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Direct Factory Replacement Furnace Burner (Arcoaire, Comfortmaker, ICP, Heil, Tempstar, Whirlpool)

Price: $98.88
Excl. Shipping
SKU: BURN1005664
(See Product Details Below for Manufacturers Part Numbers)
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Arcoaire, Comfortmaker, ICP, Heil, Tempstar, Dayton, Whirlpool Replacement Furnace Burner

23" Long burner.


23" Long burner
Replaces Burner Part Numbers:

1005664, 94929, 1001479, CAR1005664.

Used in Air Conditioning and Heating Brands: Airquest, Arcoair, Comfortmaker, Heil, Kenmore, Tempstar, Snyder General, Intercity Products, Whirlpool.

Used in ICP Equipment Models:

NUGG050AD10 NUGG050A010 NUGG050AD01 NUGK NULK100DH05 NULK Series NULK075DG05867 867779434 867.779434 867.761010 867.761011 867.761012 867.761013 867.761020 867.761021 867.761022 867.761023 867.761030 867.761031 867.761032 867.761033 867.761040 867.761043 867.761044 867.761050 867.761052 867.761053 867.761250 867.761251 867.761252 867.761253 867.761260 867.761261 867.761262 867.761263 867.761270 867.761271 867.761272 867.761273 867.761280 867.761281 867.761282 867.762010 867.762020 867.762021 867.762030 867.762031 867.762040 867.762051 867.762150 867.762160 867.762161 867.762170 867.762171 867.762180 867.762190 867.766010 867.766011 867.766012 867.766013 867.766020 867.766021 867.766022 867.766030 867.766031 867.766032 867.766033 867.766040 867.766041 867.766042 867.766050 867.766051 867.766052 867.766060 867.766061 867.766062 867.766110 867.766111 867.766120 867.766121 867.766130 867.766131 867.766140 867.766141 867.766150 867.766151 867.766160 867.766161 867.766761 867.767010 867.767020 867.767021 867.767030 867.767031 867.767040 867.767050 867.767060 867.767110 867.767111 867.767120 867.767121 867.767130 867.767131 867.767140 867.767141 867.767150 867.767151 867.768110 867.768111 867.768140 867.768141 867.768142 867.768170 867.768171 867.768172 867.768190 867.768191 867.768400 867.769160 867.769170 867.769180 867.769190 867.769410 867.769411 867.769412 867.769413 867.769414 867.769420 867.769421 867.769422 867.769423 867.769424 867.769425 867.769430 867.769431 867.769432 867.769433 867.769434 867.769435 867.769436 867.769440 867.769441 867.769442 867.769443 867.769444 867.769460 867.769461 867.769462 867.769463 867.769464 867.769470 867.769471 867.769472 867.769473 867.769474 867.769510 867.776130 867.779411 867.779412 867.779421 867.779422 867.779431 867.779440 867.779441 867.779442 CDGE050AD01 CDGE075AF01 CDGE100AF01 CDGE100AH01 CDGE125AH01 HUGB055AD01 HUGB080AF01 HUGB105AG01 HUGB130AG01 HUGC055CD01 HUGC080CF01 HUGC105CG01 HUGC130CG01 HUGD080CF01 HUGD105CG01 HUGD130CH01 HUGE060AG03 HUGE080AG01 HUGE080BG03 HUGE105AG01 