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Inshot Replacement Burner.(Amana, Goodman)

Price: $67.88
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SKU: BURN4022700
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Inshot Replacement Burner.

Replaces Burner Part Numbers: B40227-00, CARB4022700.

Used in Amana Goodman, Janitrol Furnace Models:

GMPE075-3A GMPE100-4A GMPE125-5A GPD050-3 GPD075-3 GPD100-4 GPD125-4 GMPN040-3 GMPN060-3 GMPN080-4 GMPN100-4 GMPN120-5 GSMS060-3 GSMS080-4 GMT045-3B GSMS100-4 GSM060-3 GSM080-4 GSM100-4 GMT045-3 GMT070-3 GMT070-4 GMT090-3 GMT090-4 GMT090-5 GMT115-5 GMT140-5 GMT115-5A GMT115-5 GDT045-3A GDT070-3A GDT090-4A GDT115-5A, GDT045-3 GDT070-3 GDT090-4 GDT115-5 ADS80453ANA ADS80453ANA ADS80703ANA ADS80703ANA ADS80703AXA ADS80703AXA ADS80904BNA ADS80904BNA ADS80904BXA ADS80904BXA ADS81155CNA ADS81155CNA ADS81155CXA ADS81155CXA ADV80703BX ADV80703BXBA ADV80703BXBB ADV80703BXA ADV80703BXA ADV80905CX ADV80905CXBA ADV80905CXBB ADV80905CXA ADV80905CXA ADV81155CX ADV81155CXBA ADV81155CXBB ADV81155CXA ADV81155CXA AMH80453AN AMH80453ANAA AMH80453ANAB AMH80703AN AMH80703ANAA AMH80703ANAB AMH80704BN AMH80704BNAA AMH80704BNAB AMH80903BN AMH80903BNAA AMH80903BNAB AMH80904BN AMH80904BNAA AMH80904BNAB AMH80905CN AMH80905CNAA AMH80905CNAB AMH81155CN AMH81155CNAA AMH81155CNAB AMH81405DN AMH81405DNAA AMH81405DNAB AMS80453ANA AMS80453ANA AMS80453AXA AMS80453AXA AMS80703ANA AMS80703ANA AMS80703AXA AMS80703AXA AMS80704BNA AMS80704BNA AMS80704BXA AMS80704BXA AMS80903BNA AMS80903BNA AMS80903BXA AMS80903BXA AMS80904BNA AMS80904BNA AMS80904BXA AMS80904BXA AMS80905CNA AMS80905CNA AMS80905CXA AMS80905CXA AMS81155CNA AMS81155CNA AMS81155CXA AMS81155CXA AMS81405DNA AMS81405DNA AMS81405DXA AMS81405DXA AMV80703BXA AMV80703BXA AMV80704BX AMV80704BXBA AMV80704BXBB AMV80704BXA AMV80704BXA AMV80905CX AMV80905CXBA AMV80905CXBB AMV80905CXA AMV80905CXA AMV81155CX AMV81155CXBA AMV81155CXBB AMV81155CXA AMV81155CXA DDS80453AXA DDS80453AXA DDS80703AXA DDS80703AXA DDS80904BXA DDS80904BXA DDS81155CXA DDS81155CXA DHS80453AXA DHS80453AXA DHS80704BXA DHS80704BXA DHS80905CXA DHS80905CXA DMS80453ANA DMS80453ANA DMS80703ANA DMS80703ANA DMS80704BNA DMS80704BNA DMS80904BNA DMS80904BNA DMS80905CNA DMS80905CNA DMS81155CNA DMS81155CNA DMS81405DNA DMS81405DNA GDH80453AX GDH80453AXAA GDH80453AXAB GDH80703AX GDH80703AXAA GDH80703AXAB GDH80904BX GDH80904BXAA GDH80904BXAB GDH81155CX GDH81155CXAA GDH81155CXAB GDS80453AN GDS80453ANAA GDS80453ANA GDS80453ANA GDS80453AX GDS80453AXAA GDS80453AXBA GDS80453AXBB GDS80453AXA GDS80453AXA GDS80703AN GDS80703ANAA GDS80703ANA GDS80703ANA GDS80703AX GDS80703AXAA GDS80703AXBA GDS80703AXBB GDS80703AXA GDS80703AXA GDS80904BN GDS80904BNAA GDS80904BNA GDS80904BNA GDS80904BX GDS80904BXAA GDS80904BXBA GDS80904BXBB