Delay fixed, 30 sec.
Heat Fan Off Delay adj.; set at 120 sec.
Cool Fan On Delay fixed 6 sec.
Cool Fan Off Delay fixed 0 sec.
Temperature Range, Ambient (F) -40 F to +175 F.
Temperature Range, Ambient (C) -40 C to +79 C.
Approvals, Underwriters Laboratories Inc Listed: Report MP466.
Approvals, Canadian Standards Association Certified: File No. LR95329-17.

I called trying to find out what happened to the rest of my order and was surprised to hear a warm and kind voice willing to do whatever it takes to find answers and follow through with her promise. Amanda is an asset worth holding on to and a credit to your company. She was very professional, helpful and courteous while assisting me with my order. I would most definitely assign her an A+ in customer service."
Donald "Brad" Thomas

I would like to thank you for your hard work in getting us our part in a timely fashion. You were very helpful and you understood the severity of the situation and did a wonderful job in getting the part to us. Thanks again and please share this with your boss! You were outstanding!"
Todd Mills

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Amanda I want to thank you, the blower fan work perfectly. Thank you so very much."
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Amanda, Thank you very much again, I have been looking for this part for about two weeks and getting very frustrated in the process of the search, you were very helpful!!"
Ken Holm
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