HUGE105BG03 HUGE125AH01 HUGE125AK01 HUGE125BH01 HUGE125BH03 HUGF055AD01 HUGF060AG01 HUGF080AF01 HUGF105AH01 HUGF130AH01 NDGG050AD01 NDGG050DD01 NDGG050DD02 NDGG050DD03 NDGG075AF01 NDGG075DF01 NDGG075DF02 NDGG100AF01 NDGG100DF01 NDGG100DF02 NDGG125AH01 NDGG125AK01 NDGG125DH01 NDGG125DH02 NDGG125DK01 NDGG125DK02 NDGG150AK01 NDGG150DK01 NDGG150DK02 NDGI050DD01 NDGI050DD02 NDGI075DD01 NDGI075DF01 NDGI075DF02 NDGI100DF01 NDGI100DF02 NDGI125DH01 NDGI125DH02 NDGI150DK01 NDGI150DK02 NDGK050AF01 NDGK050AF02 NDGK050DF01 NDGK050DF02 NDGK050DF03 NDGK050DF04 NDGK050DF05 NDGK050KF01 NDGK075AF01 NDGK075AF02 NDGK075DF01 NDGK075DF02 NDGK075DF03 NDGK075DF04 NDGK075DF05 NDGK100AG01 NDGK100AG02 NDGK100DG01 NDGK100DG02 NDGK100DG03 NDGK100DG04 NDGK100DG05 NDGK125AK01 NDGK125AK02 NDGK125DK01 NDGK125DK02 NDGK125DK03 NDGK125DK04 NDLG100DF01 NDLK050AF01 NDLK050AF02 NDLK075AF01 NDLK075AF02 NDLK075DF03 NDLK100AG01 NDLK100AG02 NDLK125AK01 NDLK125AK02 NHGA060CF01 NHGA060CF02 NHGA060MF01 NHGA060MF02 NHGA080CF01 NHGA080CF02 NHGA080MF01 NHGA080MF02 NHGA100LH02 NHGA100LH03 NHGA100MH01 NHGA100MH02 NHGA120LH02 NHGA120LH03 NHGA120LK02 NHGA120LK03 NHGA120MH01 NHGA120MH02 NHGA120MK01 NHGA120MK02 NHGA150CK01 NHGA150CK02 NHGA150MK01 NHGA150MK02 NHGC080BF02 NHGC100LH02 NHGC100LH03 NHGC120LH02 NHGC120LH03 NHGC120LK02 NHGC120LK03 NHGC150BK01 NHGC150BK02 NHLC100LH01 NHLD100LH02 NHLD120LH02 NNAD075AF01 NNAD100AF01 NNAD100AH01 NNAD125AH01 NNAU050AD01 NNAU050AG01 NNAU075AG01 NNAU075AH01 NNAU100AG01 NNAU100AK01 NNAU125AH01 NNAU125AK01 NRGB24MAK01 NRGB24SAK01 NRGB30HAK01 NRGB30LAK01 NRGB30MAK01 NRGB30SAK01 NRGB36HAK01 NRGB36LAK01 NRGB36MAH01 NRGB36MAH02 NRGB36MAK01 NRGB36SAH02 NRGB36SAK01 NRGB42LAK01 NRGB42MAK01 NRGB42SAK01 NRGB48LAK01 NRGB48MAH01 NRGB48MAH02 NRGB48MAK01 NRGB60LAK01 NRGB60LAK02 NRGB60LAK03 NRGB60MAH01 NRGB60MAK01 NRGB60MAK02 NRGB60MAK03 NRGC24MAK01 NRGC24MAK02 NRGC24SAK01 NRGC24SAK02 NRGC30HAK01 NRGC30HAK02 NRGC30LAK01 NRGC30LAK02 NRGC30MAK01 NRGC30MAK02 NRGC30SAK01 NRGC30SAK02 NRGC36HAK01 NRGC36HAK02 NRGC36LAK01 NRGC36LAK02 NRGC36MAK01 NRGC36MAK02 NRGC36SAK01 NRGC42LAK01 NRGC42LAK02 NRGC42MAK01 NRGC42MAK02 NRGC42SAK01 NRGC42SAK02 NRGC48LAK01 NRGC48LAK02 NRGC48MAK01 NRGC48MAK02 NRGE24MAK01 NRGE24MAK02 NRGE24SAK01 NRGE24SAK02 NRGE30HAK01 NRGE30LAK02 NRGE30MAK01 NRGE30MAK02 NRGE30SAK01 NRGE30SAK02 NRGE36HAK02 NRGE36LAK01 NRGE36LAK02 NRGE36MAH01 NRGE36MAH02 NRGE36MAK01 NRGE36MAK02 NRGE36SAK01 NRGE42LAK02 NRGE42MAK02 NRGE42SAK01 NRGE48LAH01 NRGE48LAH02 NRGE48LAK02 NRGE48MAK02 NRGE60LAH01 NRGE60LAH02 NRGE60LAK01 NRGE60LAK02 NRGE60MAH01 NRGE60MAH02 NRGE60MAK01 NRGE60MAK02 NRGF24DBB01 NRGF24DBB02 NRGF24DDB01 NRGF24DDB02 NRGF24DDB03 NRGF24DDB04 NRGF30DBB01 NRGF30DBB02 NRGF30DCB02 NRGF30DDB01 NRGF30DDB02 NRGF30DDB03 NRGF30DDB04 NRGF36DBB01 NRGF36DBB02 