GDS80904BXA GDS80904BXA GDS81155CN GDS81155CNAA GDS81155CNA GDS81155CNA GDS81155CX GDS81155CXAA GDS81155CXBA GDS81155CXBB GDS81155CXA GDS81155CXA GDT045-3B GDT045-3B* GDT070-3B GDT070-3B* GDT090-4B GDT090-4B* GDT115-5B GDT115-5B* GHS80453AN GHS80453ANAA GHS80453AX GHS80453AXAA GHS80453AXBA GHS80453AXBB GHS80453AXBC GHS80704BN GHS80704BNAA GHS80704BX GHS80704BXAA GHS80704BXBA GHS80704BXBB GHS80704BXBC GHS80905CN GHS80905CNAA GHS80905CX GHS80905CXAA GHS80905CXBA GHS80905CXBB GHS80905CXBC GME80704BX GME80704BXAA GME80704BXAB GME80905CX GME80905CXAA GME80905CXAB GME81155CX GME81155CXAA GME81155CXAB GMH80453AN GMH80453ANAA GMH80453ANAB GMH80453AX GMH80453AXAA GMH80453AXAB GMH80703AN GMH80703ANAA GMH80703ANAB GMH80703AX GMH80703AXAA GMH80703AXAB GMH80704BN GMH80704BNAA GMH80704BNAB GMH80704BX GMH80704BXAA GMH80704BXAB GMH80903BN GMH80903BNAA GMH80903BNAB GMH80904BN GMH80904BNAA GMH80904BNAB GMH80904BX GMH80904BXAA GMH80904BXAB GMH80905CN GMH80905CNAA GMH80905CNAB GMH80905CX GMH80905CXAA GMH80905CXAB GMH81155CN GMH81155CNAA GMH81155CNAB GMH81155CX GMH81155CXAA GMH81155CXAB GMH81405DN GMH81405DNAA GMH81405DNAB GMH81405DX GMH81405DXAA GMH81405DXAB GMNT040-3B GMNT040-3B* GMNT060-3B GMNT060-3B* GMNT080-4B GMNT080-4B* GMNT100-4B GMNT100-4B* GMNT120-5B GMNT120-5B* GMNT120-5D GMNT120-5D GMNTE060-3 GMNTE060-3* GMNTE080-4 GMNTE080-4* GMNTE100-4 GMNTE100-4* GMNTE120-5 GMNTE120-5* GMP050-32C GMP050-32C GMP075-32 GMP075-32DA GMP075-32C GMP075-32C GMP100-42 GMP100-42DA GMP100-42C GMP100-42C GMP125-52 GMP125-52DA GMP125-52C GMP125-52C GMP150-52 GMP150-52DA GMP150-52C GMP150-52C GMS80453AN GMS80453ANAA GMS80453ANBA GMS80453ANBB GMS80453ANBC GMS80453AX GMS80453AXAA GMS80453AXBA GMS80453AXBB GMS80453AXBC GMS80453AXA GMS80453AXA GMS80703AN GMS80703ANAA GMS80703ANBA GMS80703ANBB GMS80703ANBC GMS80703ANA GMS80703ANA GMS80703AX GMS80703AXAA GMS80703AXBA GMS80703AXBB GMS80703AXBC GMS80703AXA GMS80703AXA GMS80704BN GMS80704BNAA GMS80704BNBA GMS80704BNBB GMS80704BNBC GMS80704BNA GMS80704BNA GMS80704BX GMS80704BXAA GMS80704BXBA GMS80704BXBB GMS80704BXBC GMS80704BXA GMS80704BXA GMS80903BN GMS80903BNAA GMS80903BNA GMS80903BNA GMS80904BN GMS80904BNAA GMS80904BNBA GMS80904BNBB GMS80904BNBC GMS80904BNA GMS80904BNA GMS80904BX GMS80904BXAA GMS80904BXBA GMS80904BXBB GMS80904BXBC GMS80904BXA GMS80904BXA GMS80905CN GMS80905CNAA GMS80905CNBA GMS80905CNBB GMS80905CNBC GMS80905CNA GMS80905CNA GMS80905CX GMS80905CXAA GMS80905CXBA GMS80905CXBB GMS80905CXBC GMS80905CXA GMS80905CXA GMS81155CN GMS81155CNAA GMS81155CNBA GMS81155CNBB GMS81155CNBC GMS81155CNA GMS81155CNA GMS81155CX GMS81155CXAA GMS81155CXBA GMS81155CXBB GMS81155CXBC GMS81155CXA GMS81155CXA GMS81405DN GMS81405DNAA GMS81405DNBA GMS81405DNBB GMS81405DNBC GMS81405DNA GMS81405DNA GMS81405DX GMS81405DXAA GMS81405DXA GMS81405DXA GMT045-3B