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24 Volt Ignition Control Module 6 Male Spade Connections.(White Rodgers)

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White Rodgers Ignition Control Module 6 Male Spade Connections.

The 50A22 relight/timer control is energized by the thermostat
on a heat call, generates ignition sparks and
provides a timer function. Once a flame is established, the
50A22 stops sparking. The timer measures the amount of
time required for the pilot flame to heat the sensor and
cause it to switch the main gas valve on. If the pilot flame
does not cause the sensor to switch within 2 minutes, the
contacts will open and de-energize the gas valve, stopping
all gas flow. If the pilot flame is extinguished during
a heat call, the relight/timer control will begin to spark the
instant a flame is not detected. It delivers very low current
sparks at approximately 6,000 volts. When the 3049
flame sensor switches the main valve on, the timer is
switched to the standby mode.


1. Turn off power to the system at the main fuse or
breaker box before beginning installation.

2. Mount the 50A22 relight/timer control in an area on
the appliance where it will not be affected by rollout
flame, flame heat, or radiant heat. Maximum ambient
temperature should not exceed 155
• F.

a. Be sure metal-to-metal contact is made between
mounting hole standoffs on 50A22 and mounting

b. Connect the high voltage lead to the terminal on
top of the 50A22, after feeding the lead through
the angled insulation boot. Press the boot over
the connection. Avoid excessive strain on the
ignition cable, as this may cause the cable to pull
out of the ceramic. (The ignition cable is held in
the ceramic by a push-on connector.)

3. Remove the leads from the old 50A22-21 control and
install leads on the new 50A22-21 control. Be sure
the leads are attached to the same terminals.

Refer to fig. 2 for typical system wiring.

The limit switch is shown on the low voltage side. Some
systems have the limit switch on the line voltage side of
the transformer.

4. If replacing a 24 volt gas valve, attach wires previously
connect to old gas valve to the terminals on the
50A22 Relight/Timer. If replacing other control configurations,
refer to figures 2 and 3 for typical wiring.

5.Typical system wiring hookup. When
wiring this system, be sure the limit control is not
accidentally wired out of the circuit.

6. Inspect all existing wiring for damage, loose connections,
etc. Secure all wiring to chassis or piping with
electrical/friction tape or plastic wire-wraps so they
will not be able to contact high temperature locations.

7. Turn on power to the system. Test system operation
by adjusting room thermostat to call for heat.

8. The 50A22 should begin sparking. Make sure sparking
occurs between the ignition electrode and the
mercury flame sensor or pilot hood, in the middle of
the gas stream. The spark gap must be 3⁄32
• to 5⁄32
•. If
electrode placement is not correct, disconnect power
and re-position the electrode.

The timer will lock out in approximately two minutes and
the gas valve will be de-energized if the pilot flame has not
been established and the 3049 mercury flame sensor has
not switched to ON. When this occurs, turn off power to the
system for at least five minutes. Then turn on power to the
system and attempt re-ignition.

9. As soon as a pilot flame is established, sparks from
the 50A22 should stop. If sparking does not stop,
make sure the ignition electrode is in the pilot flame
and metal standoffs on the 50A22 are properly
grounded (scrape the paint under the standoffs to
ensure a good ground connection).

Electrical Rating: 60 Hz., 0.030A @ 30 VAC Max.

Ambient Temp.: 32
• to 150

Mounting: Surface or 2
• x 4
• box

Spark Circuit

Flame Failure Response Time: 0.8 sec.

Recycle Time: 0.8 sec.

Spark Gap: 3⁄32
• to 5⁄32

System Timing:

Flame Establishing Period: 90 sec.

Timer:Trial for Ignition Time:* 150 sec.

Reset Time: 5 min.

* Max. time allowed for system to establish pilot and
switch main burner on

Replaces Obsolete Ignition Control Module Part Numbers:


Used in American Standard Trane Furnace Models:



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