NRGF36DBH01 NRGF36DBH02 NRGF36DDB01 NRGF36DDB02 NRGF36DDB03 NRGF36DDB04 NRGF36DDH01 NRGF36DDH02 NRGF36DDH03 NRGF36EBB01 NRGF36EBB02 NRGF36EDB01 NRGF36EDB02 NRGF36EDB03 NRGF42DBB01 NRGF42DBB02 NRGF42DCB01 NRGF42DCB02 NRGF42DDB01 NRGF42DDB02 NRGF42DDB03 NRGF42DDB04 NRGF42EBB01 NRGF42EBB02 NRGF42EDB01 NRGF42EDB02 NRGF42EDB03 NRGF48EBB01 NRGF48EBB02 NRGF48EBH01 NRGF48EBH02 NRGF48ECB01 NRGF48ECH01 NRGF48EDB01 NRGF48EDB02 NRGF48EDB03 NRGF48EDH01 NRGF48EDH02 NRGF48EDH03 NRGF48FBB01 NRGF48FBB02 NRGF48FDB01 NRGF48FDB02 NRGF48FDB03 NRGF60EBB02 NRGF60EBH02 NRGF60ECB01 NRGF60ECB02 NRGF60ECH01 NRGF60EDB01 NRGF60EDB02 NRGF60EDB03 NRGF60EDB04 NRGF60EDH01 NRGF60EDH02 NRGF60EDH03 NRGF60EDH04 NRGF60FBB01 NRGF60FBB02 NRGF60FBH01 NRGF60FBH02 NRGF60FDB01 NRGF60FDB02 NRGF60FDB03 NRGF60FDB04 NRGF60FDH01 NRGF60FDH02 NRGF60FDH03 NRGF60FDH04 NRGF60FKH02 NRLB60MAK01 NRLC24MAK01 NRLC36MAK01 NRLC48LAK01 NRLE24MAK01 NRLE36MAK01 NRLE48LAK01 NRLE60MAK01 NUGA040AD01 NUGA047AG01 NUGA047AG02 NUGA060AG01 NUGA060AG02 NUGA075AG01 NUGA075AG02 NUGA100AH01 NUGA100AH02 NUGA125AK01 NUGA125AK02 NUGB050AD01 NUGB050AD02 NUGB050AD03 NUGB075AF01 NUGB075AF02 NUGB075AF03 NUGB080AG90 NUGB100AG01 NUGB100AG02 NUGB100AG03 NUGB105AG90 NUGB125AG01 NUGB125AG02 NUGB125AG03 NUGC040AD01 NUGC050AD01 NUGC075AD01 NUGC075AF01 NUGC075AF02 NUGC075AG01 NUGC075AG02 NUGC075BD01 NUGC075BD02 NUGC080CD01 NUGC080CG01 NUGC080DD01 NUGC100AF01 NUGC100AF02 NUGC100AH01 NUGC100AH02 NUGC100BE01 NUGC100BE02 NUGC105CF01 NUGC105CH01 NUGC105DE01 NUGC125AF01 NUGC125AH01 NUGC125AH02 NUGC125AK01 NUGC125AK02 NUGC125BF01 NUGC125BF02 NUGC130CF01 NUGC130DF01 NUGD075AD01 NUGD075AF01 NUGD075AF02 NUGD100AG01 NUGD100AG02 NUGD125AF01 NUGD125AG01 NUGD125AG02 NUGD130CF01 NUGE050AD01 NUGE050AD02 NUGE060AG01 NUGE060AG02 NUGE060AG03 NUGE060CG01 NUGE060CG02 NUGE075AG01 NUGE075AG02 NUGE075BG01 NUGE080BG01 NUGE080BG02 NUGE080BG03 NUGE080CG01 NUGE080CG02 NUGE100AG01 NUGE100AG02 NUGE100BG01 NUGE105BG01 NUGE105BG02 NUGE105BG03 NUGE105CG01 NUGE105CG02 NUGE125AK01 NUGE125BH01 NUGE125BH02 NUGE125BH03 NUGE125CH01 NUGE125CH02 NUGE125LH01 NUGE125LH02 NUGF040AD01 NUGF047AG01 NUGF050AD01 NUGF050AD02 NUGF050AD03 NUGF060AG01 NUGF075AF01 NUGF075AF02 NUGF075AG01 NUGF080AG01 NUGF100AF01 NUGF100AF02 NUGF100AF03 NUGF100AH01 NUGF105AG01 NUGF125AH01 NUGF125AH02 NUGF125AH03 NUGF125AK01 NUGF130AK01 NUGG050AD01 NUGG050BD01 NUGG050DD01 NUGG050DD02 NUGG050DD03 NUGG050DD04 NUGG050ED01 NUGG050ED02 NUGG050ED03 NUGG050ED04 NUGG075AD01 NUGG075AF01 NUGG075AG01 NUGG075BD01 NUGG075DD01 NUGG075DD02 NUGG075DD03 NUGG075DD04 NUGG075DF01 NUGG075DF02 NUGG075DF03 NUGG075DG01 NUGG075DG02 NUGG075DG03 NUGG075ED01 NUGG075ED02 NUGG075ED03 NUGG075ED04 NUGG100AF01 NUGG100AH01 NUGG100BA01 NUGG100DF01 NUGG100DF02 NUGG100DF03 NUGG100DG01 NUGG100DG02 