GMNT045-3B* GMT045-3B* GMT070-3B GMNT070-3B* GMT070-3B* GMT070-4B GMNT070-4B* GMT070-4B* GMT090-3B GMNT090-3B* GMT070-4B* GMT090-4B GMNT090-4B* GMT090-4B* GMT090-5B GMNT090-5B* GMT090-5B* GMT115-5B GMNT115-5B* GMT115-5B* GMT140-5B GMNT140-5B* GMT140-5BB* GMT140-5D GMT140-5D GMTH045-3B GMTH045-3B* GMTH070-4B GMTH070-4B* GMTH090-5B GMTH090-5B* GMV80703BXA GMV80703BXA GMV80704BX GMV80704BXBA GMV80704BXA GMV80704BXA GMV80905CX GMV80905CXBA GMV80905CXA GMV80905CXA GMV81155CX GMV81155CXBA GMV81155CXA GMV81155CXA PGB024050-1 PGB024050-1 PGB024050-1A PGB024050-1A PGB024075-1 PGB024075-1 PGB024075-1A PGB024075-1A PGB030050-1A PGB030050-1A PGB030050-1B PGB030050-1B PGB030075-1A PGB030075-1A PGB030075-1B PGB030075-1B PGB030100-1A PGB030100-1A PGB030100-1B PGB030100-1B PGB036050-1A PGB036050-1A PGB036050-1B PGB036050-1B PGB036075-1A PGB036075-1A PGB036075-1B PGB036075-1B PGB036075-3A PGB036075-3A PGB036075-3B PGB036075-3B PGB036075-3C PGB036075-3C PGB036100-1A PGB036100-1A PGB036100-1B PGB036100-1B PGJ024050-1A PGJ024050-1A PGJ024050-1B PGJ024050-1B PGJ024075-1A PGJ024075-1A PGJ024075-1B PGJ024075-1B PGJ030050-1A PGJ030050-1A PGJ030050-1B PGJ030050-1B PGJ030075-1A PGJ030075-1A PGJ030075-1B PGJ030075-1B PGJ036075-1A PGJ036075-1A PGJ036075-1B PGJ036075-1B PGJ036100-1A PGJ036100-1A PGJ036100-1B PGJ036100-1B PGJ042075-1A PGJ042075-1A PGJ042075-1B PGJ042075-1B PGJ042100-1A PGJ042100-1A PGJ042100-1B PGJ042100-1B PGJ048075-1 PGJ048075-1 PGJ048100-1 PGJ048100-1 GMTH045-3B GMTH070-4B GMTH090-5B, GMTH045-3, GMTH070-4, GMTH090-5, GMTH115-5, GMNT040-3B, GMNT060-3B, GMNT080-4B, GMNT100-4B, GMNT120-5D, GMNT040-3, GMNT060-3, GMNT080-4, GMNT080-4, GMNT100-4, GMNT120-5

I called trying to find out what happened to the rest of my order and was surprised to hear a warm and kind voice willing to do whatever it takes to find answers and follow through with her promise. Amanda is an asset worth holding on to and a credit to your company. She was very professional, helpful and courteous while assisting me with my order. I would most definitely assign her an A+ in customer service."
Donald "Brad" Thomas

I would like to thank you for your hard work in getting us our part in a timely fashion. You were very helpful and you understood the severity of the situation and did a wonderful job in getting the part to us. Thanks again and please share this with your boss! You were outstanding!"
Todd Mills

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Amanda I want to thank you, the blower fan work perfectly. Thank you so very much."
Bill K Roberts
Amanda, Thank you very much again, I have been looking for this part for about two weeks and getting very frustrated in the process of the search, you were very helpful!!"
Ken Holm
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