NUGG100DG03 NUGG100DH01 NUGG100DH02 NUGG100EA01 NUGG100EA02 NUGG100EA03 NUGG100EA04 NUGG100EH01 NUGG100EH02 NUGG125AH01 NUGG125AK01 NUGG125BF01 NUGG125DH01 NUGG125DH02 NUGG125DH03 NUGG125DK01 NUGG125DK02 NUGG125DK03 NUGG125EF01 NUGG125EF02 NUGG125EF03 NUGG150AK01 NUGG150DK01 NUGG150DK02 NUGG150DK03 NUGG175DK01 NUGG175DK02 NUGG175DK03 NUGH075AD01 NUGH075AD02 NUGH100AG01 NUGH100AG02 NUGH125AG01 NUGH125AG02 NUGH150AK01 NUGH150AK02 NUGI050AD01 NUGI050AG01 NUGI050DD01 NUGI050DD02 NUGI050DD03 NUGI050DD04 NUGI050DG01 NUGI050DG02 NUGI050DG03 NUGI075AF01 NUGI075AG01 NUGI075DF01 NUGI075DF02 NUGI075DF03 NUGI075DG01 NUGI075DG02 NUGI075DG03 NUGI100AF01 NUGI100AH01 NUGI100DF01 NUGI100DF02 NUGI100DF03 NUGI100DG01 NUGI100DG02 NUGI100DG03 NUGI100DH01 NUGI100DH02 NUGI100DH03 NUGI125AH01 NUGI125AK01 NUGI125DH01 NUGI125DH02 NUGI125DH03 NUGI125DK01 NUGI125DK02 NUGI125DK03 NUGI150AK01 NUGI150DK01 NUGI150DK02 NUGI150DK03 NUGI175DK01 NUGI175DK02 NUGI175DK03 NUGJ050AD01 NUGJ050AD02 NUGJ050DD01 NUGJ050DD02 NUGJ050DD03 NUGJ050DD04 NUGJ075AF01 NUGJ075AF02 NUGJ075DF01 NUGJ075DF02 NUGJ075DF03 NUGJ100AF01 NUGJ100AF02 NUGJ100DF01 NUGJ100DF02 NUGJ100DF03 NUGJ125AG01 NUGJ125AG02 NUGJ125DG01 NUGJ125DG02 NUGJ125DG03 NUGJ150AK01 NUGJ150AK02 NUGJ150DK01 NUGJ150DK02 NUGJ150DK03 NUGK040LF02 NUGK050AF01 NUGK050AF02 NUGK050CF01 NUGK050LF01 NUGK050LF02 NUGK050MF01 NUGK050MF02 NUGK050MF03 NUGK050MF04 NUGK050MF05 NUGK050NF01 NUGK050NF02 NUGK050NF03 NUGK050NF04 NUGK050NF05 NUGK075AG01 NUGK075AG02 NUGK075CG02 NUGK075DG01 NUGK075DG02 NUGK075DG03 NUGK075DG04 NUGK075DG05 NUGK075DG06 NUGK075KG01 NUGK075KG02 NUGK075KG03 NUGK075KG04 NUGK075KG05 NUGK080AG01 NUGK080AG02 NUGK080CG01 NUGK100AH01 NUGK100AH02 NUGK100CH01 NUGK100CH02 NUGK100DH01 NUGK100DH02 NUGK100DH03 NUGK100DH04 NUGK100DH05 NUGK100DH06 NUGK100DH07 NUGK105AG01 NUGK105AG02 NUGK105AH01 NUGK105AH02 NUGK105CG01 NUGK125AK01 NUGK125AK02 NUGK125CK02 NUGK125DK01 NUGK125DK02 NUGK125DK03 NUGK125DK04 NUGK125DK05 NULD075AG01 NULD080CG01 NULD100AG01 NULD105CG01 NULD125AG01 NULD130CG01 NULE060AG02 NULE060AG03 NULE060AG04 NULE080BG02 NULE080BG03 NULE080BG04 NULE105BG02 NULE105BG03 NULE105BG04 NULE125BH02 NULE125BH03 NULE125BH04 NULI075DF01 NULI100DF01 NULI125DH01 NULK050AF01 NULK050AF02 NULK050LF01 NULK050LF02 NULK050MF02 NULK050MF03 NULK075AG01 NULK075AG02 NULK075DG02 NULK075DG03 NULK080AG01 NULK080AG02 NULK100AH01 NULK100AH02 NULK100DH02 NULK105AG01 NULK105AG02 NULK105AH01 NULK105AH02 NULK125AH01 NULK125AK01 NULK125AK02 NULK125DK01 NULK125DK02 NULK125DK03 VG105AE1R VG130AE1CR VG80LF1R WUGB055AD01 WUGB080AF01 WUGB105AG01 WUGB130AG01 WUGC055CD01 WUGC080CF01 WUGC105CG01 WUGC130CG01 WUGD080CF01 WUGD105CG01 WUGD130CH01 WUGE080AG01 WUGE105AG01 WUGE125AH01 WUGF055AD01 WUGF060AG01 WUGF080AF01 WUGF105AH01 WUGCO80AF01 WUGC080AF01 867.766113 867.766122 867.766132 867.766162 867.768370 867.769438 867.769446 867.769496 867.778400 867.778610 867.778630 867.778631 867.778640 867.778641 867.778650 867.778651 867.778660 867.779414 867.779424 867.779435 867.779444 867.779445 CDLE050AD01 CDLE075AF01 CDLE100AH01 CDLE125AH01 NDGE100AF01 NDGG050DD04 NDGG075DF03 NDGG100DF03 NDGG125DH03 NDGG125DK03 NDGG150DK03 NDGI050DD04 NDGI075DF03 NDGI100DF03 NDGI125DH03 NDGI150DK03 NDLE050AD01 NDLE050AD02 NDLE075PF01 NDLE075RF01 NDLE075RF02 NDLE100AF01 NDLE100AH01 NDLE100BF01 NDLE100BF02 NDLE100BH01 NDLE100BH02 NDLE125PH01 NDLE125PH02 NDLG100DF03 NLAD050AD01 NLAD075AF01 NLAD100AF01 NLAD100AH01 NLAD125AH01 NLBU050AF01 NLBU075AG01 NNAD050AD01 NNAU100AK01 NNBU050AF01 NNBU050AF02 NNBU050CF NNBU050CF01 NNBU075AG01 NNBU075AG02 NNBU075BG01 NNBU075BG02 NNBU100AH01 NNBU100BH01 NNBU125AK01 NNBU125BK01 NRLF24DDB04 NRLF30DDB04 NRLF36DDB04 NRLF42DDB04 NUGK040KF08 NUGK050MF07 NUGK050MF08 NUGK050NF07 NUGK050NF08 NUGK075DG08 NUGK075DG09 NUGK075KG08 NUGK100DH09 NUGK100DH11 NUGK100DH12 NUGK100KH12 NUGK125DK07 NUGK125DK08 NUGK125DK09 NUGK125KK07 NUGK125KK08 NUGK125KK09 NUGV075AH01 NUGV100AH01 NULE060DG02 NULE080DG02 NULE125AK01 NULI075DF04 NULI100DF04 NULI125DH03 NULI125DH04 NULK050MF05 NULK050MF06 NULK050MF07 NULK075DG05 NULK075DG06 NULK075DG07 NULK100DH06 NULK100DH07 NULK100DH08 NULK125DK05 NULK125DK06 NULK125DK07 NULK125DK08 NULS050AF01 NULS050AF02 NULS075AG01 NULS075BG01 NULS100AH01 NULS100BH01 NULS100BH02 NULS125AK01 NULS125AK02 867815035 867.815035 NRGF36DDB04 867815035 867.815035 NULKO 75AGOZ NULK075AG0Z NULK075AG02 NUGK125DK03 3E485 3E479 3E463 3E464A

I called trying to find out what happened to the rest of my order and was surprised to hear a warm and kind voice willing to do whatever it takes to find answers and follow through with her promise. Amanda is an asset worth holding on to and a credit to your company. She was very professional, helpful and courteous while assisting me with my order. I would most definitely assign her an A+ in customer service."
Donald "Brad" Thomas

I would like to thank you for your hard work in getting us our part in a timely fashion. You were very helpful and you understood the severity of the situation and did a wonderful job in getting the part to us. Thanks again and please share this with your boss! You were outstanding!"
Todd Mills

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Amanda I want to thank you, the blower fan work perfectly. Thank you so very much."
Bill K Roberts
Amanda, Thank you very much again, I have been looking for this part for about two weeks and getting very frustrated in the process of the search, you were very helpful!!"
Ken Holm
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